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original title: Angélique, marquise des anges


  • French DVD
  • Uncut DVD
Release: Aug 16, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Synopsis of Angélique

In the middle of the 17th century, the wild Angélique Sancé de Monteloup grew up as the fifth child in a noble but poor household. After a few years in the convent, she was to marry the nobleman Jeoffrey de Peyrac. There are many rumours about Jeoffrey, for example, that he has a lame leg, is deformed in the face and is also a magician. Angélique is initially repulsed by him, but over time she gets to know him better and better, and after a while she falls head over heels in love with him. The archbishop of Toulouse feels provoked by Jeoffrey's casual lifestyle and stages a trial against him for witchcraft. Jeoffrey is threatened with the death penalty, but when Angélique sees an old friend again, who has since become the leader of a band of crooks, she hopes to save Jeoffrey.

Based on the Angélique novel series by Anne Golon, a total of five film adaptations were made between 1964 and 1968, starring the enchanting Michèle Mercier. The first part, Angélique I, is about Angélique's youth, her forced marriage to Jeoffrey and his conviction by the archbishop, forcing her to live among beggars and thieves. The films captivate with an opulent staging, great costumes, excellent actors and a successful mixture of love, drama, action and kitsch. The character of Angélique as a strong, independent woman, who is constantly reinventing herself through many setbacks, contributed to the great success of the film series.

So far, the uncut version was only released on VHS

In late 2005, Studio Canal in France released the film series on DVD for the first time. As a comparison with the German VHS by Taurus has shown, this version is unfortunately relieved by some action scenes. Most of the cuts are scene extensions, but with the dinner of Angélique and her parents in which she has doubts about the planned wedding, a complete scene is missing. On the Taurus VHS, you can find the German theatrical version of the movie, which differs in some points from the French original version. The German version has newly designed opening credits. Thus, some shots are lost in which you can see Angélique running back home. Towards the end of the movie, the hint is shown that this is the end of the first part. Interesting are two short alternative scenes, which can be found in the French version. During the siege on the castle and when Nicolas takes off his blindfold, there is short alternative footage.
The German Blu-ray by KSM contains some scenes that were missing in the French DVD, but not all of them. As a conclusion, it can be said that the uncut version of the film has only been released on VHS so far. All DVDs or Blu-rays are cut in terms of plot.


French DVD: 111:24 min.
German VHS: 112:33 min.

The French DVD by Studio Canal was compared to the German VHS by Taurus.

(Note: the dialogues were translated verbatim from German)


Alternative logo insertion at the beginning of the film.

No time difference.


The French DVD has the original opening credits in which Angelique is running to the village.

The German VHS has newly designed opening credits in which only the titles are shown.

FR: 44 sec.
GER: 46 sec.


In the French DVD, we see the people at the castle wall.

In the German VHS, Angélique, her sister and her brother-in-law kneel down for prayer together with the pastor. From behind her, she listens as cook Fontine scoops up the food for a group of children, telling a scary story about Bluebeard. Angélique goes to her and tells her not to tell the children such a story. Angélique makes a joke about Bluebeard and tells the children to eat again.

Fontine: "People called him Bluebeard because he had a blue/black beard. He liked to eat people and preferably the meat of small children. He used to cut them into two pieces with a knife. When he ate it, he'd smack his lips loudly, he liked it so much."
Angélique: "Are you crazy, Fontine, to scare them? At a time like this."
Fontine: "When they absolutely don't want to eat?"
Angélique: "Oh, shut up. I will tell you how it was. People say terrible things about Bluebeard and you know why? Because he squinted, like this. Now, be good and eat your soup, okay?"

In the next shot, she runs across the courtyard to the wall. The men have already positioned themselves for defence.

FR: 3 sec.
GER: 45 sec.


The dialogue between the baron and his cousin goes a little further.

Baron: "Dear cousin, is it true that the young king is in San German?"
Cousin: "Yes, he sleeps there on straw, exposed to constant draught. And the princes besiege the city of Paris."
Baron: "Ah, Paris, and now of all times when my daughter Atuon wishes to settle there. And it occurs to me. Have you seen Auton again?"
Cousin: "Frankly, I don't remember, but I think she's changed a lot."
Baron: "This is Maitre Fallot, her fiancé."
Cousin: "Fallot? Just like that, Fallot? My congratulations. Congratulations. How can you allow such a thing as a descendant of Philippe Auguste. You can't let all your daughters marry beneath your rank."
Baron: "Yes..."
Cousin: "Speaking of daughters. "What was the name of that little girl I always liked so much?"
Baron: "Angelique."
Cousin: "Ah, where is she?"
Baron: "She's around, but not where she's needed."

DF: 43 sec.


After the woman said that the simplicity of Angélique will attract attention, the dialogue goes even further.

The women go on making fun of Angélique.

Woman: "At the convent we did a ballet once where she could have played the beggar woman."
"I don't suppose you have tutus at home?"
Woman: "I have a weakness for stable smell."

Then the women see Philippe and run to him.

GER: 13 sec.


After Angélique was told that she has to go to the convent, she asks her father not to make her leave.

Angelique: "I don't want to go to the convent. Oh, please father. I don't want to go to the convent. I don't want to go to a convent."

GER: 9 sec.


The dialogue between Angelique and her father in the mine begins a little earlier.

Baron: "I didn't pick you up myself at the convent because we had to send away a very important mission this morning."
Angélique: "We?"
Baron: "Yes, we. The Count of Peyrac and I."
Angélique: "The Count of Peyrac?"
Baron: "He advanced us 20,000 lire."
Angélique: "20,000 lire? What a sum. And then what?"

GER: 16 sec.


After the reunion between Angélique and Nicolas, a new scene follows in the German VHS. Angélique is sitting with her parents at dinner.

Angélique: "Father tell me..."
Baron: "Yes, what is my child?"
Angélique: " Monsieur Peyrac, my bridegroom, is he really as ugly as they say?"
Baron: "Beauty is not what matters in a man, my child."

Angélique gets up.

GER: 22 sec.


Longer film tear in the French DVD: Peyrac comes into the room earlier.

GER: 7 sec.