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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: May 28, 2018 - Author: KoRn - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Extended Version.

Link is a nice animal horror flick directed by Richard Franklin (The Blue Lagoon) starring Terrence Stamp (General Zod in Superman II) and Elisabeth Shue (Leaving Las Vegas). Suspense builds slowly but consequently and occassionally, it gets rather brutal as well. Even though a lot happens in the off, there are a few good jump scares in the movie. The amazing score by Jerry Goldsmith does the rest.

The very same Theatrical Version of Link has been released. At least, that was the case until StudioCanal released an Extended Version on DVD in France. Unfortunately, the DVD only contains French audio and no English subtitles.
Extended Version
StudioCanal + AAA + further logos.
45 sec

Alternate Footage:
Theatrical Version: 05.18
Extended Version: 05.28

The credits slightly differ and the order of the credits is a little different as well.
no difference
Extended Version
Theatrical Version

Theatrical Version
The Extended Version lacks the entire beginning.

The town by night, the audience gets to see the events that occur from the monkey's point of view. A little girl is lying in bed. She looks to the window with fear. Her parents are watching a Marlene Dietrich film ("Blonde Venus", 1932) in the room next door.
From the monkey's point of view, a pigeon loft on the rooftop is being approached. There are fluttering pigeons to be seen. The girl screams, the parents comme running. She claims she had seen a monster but her parents calm er down. Cut to the destroyed pigeon loft. There is blood, then the camera pans to the silhuoette of the town while the sun is coming up.
Next scene: The courtyard at college. At this point, the Extended Version begins as well.
240 sec

Extended Version
Dr. Phillip wants to know if there were any further questions. One of the students asks about monkey DNA and the doc explains it to him.
22 sec

Extended Version
The monkey does not want to be dragged out of his cage so he fights back. As a result, Dr. Philipp comes to the conclusion that humans and monkeys are pretty much alike.
16 sec

Extended Version
Dr. Phillip keeps talking about evolution.
13 sec

Extended Version
Dr. Phillip finishes and sorts his stuff. Also, Jane gets up earlier.
5 sec

Extended Version
Jane is holding the monkey while Dr. Phillip is upset and mumbles that his monkey project never should have ended resp. it never should have been considered a failure.
13 sec

Extended Version
Dr. Phillip "hires" Jane for the remaining project. Since he does not even know her name at this point, she basically offically introduces herself.
10 sec

Extended Version
Jane longer when taking a look around her room. She opens the blinds and a huge window appears. Then further blinds with a small window behind it.
21 sec

Extended Version
Jane longer in the yard. There is a distance shot of the house shot from the sea side.
24 sec

Extended Version
The dinner scene starts earlier in the Extended Version. Dr. Phillip explains the area had been a paradise for contrabandists because it was so incredibly isolate and it was ideal for his project for the very same reason.
10 sec

Extended Version
Links keeps smoking is cigarre. Since Janes acts kind of clueless, Dr. Phillip explains the quantum leap: With the understanding and controlling fire, Link caused some kind of evolutionary chain reaction only one single person has ever managed to archieve before because fire is the key to producing tools which has become entirely different over the centuries due to technical progress and all that is what it takes to rule the planet.

Dr. Phillip is thrilled, Jane not so much. She says that was the primary problem of humanity: The unrestrained urge to control anything and everything without being in full control in the first place. For that reason, she mentions the atomic bomb and phrases her fear of delusional scientists who even risk blowing up the entire world. She explains that, if another species - she is refering to the monkeys - managed to take a similar path humanity evolutionwise, the certainly could not do any worse than the humans.

That really grinds Dr. Phillip's gears. He asks if she got there to talk about the end of days. Then he insults her by assuming she would not know anything at all regarding that matter and she was dumber than the monkey.

This makes Jane upset as well and she leaves.
96 sec

Extended Version
26.27 - 28.32
Subsequent to the argument: Dr. Phillip shows up in Jane's room to apologize. His olive branch: A copy of his book with personal dedication for Jane.

He gives away private details by telling that his wife had always put him in his place as well when he had been wasted because he always turned into an animal in that condition. He adds that had been one of the reason she had left him.

Jane accepts his apology and wishes a good night. She locks the door but Dr. Phillip does not seem to like it. Apparently, he expected more. With disappointment written all over his face, he walks down the hallway with Link.
125 sec

Extended Version
The test with the geometrical figures is longer. Jane speculates it did not work because Imp was not in the mood to play with abstract figures. Dr. Phillip emphasizes he had already tried it with fruits but the monkeys had not shown any reaction, not even after presenting the prospect of some of these fruits as reward.

At the end of the scene, Dr. Phillip seems frustrated. He comes up with the wild theory that when it comes to evolution, humans and monkeys could not be any more different.
45 sec

Extended Version
The Extended Version shows Link longer with the matches at the gas stove. Furthermore, Jane's attempt to take away the matches is longer as well.
6 sec

Extended Version
Jane makes sure Link is not around. She then tells Imp to search for a car in order to drive to town and get help. To be on the save side, Imp is supposed to lock the frontdoor behind her. The remaining part of the scene consists of Shue showing the monkey how to open and close the frontdoor.
66 sec

Extended Version
Jane takes a longer look through the hole she shot in the door.
5 sec

Extended Version
Jane longer in the cave underneath the house that leads to the coast.
12 sec

Extended Version
David looks longer at the bloody hole in the frontdoor.
5 sec

Extended Version
01.41.21 - 42.18
They both climb out of the hole. Jane gives David a hand because his leg is fractured. She says she had to get him to a hospital.
57 sec