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Special Unit 2

1.06 The Depths


  • SciFi (US)
  • uncut
Release: Jan 29, 2015 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: HuZim MayXX - external link: IMDB - more from this series
When "Buffy the vampire slayer" became more popular, it was only a matter of time until people would try to emulate its success and copy it. Even though Buffy changed channels from The WB (now The CW) to UPN (now The CW), UPN still managed to create "Special Unit 2" - a show with which UPN jumped on the bandwagon. Similarities with Buffy are mainly on the surface, as it stops with both fighting supernatural creatures. Where Buffy has them as demons, vampires and werewolves; SU2 calls them "Links", as they're the missing links between the modern ape/monkey and the modern homo sapiens. And while werewolves do exist in SU2, vampires do not - and the mere concept is seen as ridiculous. But the series never takes it too seriously, so there are some monsters that are ridiculous - like the fatmonster, which somewhat resembles the Golgothan from Kevin Smith's "Dogma" if was made of bodyfat instead of fecal matter.

Unfortunately, the series found its end when the creators of "Bureau 13", a Pen and Paper RPG, saw similarities between the show and the game. And as UPN and the creators couldn't settle on something, the show was discontinued - and never saw a DVD release.

This is a comparison between the cut airing on SciFi (US) with the uncut version. The English dialogue text comes from a cut UK airing, as it featured the scenes missing here.
Due to 3 cuts there are a total of 103,12 seconds (1 minute and 43,12 seconds) missing.
Time designations refer to the cut version. Time designation in brackets refer to the uncut version.

A part of the conversation and Kate calling her sister is missing.

Carl: This is extremely undignifying.
Kate: Well, I think that's how Captain Page felt.
Carl: I'm a tester. I explore limits.
Nick: And now you're exploring what it feels to being shackled.
(Kate calls her sister)
Megan (over her cellphone, barely audible): Hello.
Kate: Hey!
Megan (over her cellphone, barely audible): Hi.
Kate: So, listen. I think I'm gonna be home in time for a late dinner.
(Megan says something not audible over her cellphone)
Kate: Wait. He's taking you to lunch again?
(Megan says something not audible over her cellphone)
Kate: Where's he taking you?
Megan (over her cellphone, barely audible): I don't know.
Kate: well, can you call me when you know?
Megan (over her cellphone, barely audible): Why?
Kate: Well, it's not because I don't trust you, you're my responsibility for the next week. And because his name is Scar.
Megan (over her cellphone, barely audible): Yes.
Kate: Ok, bye.
Carl & Nick: Scar?!?
Kate: Don't ask.

(Nick's cellphone rings)

29.04 seconds

13:22 (13:51)

Sean talks longer about college girls and the mermen, after which we see the fleeing Carl.

Sean: It's like they've been lobotomized. And I'm not going to make the obvious bad joke about sorority girls.
Kate: What obvious joke, Sean?
Sean: Well, how can anyone really tell the difference between... Never mind.
Kate: Oh, that's funny.
Sean: Hey, I said it was a bad joke.
Nick: Bad experiences with sorority girls in college?
Sean: Not at all. Aside from them not speaking with me unless they needed help with tests because they were too busy worshiping at the false altar of the football team or fantasizing about their future utterly empty lives as real estate brokers or loan officers with nice cars and jocky, well-groomed financially successful husbands.
Nick: Just checking.
Kate: Come on, these are innocent victims who aren't dead, but they might as well be. We got to do something about it or else it's going to happen again.
Sean: We know the girls heard this thing emit a high-pitched tone.
Nick: That temporarily paralyzed the six victims so it could attack them. But only the six victims.
Sean: And we still don't know what the victims or the survivors have in common.
Nick: Now's our chance to find out. Talk to some of the survivors while the details are still fresh in their minds.
Sean: And before they get into a pillow fight or something.

67.32 seconds

24:57 (26:33)

Chicago's skyline is shown.

6.76 seconds