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2.08 Thin or Die


  • HD-Master (Blu-ray)
  • Original Version
Release: Sep 12, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB - more from this series

Comparison between the HD version and the original version (both included on the German Blu-ray by Filmjuwelen)

- 4 differences
- No time difference

In the comparison of the pilot episode, we have already summarized everything about the problems with the HD remastering of Baywatch, which is different in songs and also censored in nude scenes, at least right at the beginning.

Episode 2x08 (Thin or Die) deviates again in a few filler shots. Nothing special.

* In episode 2x06 (Point of Attack), there is only one music difference in the drug procurement scene in minute 12. The same with the first water lessons in minute 29.
* In episode 2x07 (Sandcastles), there is only a music difference in the homeless scene in minute 9. Also in minute 30 in the dream sequence with women in the pool.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: HD version Blu-ray / Original version Blu-ray / old DVD.

02:02-02:10 / 02:02-02:10

The very first shot of the boat after the opening credits differs.

No time difference

HD-MasterOriginal Version

02:31-02:34 / 02:31-02:34

Different shot of the acceleration.

No time difference

HD-MasterOriginal Version

Exchanged songs during the beach montage in minute 26 and shortly afterwards in minute 30 with the dog.

38:07-38:09 / 38:03-38:05

In the original version, a soft fade is used here for the boat shots. In the HD master, it is a hard cut and the follow-up shot starts correspondingly earlier.

No time difference

HD-MasterOriginal Version

39:49-39:54 / 39:45-39:50

The tracking shot along the boats deviates.

No time difference

HD-MasterOriginal Version