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Armour of God II - Operation Condor

original title: Fei ying gai wak


  • French Version
  • Original Version
Release: Mar 11, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut French Blu-ray by HK video / Metropolitan and the uncut German Blu-ray by Splendid

- 22 cuts
- Total cut length: 490,4 sec (= 8:10 min)

Company logo and credit differences are not included.

Just like the first part, Jackie's second appearance as a Chinese Indiana Jones was released in a special (cut) version. The eight missing minutes mostly consist of rather unimportant plot scenes. Some not very well introduced side characters were removed as well, which could even be seen positive. On the other hand, however, the lacking scene of the massacre in the camp smells like censoring, even though the brutality in it does not really fit into the movie anyway. The removed action scenes at the end are a pity as well.

Both Armour of God movies were released in France in a Blu-ray set, which contains both the well-known Fortune Star upscaled master and the French Version. Part one is based on the uncut master, the second one, however, is based on its own master, which even is in real HD, which adds some more value to the cut version.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
French Blu-ray /German Blu-ray
The logos at the beginning are different, the German ones being longer.

German Blu-ray 30,2 sec longer

French Blu-rayGerman Blu-ray

After the Golden Harves logo, which can be seen in both versions, the German BD shows another logo, whereas there is an additional opening sequence in the French Version.

French Blu-ray 15,8 sec longer

French Blu-rayGerman Blu-ray

Afterwards, the French Blu-ray lacks the opening credits.

French Blu-rayGerman Blu-ray

21:02 / 21:16-21:29

After the scene with Jackie, Elsa and the "arabs", Jackie can be seen walking to the metal worker and being followed by two men.

12,9 sec

21:13 / 21:40-21:43

The bad guys can be seen again when Jackie hands over the key.

2,9 sec

23:31 / 24:01-24:24

During the pursuit in the alleys: two men carry a picture around and try to get it to safety. However, they lack coordination and only turn by 180°.
Jackie then drives away over several car roofs.

22,6 sec

27:54 / 28:47-29:17

The beginning of the montage at the start of the road trip is missing. At first a few shots of the citwy, then the camping. Our heroes flee jumping in their sleeping bags when bears raid their camp but can already laugh again while the bears eat their food.

30,6 sec

28:01 / 29:25-30:13

A few more scenes of the trip.

The two cars can be seen far away and comic-like speech bubbles appear above them. Then the group stands in front of the broken down car and they try to get it working again using their urine. Then several more desert shots.

48,6 sec

Note: The background song for the montage was also turned into a much shorter instrumental piece.

44:43 / 46:55-47:06

After Jackie and Co. Have left the hotel, a soft transition to the entrance at a later point and a first exterior shot of the Colonel and his staff approaching is missing.

10,8 sec

45:22 / 47:45-48:04

The "arabs" watch Jackie's group with their binoculars and then go on their way.
Afterwards two shots of Jackie and Ada in the car from outside.

19,6 sec

45:56 / 48:38-48:54

First shots of the camp.
Ada tries to take a makeshift shower. Jackie goes to Elsa and thew briefly talk to Momoko.

15,3 sec

47:52 / 50:50-50:51

A short shot of the unknown others in the group waking up in the tent.

1,1 sec

48:05 / 51:04-51:08

The useless guys get some more beating.

4,2 sec

49:10 / 52:13-52:32

After the group has ridden away, a few men of Jackie's group can be seen loking in the other direction.
Momoko weckt Jackie auf und der geht zu den anderen Begleitern, das dortige Gespräch beginnt etwas früher.

19,4 sec

49:22 / 52:44-53:20

Jackie looks up and a scene in the desert follows. The group encounters a slave market and Jackie says that they will go there as soon as it gets dark.

36 sec

53:31 / 57:29-58:31

The uncut version shows the car insignificantly longer (freeze frame). Then there is an unexpectedly brutal scene, in which Adolf's men shoot Jackie's companions. Jackie and the girls can then be seen earlier as well, the camera goes down from a longshot to the salamander, then the French Version starts again.

62 sec

58:43 / 63:43-64:05

Jackie and Co find the corpses. They create a makeshift small grave.

21,7 sec

63:22 / 68:44-69:18

Our heroes walk through the corridor and wonder why they are not being followed. The explanation can then be seen. The natives sat down again and continue to make rhythmic sounds, causing the floor beneath Jackie and his friends' feet to break away. The first shots of the fall are missing as well.

34,4 sec

65:50 / 71:47-72:06

Elsa reads some unimportant parts of the diary first. Ada asks her to look for something that is connected to the treasure. Jackie can also be seen taking a look around.

19,7 sec

68:05 / 74:21-74:39

Again the bad guys, then Jackie hurries the girls through the corridors.

18,4 sec

71:36 / 78:10-78:57

Jackie defends himself from his opponents and climbs up a sand dune. There he holds on to one of the swastika flags and his pursuers try to shake him off it.

47 sec

85:51 / 93:13-93:34

The wind machine stops and some fighting between Jackie and the bad guys follows.

21,1 sec

92:16 / 99:59-100:14

After Adolf says goodbye, Jackie and his friends get ready. Then Adolf announces that they will be pulled out soon.

15,7 sec

92:50 / 100:48-101:14

Some more thrill before Jackie bends over. The pressure is getting stronger and stronger (Adolf keeps pressing those buttons) and Jackie pushes forward with all his strength.

26,4 sec

The credits during the outtakes are completely in English on the French BD, on the German disc this is the case only towards the end.

French Blu-rayGerman Blu-ray

The end of the German Blu-ray by Splendid features a text overlay mentioning the four year old master.

4,5 sec