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  • US DVD
Release: May 29, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Jam3s - external link: IMDB
Comparism between the abridged british VHS that was released by Entertainment (BBFC PG) and the uncut US DVD by New Line Home Video (PG)

- 2 cuts
- cut duration: 17.6 sec

The movie

Being a child of the '80s or '90s you should at least have heard of Hulk Hogan. Besides his career in wrestling he also tried his luck in the movie business and like many others he had to realize that - to put it mildly – he rather lacked talent. For his fans and these who like to watch trashy productions the following movies with Hogan as leading role are probably especially interesting: No Holds Barred, Suburban Commando and Mr. Nanny

With Mr. Nanny the producers obviously wanted to pick up at the success of Home Alone and Problem Child.

The practical jokes that the kids play on Hogan (e.g. a too fast running treadmill or the detached diving board) are rather dumb and the plot does not really justify the (to some extend) very violent actions. Not only does the "Hulkster" gets to fight some villains whereby these fights are not really family-friendly, but also accomplishes to look even more scary in a ballet skirt than "The Rock" in Tooth Fairy...

Even with a failure at the box office (like all of the above named films; it seems there were always people that encouraged him to continue... ) you still can have fun with the movies – assuming you don't expect too much from it. The maybe only notable person is Madeline Zima, famous for her role in the series Californication.

The British version

The scene where the kids "energize" Hulk as he comes back from the shower had to be cut. The BBFC saw a too high danger of imitation by children at home. You still see what happens to him afterwards, but they removed the scenes where the trap is explained. This kind of editorial control seems to make sense and the movie - apart from its bad image quality - is still viewable.

In the UK the movie was solely released on VHS (Mr. Nanny only or in a bundle with Suburban Commando) and never appeared on DVD.

A bit more about the uncut US DVDs. The movie is available as single DVD and also as a bundle with Suburban Commando (cf. the British VHS)
Although the bundle is cheaper you should chose the single publication over it, because the single DVD features both the 4:3 (open matte) and the 16:9 aspect ratio, the bundle contains full-screen only. Whereas the the US DVD has a much better image quality in comparison to the German DVD (see pictures below) it still also lacks quality due to a inferior compression rate. Since the movie was produced for wide screen the 16:9 version should be preferred.

runtime order: British VHS (PAL) / US DVD (NTSC)

The UK VHS features a older logo by New Line at the beginning and is 3 seconds shorter. (not included in total cut duration.)

28:17 / 29:30-29:37

Sean discovers what the kids prepared for him. Here the mechanics are virtually explained to the audience by showing Sean's look to the bathroom door.


28:23 / 29:44-29:55

The first few shots showing Sean being "energized" can be seen in the UK version. The next scene only shows the "lightning machine" on the floor, the rest is missing. You still can see him suffering and it's also clear that the kids can influence the level of pain.

Alex Jr.: "It's only low voltage, it can't kill him."
Kate: "Then crank it up!"

Alex Jr. turns the machine up to the maximum.


Finally a comparison that does not only shows the far better image quality of the US DVD but also demonstrates that open matte is not the best solution for this movie and that the 16:9 aspect ratio really fits best. The credits are definitely supposed to be concentric and Hogan's bathing trunks probably should not be seen. (Also notice the very dark image in the UK version)
In other scenes the lower edge of the image does not show anything important as well.