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  • BBFC 18
  • German DVD
Release: Nov 27, 2010 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the cut UK-VHS released by First Independent (BBFC 18) and the cut German FSK 18-DVD released by Laser Paradise.

Missing: 2.5 seconds at 2 differences.

1 cut = 2.5 seconds.
1 alternative scene = no time difference.

The German DVD used for comparison is cut as well, but contains the scene missing in the UK DVD.
A short shot of a butterfly knife being used is missing such as the shot of naked boys on a magazine which has been replaced by an alternative shot.
The UK DVD released by Optimum contains the scene with the butterfly knife but still lacks the scene with the porn magazine.
52 Min
Here, we find the use of alternative footage: When the suitcase is opened by Farris we see two magazines lying in it which display naked boys. In the UK version these magazines are covered by other magazines and Farris' suicide note.
no time difference

UK versionGerman version

92 Min
Before Blake attacks Nick with the butterfly knife we see him getting it out and opening it.
2.5 sec