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  • CAT III-Version
  • Unrated
Release: Oct 16, 2016 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
On this website we have written numerous times about the I Spit on Your Grave-remake. Several versions were compared to each other. Finally, we take a look at the Asian releases. In Hong Kong, this Rape'n'Revenge-thriller was released in a censored version. Roughly two minutes of sexual violence were taken out in order to get the CAT III-rating. Mainly, the cuts focus on the rape scenes. What they did not trim, however, is all the violence and torture during the movie's second half.

This is a comparison between the cut Hong Kong version released by Panorama and the uncut Unrated version released by Anchor Bay.

Both versions differ in 17 scenes:
16 cuts
1 scene with alternative material

All in all, the Unrated version is 114.63 seconds longer (~ 1:55 minutes) than the CAT III-version

We would like to thank our user spannick for providing us with the Hong Kong version.
30:45 minutes
Jennifer has to suck on Johnny's pistol a little longer.
3.38 sec.

30:55 minutes
2.25 sec.

43:08 minutes
Johnny pulls Matthew's underpants down so that he can have his way with Jennifer.
2.46 sec.

43:15 minutes
Now they pull Jennifer's panties down and lay her down on her stomach.
4.21 sec.

43:20 minutes
Jennifer tries to fight the guys off some more while they pull her panties down.
6.13 sec.

43:31 minutes
Matthew starts raping Jennifer.
28.36 sec.

44:04 minutes
While Stanley puts the camera down, there are a few jittery images, followed by some more shots of the rape.
7.92 sec.

44:40 minutes / 43:45 minutes
Storch walks back a little longer, followed by some more scenes of the rape. The Hong Kong version instead shows a short shot of the camera on the chair.
3.09 sec. / 0.54 sec.

UnratedHong Kong version

45:02 minutes
Matthew chokes Jennifer until he climaxes.
20.27 sec.

47:32 minutes
We see Jennifer and her nacked butt from the point of view of the camcorder.
1.84 sec.

47:49 minutes
They push Jennifer's head underwater. Then they pull her up again and repeat the whole process.
15.2 sec.

48:13 minutes
Again, they push her underwater.
2.3 sec.

48:52 minutes
Storch has his way with Jennifer.
6.38 sec.

49:03 minutes
More of the rape.
4.71 sec.

49:17 minutes
Jennifer's suffering is still not finished.
3 sec.

49:22 minutes
Some more of the rape. In between we see the weapon.
3.7 sec.