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Human Centipede III, The (Final Sequence)


  • Stand-Alone Version
  • Complete Sequence (The Movie Centipede)
Release: Dec 07, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Stand Alone Versions of all 3 installments and the Movie Centipede Version (Complete Sequence)

Background information regarding the releases of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE

Both, genre fans and mainstream audiences were talking a lot about the Human Centipede flicks. As for the releases, there are already comparisons in our archive that also contain the required background information on that. Important for the following comparison is the fact that director Tom Six saw a larger concept behind the films from the outset and made this clear in the original titles with appropriate additions. When Dr. Heiter experimented for the first time in Human Centipede - The Human Millipede, it was described in the original as "First Sequence". The imitator action of a fan of the first film in The Human Centipede II was called "Full Sequence". In The Human Centipede III, which was conceived from the outset as a conclusion, the term "Final Sequence" is used.

As we reported in the past, Tom Six offers in his own Webshop a limited Blu-ray Steelbook with all three movies, on which you get an exclusive compilation of the three parts. While no further labeling was carried out on the release itself or in the web shop, Six then said in a Twitter post that this feature-length version offers an alternative ending. Reason enough for us to take a closer look.

Which can also be said here: The compilation is completely on Blu-ray No. 1, on a second Blu-ray you can find several making-of's and other features. It's nice that you also get the colored version of part 2. If you don't have any of the movies on your shelf yet, you'll get an all-in-one carefree package.

The MOVIE CENTIPEDE Version (Complete Sequence)

While on the cover of the Steelbook you can find both the name "The Movie Centipede" and "The Tom Six Edition", at the beginning the Movie is renamed to "Complete Sequence" by the modified credits at part 1. This closes the circle to the titles of the individual films. With the exception of the credits, a company logo and the respective review, the films themselves are also identical 1:1 at the beginning - so those who hoped for new scenes/material or other adaptations will be disappointed. Only at the end (and thus also assigned to the title entry of The Human Centipede 3) you will find something new.

After the actual end of part 3 another short sequence is appended instead, which again stretches the bow to part 1. Dr. Heiter wakes up in his bed and mourns his deceased 3-dog. Already the events in part 1 and especially those in parts 2 and 3 can now be understood as a dream of him, who brought him to the construction of the human millipede. This shakes the original logic a tad, that the events from part 1 continued to set the events in part 2 in motion and that both in turn served as inspiration for the character in part 3 - but in a dream everything is possible.

Certainly, the "Complete Sequence" is a nice idea but due to a lack of further alterations rather unspectacular for people who are familiar with the Stand-Alone Versions. Even the previously mentioned ending is not new because it is available as a bonus on the Blu-ray/DVD release of the third installment. The "alternate ending" is a bit longer though and it also shows Dr. Heiter with the picture of his dog in his car again - which is the beginning of the first one.
So you can simulate this with the Movie Centipede-version by running the movie on repeat...

Runtime specifications are arranged according to the following scheme:
Single movies on Blu-ray / Movie Centipede Blu-ray
Slightly shorter black screen in the Movie Centipede Version.

+ 1 sec

The opening credits have been altered - using feces is arguable though.
The reason behind this was probably the fact that the title addition was now rewritten to "The Complete Sequence".

Stand-Alone VersionMovie Centipede Version

Part 1: 89:18-91:50 and Part 2: 00:00-01:58 / Movie Centipede: 89:17

Prior to beginning of the opening credits, the Movie Centipede Version cuts to the laptop at the very beginning of the second installment - including the first opening credit "Written and Directed by Tom Six".

The Stand-Alone Version of the first one actually ends (subsequent to 2 additional seconds of the sky) with the regular and complete credits. The first two credits appear during the very last shot of the movie, the remaining credits pop up on black background.
The Stand-Alone Version of the second one on the other hand starts with a recap of the first one (almost 2 minutes) which here is also black and white.

Stand-Alone Versions 3:30 min longer

Part 2: 87:37-90:51 and Part 3: 00:00-00:55 / Movie Centipede: 174:56

The Image changed to the footage of part 3 respectively the end of the film running on Bill's TV, when Martin still has his hand on his mouth.

The single film version of part 2 actually showed Martin a bit longer and in a further shot from the outside, then the credits follow.
The single film version of part 3 started again after a logo with a short review of the end of the second part, which was already trimmed to the deviating picture format 2,35:1 here.

Stand-Alone Versions 4:09 min longer

Part 3: 99:25 / Movie Centipede: 273:40-274:35

After the regular end of part 3 or rather when the up-moving camera shot of Bill (= Dieter Laser in part 3)who is on guard with a megaphone is seen, the Movie Centipede-version suddenly switches to Dr. Heiter (= Dieter Laser from part 1) in bed, shortly before the first Credits insertion. In several close-ups he has his eyes open and then gets up.
He goes down to the cellar, hums "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth" and kneels on the cage. Finally only the grave of his 3-dog is shown again and the film is over - without further credits.

55.1 sec

Part 3: 99:21-102:40 / Movie Centipede: 274:35

While the montage, as already mentioned, has no credits at all, the sky shot in the single film version of part 3 is a bit longer at first and then, own end credits appear there and after a while continues on a black background.

Stand-Alone Version 3:19 min longer