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original title: Mie men can an zhi nie sha


  • HK DVD (Universe) / French DVD
  • HK VHS
Release: May 09, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut Hongkong DVD by Universe and the uncut Hongkong VHS by Ocean Shores

- 19 cuts, two of which include alternative footage
- Difference in running time: 181,2 sec (= 3:01 min)

This movie can certainly be counted among the most famous and infamous Cat. III shockers and can hardly be found uncut anywhere. Only the single VHS release by Ocean Shores offers the whole movie, even other releases by same company – even with the same cover – have been cut. The same goes for any VCD, LD and DVD release. Additionally, a remastered version was published in Hongkong by Universe and in France by Metropolitan, which contains some of the footage again but was censored in other parts instead.

This comparison coverst he HK DVD by Universe which lacks three minutes and therefore is a bit longer than the LD. However, most of the cuts can here be found in places which were left intact on LD: the perverted comments and touches by the father shortly before the rapes. The latter were then not removed as completely but still softened down. The scene with the whipped cream is included completely, the murder of the brother was cut more heavlily instead.

The French DVD features a better picture quality but also exactly identical cuts. This comparison can therefore be used for this version as well, the only difference is an irrelevant mastering mistake of five seconds, which will be discussed at the end.

Thanks go to spannick, who supplied us with the rare footage!

Running times are formatted like this:
HK Laserdisc in NTSC / HK VHS in PAL

The VHS features the Ocean Shores logo and a Chinese text overlay as well, which are missing both in the LD and DVD. The DVD additionally lacks the warning in English.

25,9 sec

Then a differently colored background fort he credits.

Note: In red for the French DVD.


47:48 / 46:17-46:18

Another cut to Fong’s father between two shots of her. He reaches into his pants.
1,5 sec

50:31 / 48:54-48:59

Strange cut in the middle of the shot: a few seconds of Fong’s father hanging the peanut on the prostitute’s breast are missing.

5,4 sec

50:29 / 49:26-49:28

The beginning of the shot of him lying down on top of her is missing.

2 sec

53:20 / 51:44-52:00

The prostitute moans some more and Fong’s father wants her to kiss his toe, which has just been inside her vagina. She declines and he makes a humiliating remark.

15,9 sec

Alternative Footage
55:30-55:33 / 54:04-54:07

There is an alternative shot of Fong’s Father pulling her towards him, which means that her breast cannot be seen during the movement.

No difference in running time


Alternative Footage
55:44-55:50 / 54:18-54:29

And again alternative footage when he throws her on top of the bed.

Fong is wearing a top on the HK DVD whereas her breasts can be seen on VHS. In both shots she tries to reason with her father by telling him that she is his daughter. The father answers only in the uncut version: He says that she is not his daughter for him now and that she should act like his woman.

VHS 5,5 sec longer


55:53 / 54:32-54:50

Fong is scared on the bed, her father approaches and pours beer over her face.

17,6 sec

56:01 / 54:58-55:02

Before he pours beer over his groin, he comments on VHS that he will first disinfect himself.

4,6 sec

56:06 / 55:06-55:10

Again a rather obvious cut, some groping was removed in the middle of the shot.

3,3 sec

56:14 / 55:18-55:32

Fong’s slip is being pulled down and her father climbs on her.
Less has been removed here than on LD. The DVD features everything from the moment he lies on top of her.

14,1 sec

58:37 / 57:49-58:08

A first shot of Fong with dialog of her parents that can be heard from the off. It is said that it is not her real father.

19,1 sec

66:22 / 65:34-65:44

Fong is being touched earlier and her father comments that her breasts have become smaller, he assumes it is because of her boyfriend’s weak performance.

10,1 sec

66:28 / 65:50-66:08

Before the colleague shows up and prevents further undoings, Fong is being groped longer and there are worse remarks by her father. Towards the end of the scene, the colleague calls for Fong and the two get startled.

18,1 sec

73:32 / 72:55-72:58

The long sex scene between Fong and Kin was left alone. Towards the end, however, there is a soft fade over, which for some reason was removed in the DVD version.

3,1 sec

78:42 / 77:55-78:20

After the whipped cream scene was kept in the movie, the next rape was cut after the longshot in which the father sings "Row your boat!" The DVD is cut earlier but also starts earlier again with a shot of the laughing father.

24,9 sec

79:09 / 78:47-79:08

Again the father and the shocked Fong after her sister Ling just went back to the room. Then the rape continues and the LD only features the last few thrusts.

The DVD shows the shot of the father towards the end a bit earlier but is otherwise identically cut.

21 sec

81:24 / 81:16

The first frames and the first bloody entry wound are missing.

0,2 sec

82:58 / 82:47-82:54

The shot is being interrupted on DVD earlier. Fong pulls the scissors out again and blood splatters. Then there is a tracking shot in which she stabs her brother 14 times.

7,3 sec

82:59 / 82:55-83:03

And four more stabs, the semi-longshot starts a bit earlier as well. The DVD only shows the tracking shot from the moment when her brother is not in the picture anymore.
7,6 sec

Additional Mastering Mistake Only on the French DVD

Fong’s father lies on the bed a bit longer and reaches for his beer.

The time index is for the FR DVD.

5,1 sec

Last but not the least the Picture Comparison between the two DVD versions. Both DVDs have a better picture than the zoomed VHS, but the French DVD features for example better colors and a better viewing experience thanks to anamorphic coding.