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Walking Dead, The

4.14 The Grove


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Oct 16, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version (US premiere on 03/16/2014 on AMC) and the longer Extended Version (US Blu-ray by Anchor Bay)

- 9 differences
- Length difference: 200.7 sec (= 3:21 min)

Due to commercial breaks on AMC, there is a black screen for 2 to 3 seconds every now and then. The slight differences to the TV Version resulting from that are not going to be mentioned in the following comparison but they explain the slightly bigger difference regarding the running time information.

Besides tiny cuts for any worldwide Blu-ray release and a shorter version of the Pilot, there are no further different versions of the iconic zombie show. But this changes with the release of season 4 because the Blu-ray contains two exclusive Extended Versions - as advertized on the front cover. Furthermore, there is a thrid episode which is a little different: the choice of words is more direct in a key scene.

The here compared episode 4x14 "The Grove" is more than three minutes longer. The differences only consist of longer plot elements, probably removed from the TV Version for time reasons. Contrary to episode 9, the additional footage does make a difference here. It makes the behavior of the two children and also Carol's relationship with them easier to understand. I would like to point out the scene in which Carol helps Lizie burying a deceased.
Generally, the meotional plot around Carol is much more interesting than watching main character Rick with his defiant son Carl which becomes obvious one more time during the scenes cut for TV.

Time index refers to
US TV Version / Extended Version Blu-ray
As usual for the AMC broadcast, the TV Version starts with a recap. Not considered in the process of calculating the length difference.

+ 28.4 sec

06:49-06:50 / 06:22-06:50

The Extended Version contains a longer shot of Carol, Tyreese and the children walking across the woods. Mika imitates a robot what makes Carol smile a little.
Mika: "Terminus. Terminus. I am a robot. Come live with me at Terminus where we have robot parties and dance with our robot friends. Terminus."

In the TV Version, the previous frontal shot of the groups is insignificantly longer (no screenshots).

Extended Version 26.8 sec longer

06:52 / 06:52-07:16

Further shots of the group. They have an encounter with a bunch of zombies and Lizzie doesn't see the threat again resp. Carol gives her a slap on the wrist.
Lizzie waves and Carol warns her: "Lizzie, don't."
Lizzie: "What?"
Carol: "Eyes forward."

24.2 sec

13:42 / 14:09-14:27

Mika illustrates her attitude regarding human lives by starting a discussion with Carol about the body disposal.

Mika: "I want to bury him."
Carol: "We can burn him."
Mika: "This is probably his house. If we're gonna use it, we should do the right thing. He should be with his family."
Carol: "Fine, you can bury him yourself. No help from me, no help from Tyreese."

17.7 sec

13:45-13:51 / 14:30-14:37

After the cut to Tyreese, an alternate take of them follows.
Only in the Extended Version, Mika says with confidence: "I think you're gonna help me."
The end of this shot is longer as well plus Carol already turns around here.

In the TV Version, the following shot starts earlier instead.

Extended Version 1.8 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version

14:08 / 14:54-16:18

A first interior shot: Carol is contemplative while Tyreese points out the upsides of the house.
Tyreese: "We got peaches, oatmeal, baby food. There's a crib, baby clothes, toys. And look. Gas. Can you believe this?"
Carol sceptically says: "Everything always works out like it's supposed to."

Subsequently, an exterior shot of Mika burying the body. As expected, Carol comes to her help.
Carol: "Take a break."
Mika: "Thanks. How are you gonna get the body over here?"
Carol: "You're gonna help me.""

83.3 sec

17:25 / 19:37-19:56

After Lizzie got upset that Carol had killed her "friend", there is an additional scene with Carl and Tyreese. They reassemble their weapons and Tyreese watches Carol starring at a doll contemplatively.

19.6 sec

19:00-19:15 / 21:32-22:16

When Tyreese and Carol are having a chat while getting water, the beginning of the scene is different and also longer on Blu-ray.

In the TV Version, Carol only says: "Maybe we don't need to go to Terminus."

In the Extended Version, Tyreese mentions her behavior towards the children first. After noticing the way he looks, Carol says: "You think I'm too hard on them?"
Tyreese: "No. I get it."
Carol: "One of them can't kill walkers and the other one can't hurt a living thing. They're both gonna have to do both sooner or later. I have to get them there before we get to Terminus."
After hesitating for a second, Tyreese now says "Maybe we don't need to go to Terminus." in the Extended Version as well - but from a shorter distance.

Extended Version 29 sec longer

19:20-19:25 / 22:21-22:25

Alternate take of Tyreese agreeing after the identical shot of Claire - probably cut for continuity reasons.

TV Version 0.6 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version

36:35-36:37 / 39:41-39:42

Distinctive alteration when Carol shoots Lizzie.
The TV Version sticks with Carol after she fired off the shot. Then she lowers her weapon.
In the Extended Version, the following distance shot starts earlier. Due to that, one also gets to see Lizzie going down.

TV Version 0.9 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version