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  • Old US Unrated
  • Original Japanese Version
Release: Jul 16, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the old cut US version (Unrated) by Manga Video / Sony and the uncut original Japanese version, taken from the British Special Collector's Edition by Manga Entertainment.


Original Japanese Version:

Run time: 101:38 (excluding end credits: 96:28)

This is the longest version of the film and is contained on the Japanese DVD, the US Collector's Edition (2 DVDs), the UK Collector's Edition (2 DVDs) and others. The last two mentioned additionally contain the old UK version (see below).

Old UK version (BBFC 15) / US Collector's Edition (Unrated) / FSK 18 VHS:

Run time: 98:11 (excluding end credits: 95:13)

A shot of Chun Li's naked bottom is missing. The short scenes with the street walking girl were removed and other unimportant ones were shortened. This version is contained on the old UK VHS, as well as on the first UK DVD and the new UK DVD, the latter of which also contains the uncut Japanese version.
This version seems to be identical with the German VHS.

Furthermore, the DVD contains two English sound tracks: DD 2.0 and DD 5.1 According to the IMDb the sound tracks differ, whereby the DD 2.0 sound track features a much harsher manner of expression. As it says on the IMDb:

Both 5.1 and 2.0 soundtracks are included which are slightly different from each other. The 2.0 sound has stronger language, such as Guile saying "Bison, I'm gonna rip your fucking heart out!" whereas the 5.1 sound has him saying "Bison, I'm gonna rip your filthy heart out!"

US VHS (PG-13):

Run time: 94:30 (including end credits: 97:37)

Both gory scenes of violence and Chun Li's nude scenes were removed. 2 shots of Chun Li's naked bottom and one of her breasts are missing. As in all cut versions, short views of the street walking girl were removed and unimportant scenes were cut. The VHS also features lots of framecuts which additionally shorten the run time, compared to the Japanese version.

Old US Unrated Version: First US DVD Edition / US VHS / US LD:

Run time: 98:45 (excluding end credits: 95:47)

Apart from the PG-13 version, a version advertised as Unrated Version was released on VHS, DVD and LD in the US. This has a much longer run time than the PG-13 version and was not censored in the violent scenes in particular. Nevertheless, two censor cuts were made during Chun Li's nude scene. Not only the shot of her naked bottom is missing (as e.g. in the old UK version (see above)), but also a shot of Chun Li's breasts.
As in all cut versions, short views of the street walking girl were removed and unimportant scenes were cut.
By now, the same 2-DVD-Set as in England was released in the US as a new edition of the Unrated. It is advertised as Uncut, Uncensored, Unleashed. It also contains the uncensored Japanese version and the old UK version which is longer than the old Unrated version, but still lacks the shot of Chun Li's naked bottom (see above). Therefore, 4 different versions have been released in the US already: PG-13 VHS, the old Unrated version, the old UK version and the uncensored Japanese version.

German DVD (FSK 16):

Run time: 90:47 (including ending credits: 86:50)
The German DVD was cut by roughly 8 minutes.


The soundtrack of the cut versions differ from one of the Japanese version. The international versions feature rock music by artists such as Alice in Chains, Korn, Silverchair and KMFDM. The soundtrack of the original version, however, is much more calm and melancholic, so that a whole different feeling is conveyed during the fights.

Change of names

Outside Japan, the names of three characters were interchanged. The reason is that the name of the boxer M. Bison is a reference to the internationally renowned boxer Mike Tyson. To avoid a civil lawsuit and criminal proceedings, the name was changed to Balrog. Subsequently, the other names were interchanged as well. In this censorship report, the internationally known names are used.

Outside Japan: Balrog / Japan: M. Bison

Outside Japan: Vega / Japan: Balrog

Outside Japan: M. Bison / Japan: Vega

1x longer logos at the beginning of the unrated version (+39.84 sec.)
14 cuts (83.56 sec.) = 43.72 sec.

Intro by Glogcke & Forrest
Time index: old US DVD (NTSC) / Japanese version

The US VHS shows an FBI warning and several logos at the beginning. The Japanese version starts directly with the CAPCOM-logo.
+39.84 sec.

The credits were translated for the UK DVD. The Japanese version can be subtitled optionally.
No difference in time
British VersionJapanese Version

The title fade-ins differ.
No difference in time
British VersionJapanese Version

Ryu and Feilong walk towards the "camera" some longer.
2.64 sec.

When they part company, the US VHS stops earlier.
5.56 sec.

One sees Ryu walking off some longer.
1.2 sec.

Feilong gazes after Ryu longer.
2.08 sec.

In the Japanese version there is an additional short view of Ryu and the street girl looking at the spilled milk.
1.68 sec.

A close-up of the little girl.
2.16 sec.

Another close-up view is missing.
3.44 sec.

The girl's mother can be seen longer.
1.04 sec.

Ryu walks through the alley longer.
5.56 sec.

From a view of the houses, the picture cross-fades to Chin Li taking a shower. One can see her bottom.
16.4 sec.

While, in the Japanese version, the camera pans through Chun Li's flat, the US version fades to an external view of the shower. The rest of the tracking shot through her flat and the subsequent shot of Chun Li showering in the nude is missing.
9.2 sec.

In the uncut version, Ken drives through the night much longer. Then Bison's plane appears on the sky. Subsequently, one can shortly see Ken in his car again, before the cut version sets in again. (The footage is very dark, so that hardly anything is visible.)
12.88 sec.

After the conversation with Sagat, Bison leaves the room. Balrog follows him. Then one sees Sagat poising alone next to Bison's chair.
8.96 sec.

During the long tracking shot over the mountains of Thailand, the Japanese version runs some longer.
3.56 sec.

The closing credits of the US version run down faster.
112.36 sec.