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  • R-Rated (US-DVD)
  • Uncut
Release: Jul 03, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the US DVD released by New Concorde and the German DVD released by Marketing, originating from the "Bad Animals Movie Edition".

Out of having no ideas left and bigger studios' fear of taking a risk resulted in a wave of remakes and reboots that ran down onto audiences over the last few years. One of those flicks was "Jurassic World" that hit theaters in 2015 and on the one hand was a sequel to the "Jurassic Park"-franchise, yet could also be seen as a remake or reboot. Interestingly enough, Roger Corman had done movies following the exact same concept years ago. One of them is "Raptor", an unofficial sequel of the Carnosaurus-series that includes many parts of the previous movie as well as a lot of stock footage.

The Carnosaurus Series:

The famous scientist Dr. Jane Tiptree has been granted three years to follow up on her research. A pretty bad idea, as it turns out: Dr. Tiptree wants to get rid of humanity by breeding dinosaurs out of chicken eggs. Apart from that, several women get pregnant and give birth to dinosaurs. One of the freshly hatched dinosaurs escapes the lab and leaves a bloody trace behind. Eco-warrior Thrush decides to fight the new threat alonside the guard Doc.

In order to preempt Spielberg's "Jurassic Park", Corman shot "Carnosaurus" - a flick based on a novel by John Brosnan - in a hurry and succeeded to get the movie out four weeks prior to "Jurassic Park's" theatrical release. For some reason, the movie was actually successful enough to shoot three (official) sequels, despite the fact that this is not quite understandable. Raphael Sbarge plays the alcoholic Doc and at times reminds of Bradford Dillman's role in "Piranha" (1978). Yet, the chemistry with Jennifer Runyon portraying Thrush never really works. Also, Diane Ladd does not do a convincing job of depicting the "Mad Scientist". The movie always gets interesting, once dinosaurs pop up. The effects were done by John Carl Buechler, who - due to the shoestring budget - was not able to create anything amazing. There often is blood once the recreated monsters from the past attack. Some of the absurd ideas - such as the dinosaur eggs being layed by women - do entertain, even though we never get to know how this actually works. The rest is rather dull. The conflict between the eco warriors and the evil building company never catches on. The sideplot of Sheriff Fowler slowly figuring out what kind of threat he is dealing with, is too slow. IN the end, there is a midly funny dinosaur-action-movie with a rather uninteresting plot.

Things went on with "Carnosaurus 2", during which there are mysterious deaths within a uranium mine. A team of technicians gets sent in to figure out what is going on, yet all they find are blood traces and a scared little boy. Within the depths of the mine they eventually run into a group of raptors who now get back on their hunt for human meat. After the helicopter - their only means of escape - got destroyed, they cannot do anything but fight the primevel threat.

If you ever wondered what "Aliens" would like like if it were combined with dinosaurs, look no further - this is your movie. This flick steals just as shamelessly as Bruno Mattei's "Shocking Dark" - and that really means something. This goes as far as simply adapting several scenes with only mild changes (e.g. the velociraptor in the helicopter or the T-Rex fighting a forklift). The movie is most entertaining once the dinosaurs can be seen - which actually happens rather rarely. The plot never really goes anywhere and if you know the movie they were stealing from, you will be bored out of your mind - or try to spot all the things they have stolen. Thanks to the lack of innovation, "Carnosaurus 2" is easily the worst movie of the series.

A group of terrorists attack a military convoi, not realizing that instead of uranium they are transporting two velociraptors in their trucks. Colonal Rance Higgins' team is supposed to capture the animals again and they are supported by the scientist Dr. Hodges. However, the mission seems to be harder than it looks. Due to their regenerative abilities, Dr. Hodges wants to freeze the dinosaurs alive on a ship, yet, the animals do not want to be frozen and instead hunt for the humans.

For a third time, a group of people tries to mess with bloodthirsty dinosaurs. The first 15 minutes might make you believe that you put in an action movie by incident, yet, as soon as the dinosaurs jump out of the truck, there is bloodshed. The only reference to the second part seems to be the assumed uranium transport. Apart from that, this third entry has almost nothing to do with the predecessors. The combination of military and two idiot soldiers make for some comedy and the sexy scientist also works well to get some b-movie charm in there. When they walk through the warehouse, things are a little dull, yet the dino-attacks are a little more bloody than in part 2 - despite the fact that the puppets still appear a little stiff. One should not overthink the numerous plotholes. How can a gigantic T-Rex hide on a ship? Nobody knows... All in all, this is probably the best entry in the series, even though the absurd ideas from the first part are absent hiere. The exact same story was recycled in 2006 with the movie "Scorpius Gigantus", the only difference being that instead of dinosaurs there is - what a shock - a giant scorpion.


Let's talk about Raptor. Close to a small American village, there are some mysterious cases of death: the wounds on the corpses seem to have been caused by an animal. Sheriff Jim Tanner researches the case along with scientist Barbara Phillips. Quickly, they are able to rule out attacks by wild animals such as a puma. When Jim's daughter Lola gets attacked, they find a trace that leads them to Dr. Hyde's lab. Along with his assistant Karen, he had restarted on an old project by the government and was able to hatch dinosaurs from chicken eggs. One of them escaped and had killed the people. The government sends out a special unit to stop Dr. Hyde, however, it is already too late. The dinosaurs escaped and again leave a bloodtrail.

Jim Wynorski and Roger Corman again prove to be perfect in making use of leftovers. For "Raptor", they took effects from all three "Carnosaurus" movies and somehow strung them together with a basic plot. Sometimes, it works, yet mostly the continuity is just off. Especially during the finale, when the Jim's car is constantly switched with a forklift. Also, it's amusing to see that Harrison Page, who played the Sheriff in the first movie, had been cast again so that one could use the fight scene from the first movie. Still, the combination does not really work as smooth as that. When Karen is attacked by a dinosaur in the elevator, they used a similar scene from the second part, without taking any notice to the fact that the two actesses do not even look similar. Despite the dinosaurs, Jim Wynorski included something else to look at. Lorissa McComas partakes in an epically long sex scene which puts her partners "steadfastness" to a test. The scene goes on for over seven minutes and solely shows them in one position. In the process, her partner - apparently desperately - tries to come, which seems to be a pretty hard thing (no pun intended) - after all, he forgot to pull his pants down. Also, one never believes that Melissa Brasselle is a scientist. However, this does not matter as soon as she walks around in underwear. Yet, this is all of her body we ever get to see.

Just as for a lot of VHS/DVD releases by New Concorde (such as "Sorority House Massacre" or "Barbarian Queen") they solely put out a cut R-Rated version. "Raptor" actually includes all the violence, yet misses out on some of the plot. Interestingly enough, there is some alternative, yet uninteresting footage, indicating that the movie was not just trimmed down. Probably the greatest loss is the drastic shorting of Lorissa McComas' sex scene - a core element of the flick. The German DVD released by Marketing includes the uncut version. The US DVD is included in open mate, which means that there is more image information at the top and the bottom. This might have been an interesting format to choose for the Marketing DVD.

Comparison of the image quality:


German DVD:


US DVD: 81:49 min. [NTSC]
German DVD: 95:53 min. [PAL, yet in NTSC speed]

The US Version and the German Version use alternative shots of the desert.

US Version: 1 sec.
German Version: 1 sec.


The shot of the sky is shown longer.

German Version: 5 sec.


Teresa DePriest's name was taken out.

German Version: 5 sec.


Barbara is shown a little longer, followed by a cut to Jim and Ben. Subsequently, we see Barbara again.

German Version: 7 sec.


Dr. Hyde is shown a little earlier.

German Version: 1 sec.


The camera pans upwards. The man demands them to stop the car.

German Version: 7 sec.


The German Version includes the sex scene in it's epically long glory.

The US Version instead uses an alternative shot of the car.

US Version: 8 sec.
German Version: 7:23 min.


After the sex, Tommy and Lola are shown longer. He says that she had really gone crazy and that he would like to go for a second round. Lola seems to be okay with the idea.

German Version: 32 sec.


Karen goes to Dr. Hyde. He seems exhausted and she asks him if he wants to go on vacation. Dr. Hyde replies that they are running out of time.

German Version: 20 sec.


Karen and Dr. Hyde are shown a little earlier.

German Version: 1 sec.


Jim and Barbara are driving in the car. They talk about their time as a couple, yet Jim had dumped her via a letter. Jim is obviously embarrassed, yet Barbara does not seem to be resentful.

German Version: 56 sec.


Cut to the dinosaur, followed by a shot of Lola.

German Version: 5 sec.


During a flashback we can see Lola in the car. She calls for Tommy. After that, there are scenes of the dinosaur attack. In between, the movie cuts to Lola on her sickbed.

German Version: 53 sec.


During a flashback, the car falls off a bridge. Lola is lying on the floor. In between, we again see Lola on her sickbed.

German Version: 20 sec.


We see the helicopter, followed by a grim looking soldier.

German Version: 19 sec.


In the German Version we get to know that the government had hushed up project "Jurassic Strom".

At the end, we can see a lab in Utah. Within two tubes we suddenly see Dr. Hyde und Karen. Hyde says that they have a lot to do.

German Version: 2:57 min.