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original title: Huang jia shi jie


  • Export cut
  • Original version
Release: Oct 07, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the export cut and the original version (both included on the German Blu-ray from Mr. Banker Films).
- 12 cuts
- Cut duration: 561.4 sec (= 9:21 min)
Also, one scene additionally in the export version with a duration of 156.6 sec (= 2:37 min)
Several minor master errors in the original version with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the cut report.
Yes, Madam (also known in the UK as Police Assassins) was produced by Sammo Hung's production company D&B Films in 1985 and is a great example for the magic of Hong Kong cinema of the 80s. A lot of silly nonsense, but in between there are fight scenes of exceptional quality, with each stuntman giving its absolute best without any compromises. At the same time, it is the only pairing of the female martial arts icons Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock, both of whom are in absolute top form here and still before their respective breakthroughs.
The German version was shortened by just under 4 minutes of plot. Unfortunately, the guest appearance of Sammo Hung was cut. This scene was also missing from a Dutch VHS - which additionally had lots of further plot and comedy cuts. Curiously, a completely unrelated scene from another film, Where's Officer Tuba? with Sammo Hung, was also inserted at the beginning of the film. Fortune Star has remastered Yes Madam in HD now, offering the Hong Kong original version and as a bonus labelled "export version" basically the version on the old Dutch VHS release can be found. Thus, this alternative version gets a wider audience now.
Mainly silly scenes with supporting characters are missing. If you are looking for a more action-oriented film version, the export cut would be your preferred choice. Since 07 October 2022, the German Blu-ray is available from Mr. Banker Films / Cargo Records and is clearly recommended to every Hong Kong fan. For international buyers the UK Blu-ray by Eureka, available since 07 December 2022, is a good alternative.

Runtimes are arranged according to
Export Cut Blu-ray / Original version Blu-ray
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After the identical Fortune Star logo, there is the English vs. Chinese version of the D&B logo. Then the opening credits are more detailed in the export cut.

Export cut 29 sec longer

Export cutOriginal version

Additional scene in the export cut
01:47-04:24 / 01:18

The film starts in the export version with a scene taken from Where's Officer Tuba?.
Two policemen drive up to observe a suspect in front of a building. Immediately, however, someone falls from the upper floor onto their car, so the situation becomes tense. They slowly go inside, where the more fearful one is attacked and stabbed by a killer in drag. The killer flees into the middle of a marathon, so his pursuer has some difficulty tracking him among the runners. On the ground, the killer is able to quickly break free and steals a car. The policeman shoots the window and the car flies into the water in slow motion.

Export cut 156.6 sec (= 2:37 min) longer

Immediately after that, the title card deviates.

Export cutOriginal version

04:33 / 01:27-02:20

A first scene with Michelle. She is surprised in the library by an exhibitionist - whom she immediately arrests and takes away. When she has left the scene outside, the export cut starts in the middle of the shot with the baddies driving up behind her.

52.7 sec

06:49 / 04:36-05:02

Michelle arrives earlier at the office. Everyone waves bouquets of flowers in her direction in congratulations. She turns them down with a grin. A guy in handcuffs also enthusiastically waves flowers around and is admonished by a policeman for doing so.

25.6 sec

13:33 / 11:45

One of several mini errors in the master of the expoort version, which is a bit more noticeable with 11 frames than the usually 1-5 frames: Michelle runs out of the room a moment longer and the curtain can be seen a bit earlier.

0.4 sec

20:18 / 18:30-19:59

After the weapons box is closed, another box is brought out. The three open one lock per side and take money out of the box. The money is also immediately checked for authenticity by Mang Hoi under black light. Tsui Hark defends himself, saying that this is not counterfeit money. A small argument breaks out between the two, whereupon John Shum proposes that they should divide and then go separate ways. The situation calms down again.

89.2 sec (= 1:29 min)

23:21 / 23:02-23:09

The mailman still comes to the door at the end of the shot and John grumbles at him briefly.

6.9 sec

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