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Release: Jul 03, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated version and the Unrated version, both by Columbia-Tristar Home Entertainment.

There are two obvious major differences when comparing the R-Rated and Unrated. For one thing, the Unrated includes several scenes in which a furious ex-boyfriend declares Christina a lesbian. The second and main difference is the absence of the "Penis Song" in the R-Rated version. This scene accounts for two-thirds of the cutting time and was removed before the cinematic release in the USA, due to negative responses of the pre-release audience. Furthermore, a scene was cut out of the US cinematic version, which is featured on both the R-Rated and the Unrated DVD. It deals with Roger telling his brother Peter about prostitutes in Costa Rica. It is obscure whether the opening scene with the allusions to lesbians was included in the US cinematic release. But it is safe to assume that it was not.

Run time of the R-Rated version without end credits: 1:20:42 (NTSC)
Run time of the Extended version without end credits: 1:26:58 (NTSC)

6 cuts = 376.39 sec. resp. 6 min. 16 sec.
Time index: R-Rated / Unrated

One of Christina's ex-boyfriends adds something to his description of Christina. While the R-Rated proceeds to the next ex after "I lay down all that groundwork for nothing", the man also declares her a lesbian. At that, the woman behind him, while trying to put a stack of printing paper back into the shelf, falls down backwards.
5.76 sec.

After the guitar player started singing, the R-Rated version blends in the next ex-boyfriend. In the Unrated, the aforementioned guy joins in and dashes the other one to the floor. Subsequently, he talks into the camera.
"You know, there ought to be some kind of a signal to let us guys know when we are talking to a lesbian. So we don't waste our time."
15.55 sec.

At this point, the Unrated includes an additional scene. What starts as an apology to Christina gets out of hand during his talk and ends with furious women beating him up.
"[...] I apologize for saying she was a lesbian. It's not true. My male ego got bruised and I lashed out. I'm sorry. I'm not used to being blown off, that's all. I'm sure she wasn't not trying to hurt me on purpose. [...] She'll settle down though once she finds the right man. Or woman. Maybe has a little boxed lunch at the Y. I'm sorry. Did I say it again? You're goddamn right I said it again. Why don't you shave your head, Christina, and take up women's golf? Why don't you go to the Depot. Lots of carpet you can munch on there."
Then he gets beaten up.
52.65 sec.

When the three women enter the disco, there is an additional scene in the Unrated.
Christina, Courtney and Jane watch the dancing crownd
Christina, full of vim, says to her friends: "Okay, girls, let's go." They walk down the stairs and Christina already starts dancing exuberantly. While the two women move along, Jane stops next to a dancing girl who is fervently shaking a leg. Jane is so fascinated by her moves, that Courtney returns and pulls Jane away. Then, one shortly sees the dancing girl and the next scene is blended in. There, the R-Rated version sets in again.
37.74 sec.

In the disco's rest room, the Unrated is longer at the start. There is a woman with her head hanging in the sink. Her friend is holding her hair back. The sick woman says: "I can't believe he brought that bitch to our bar. This is our bar." Her friend answers: "Forget her, she's a skeev." The furious woman stands up. She still has vomitus all over her face when shouting: "But is she prettier than me?" Her girlfriend soothes her: "Of course not, you're beautiful." A moment later, the woman starts projectile vomiting. Her friend screams disgustedly: "Oh, my God, you fucking bitch!"
After that, the R-Rated sets in again. The rest of the scene's order is a little different in both versions, but only regarding the persons' positions (in consequence of the previous scene).
14.31 sec.

The scene in the restaurant is over four minutes longer in the Unrated and shows a singing and dancing interlude of the three women, the guests and the staff. They are singing the "Penis Song", which is based on the song "I'm Too Sexy".
Shortly before the R-Rated breaks off, different footage of Courtney reading the menu is used. In the R-Rated one sees only her in a close shot, her face half covered by the menu.
In the Unrated, she is holding the menu deeper and Christina can be seen as well.
The longish restaurant scene starts with Christina persuading herself not to regret to not have gone to Peter's party. Jade enters the restaurant and sits down at her friends' table. She starts telling of the night with a "transition guy" and the size of his "girth". This is the transition to the Penis Song. They take glasses and vases in their hands and moan and gesture accordingly. When the song starts, they are singing (among other things) "You're too big to fit in here". At that, Christina grabs her crotch, Courtney grasps her butt and Jane touches her mouth. One of the guests starts playing the melody on his keyboard. An eldery lady begins to dance through the room and spanks her ass. Other lines include "And when it makes a delivery it needs its own zip code" and "My body is a movie and your penis is the star". The scene ends with the guests doing a polonaise through the restaurant.
250.38 sec. resp. 4 min. 10 sec.

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