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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Dec 23, 2016 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
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44 Min

Director's Cut: Another shot of The Gemini Killer in his dark cell.

Theatrical Version: Another dark shot of Karras.

no difference

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

49 Min
The Theatrical Version: contains more dialog between the Father and Kinderman.
Father : I'll talk to Paul Morning, if you like!
Kinderman: Who is he?
Father : He's our chaplain over at the hospital! They say he performed an exorcism once in the Philippines! The story is his hair turned white overnight!
Kinderman: Is that true?
Father : What's the difference! What's that got to do with this?

16 sec

50 Min

The Theatrical Version contains several shots of Father Morning's room - several pieces of furniture included. Also, there is a shoe box with pieces of paper on the window sill. There is a bird inside the shoe box. He jumps up and down and appears to be wounded. Then Father Morning at his desk. When the bird stops chirping, Father Morning looks at the show box and rushes over. Having arrived, he finds the dead bird and gets it out of the box. He has the dead bird in his hands and looks at it for quite some time. Then he looks at the crucifix on the wall which just falls on the ground for no apparent reason. Then Father Morning at the window, followed by a pan shot to the crucifix. A close-up of the Jeses figure follows. Blood is leaking out of the eyes. Father Morning runs to the crucifix and picks it up. When he looks at it, he spots the blood and wipes it off with his finger. At the very same moment, the room gets darker and it gets windy as well.

110 sec

55 Min

Theatrical Version: With a terrified look on hid face, Kinderman makes a few steps back after Dr. Temple tells him the patient in the cell was The Gemini Killer.

Director's Cut:Kinderman sets food into James Venamun's cell and stops in front of him. When Venamun looks up, Kinderman leaves.

Theatrical Version: 4 sec
Director's Cut: 25 sec

KFDirector's Cut

55 Min

In the Director's Cut, Kinderman is about at James Venamun's file. Then he says to Dr. Temple: This file is thin, Dr. Temple! Thin! No age, no description of what he was wearing! Were you here when this man was brought in?
Dr. Temple: No, I wasn't!
Kinderman: Who was?
Dr. Temple: Nurse Allerton, I think! I'll go get her for you!
Kinderman: Yes, get her!
Dr. Temple leaves the room in order to get nurse Allerton. A moment afterwards, he returns and the nurse is with him.

37.5 sec

57 Min

Theatrical Version: Kinderman has a longer conversation with The Gemini Killer in his cell. Kinderman wants to know his true identity and asks if he was Father Karras. The patient explains he was The Gemini Killer and tells Kinderman about the murders he had committed, his victims, his master. The Gemini Killer says he was a servant and fills Kinderman in on some spooky details regarding his MO. For that, he gets hit by Kinderman. When the conversation is over, Kinderman leaves.

The Director's Cut contains a longer conversation between The Gemini Killer and Kinderman as well. The issues they discuss are almost identical. The difference here is that alternate shots are being used plus one gets to actually see Father Karras as The Gemini Killer. Also, there is a little sequence at the cemetary showing Kinderman and Seargent Atkins at the grave of Father Karras which has just been opened. In the Theatrical Version, this scene pops up at the end of the movie which makes much more sense storywise.

Theatrical Version: 9 min 37 sec
Director's Cut: 12 min 6 sec

Theatrical Version:

Director's Cut:

72 Min

In the Theatrical Version, Kinderman's conversation with nurse Allerton is longer:
Kinderman: Thanks again, Miss!
Allerton: Why did you hit him? Take it easy on that hand!
Kinderman: I will!
Allerton: "Save your servant!" That's just something our friend in cell 11 said one time!
Kinderman: "Save your servant?"
Allerton: Keeps running through my mind!
Kinderman: An odd expression!
Allerton: What was odd was how he said it!
Kinderman: How was that?
Allerton: It was just his voice, it was different!
Kinderman: Different how?
Allerton: He sounded decent, nice, completely different! And there was so much emotion in his voice! He sounded! I don't know, desperate!
Kinderman: And what else has he said in this voice?
Allerton: Only one other thing!
Kinderman: And what was that, Miss?
Allerton: He said, "Kill it!"

1 min 5 sec

72 Min

The Theatrical Version contains several shots of Kinderman at the library. He gets a Bible and reads from it: "Save your servant who trusts in you, my God! Let him find in you Lord a fortified tower in the face of the enemy!".
Change of scenery to Father Morning at the church saying: The Lord is my light and my salvation! The Lord is the defender of my life! My life...

Director's Cut: Kinderman and the Father are having a chat at the library.
Kinderman: Alright, he was buried the next morning! Closed coffin, the usual! But who was the last person ever to see him? Would you know?
Pater: Brother Fain!
Kinderman: I beg your pardon?
Pater: Brother Fain!
Kinderman: At least, I think it was! Wait a second! Hold on! Yeah, that's right! That's who it was!
Pater: Brother Fain! He was left to dress the body and seal up the coffin! And then, no one ever saw him again! It was a sad case! He always griped about The Order not treating him well! Well, he has family in Kentucky! He was always asking for an assignment someplace near them! He never got it! Toward the end, he was...
Kinderman: Toward the end?
Pater: Oh, he was elderly, 80, 81! He always said that when he died, he'd make sure he died at home! We always figured he'd just split, because he sensed the end was coming! He'd already had a couple pretty bad coronaries! What's the matter?
Kinderman: Brother Fain had two heart attacks, precisely?
Pater: Yeah, two!
Kinderman: Was he tall?
Pater: Yes, he was very tall!
Kinderman: The man we found in Damien's coffin, you remember, was dressed like a priest!
Pater: Yeah!
Kinderman: His vital organs were remarkably preserved!
Pater: Is that so?
Kinderman: We did an autopsy Father, and discovered, well... He was elderly, perhaps in his eighties! Very tall! No teeth! We made out the scarring of three major heart attacks! Two bevore, plus the one that killed him!
Pater: Yes!
Kinderman: We have every indication to believe that he died of fright!

Theatrical Version: 1 min 32 sec
Director's Cut: 2 min 27 sec

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

75 Min

In the Theatrical Version, Kinderman looks at the file andd picture of the patient who claims to be The Gemini Killer.

10 sec

81 Min

Theatrical Version: And again, Kinderman has a longer conversation with The Gemini Killer who tells Kinderman about his last victim and how he got electrocuted. After his death, his master approached him and took his soul so that he could keep killing. He then starts talking about Karras. He says Karras had performed an exorcism on a little girl that had been possessed and he had committed suicide afterwards. He tells Kinderman all the details about the soul of Karras being inside of him now and that Karras now had to watch him commit all those gruesome murders. Kinderman asks how he could keep killing from his cell and The Gemini Killer explains he had old friends helping him. He also tells Kinderman to go to the press and tell them that The Gemini Killer was back and that he was killing again.

In the Director's Cut, their conversation is similar to the Theatrical Version. Only the order of the scenes is a little different plus a few different issues are being mentioned at the end of the conversation. Worth mentioning is just the fact that one gets to partially see The Gemini Killer while in the Theatrical Version, The Gemini Killer turns into Karras for a little while.

Theatrical Version: 9 min 54 sec
Director's Cut: 9 min 45 sec

Theatrical Version:

Director's Cut:

96 Min

The Theatrical Version shows nurse Allerton standing in the cell and she checks the machine attached to Karras.

Director's Cut: Here, Allerton is in the cell as well. But instead of Karras, The Gemini Killer is lying on the cot.

no difference

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

98 Min

When the possessed nurse is going down, the Director's Cut shows frightened-looking Kinderman one more time. Also, he says "Damien" to her.

2 sec

98 Min

Only the Theatrical Version contains the following scene: Father Morning gets out of the elevator and walks across the hallway. He stops in front of the cell of The Gemini Killer. The door opens and he sees The Gemini Killer looking like Karras on the cot.
The Gemini Killer says: You again! You've interrupted me! Have you come to save God's servant? Well, I must save mine! My son, the Gemini, he has work to do, much more, but come on, Father Morning! Enter, night!
His voice changes. With some kind of demonic voice, The Gemini Killer says: This time you're going to lose!
When Father Morning steps inside, the door closes by itself. Father Morning reads from the Bible and splashes some holy water in the direction of The Gemini Killer. Every time holy water winds up on him, The Gemini Killer screams. Father Morning keeps reading from the Bible while there is fire and snakes around him. But that does not bother Father Morning, he just keeps going. His bible then goes up in flames and some kind of demonic force throws him against the wall and then the ceiling where he gets stuck. He tries to get free but his skin is stuck to the ceiling and peels off. There are several intercuts to diabolically-looking Karras watching what is happening to Father Morning.

3 min 24 sec

99 Min

Theatrical Version: Father Morning gets out of the elevator and walks across the hallway when he is calling for nurse Allerton. When passing by the cell of The Gemini Killer, the door opens. Kinderman stops and carefully peeks. Karras is sitting on the cot with his head lowered. Kinderman looks down and sees Father Morning's Bible lying on the ground. He picks it up, opens it and realizes that almost any single page is burned. All of a sudden, blood from the ceiling is dripping on the Bible. Kinderman looks up and sees blood and some of Father Morning's skin stuck to the ceiling. Kinderman gets startled when Morning's body rolls over right in front of him.
Karras: Don't worry about Julie, we'll get her!
Kinderman pulls a gun on Karras: Pray for me, Damien! You're free!
When Kinderman is about to pull the trigger, he gets tossed against the wall. The door and all the window close.
Karras says to Kinderman: Did you think to save your friend the priest?
Kinderman: My God, help! Help me!
Karras: Have I helped your unbelief?
Kinderman: Oh, yes! Yes, I believe! I believe in death! I believe in disease! I believe in injustice and inhumanity! And torture, and anger and hate! I believe in murder! I believe in pain! I believe in cruelty and infidelity! I believe in slime, and stink, and in every crawling putrid thing, every possible ugliness, and corruption, you son of a bitch! I believe in you!
While Kinderman is still stuck to the ceiling, several lightnings strike and leave huge holes in the ground. At the end of it, there is a huge hole with light shining out of it. Several people are raising their arms from inside the hole and there is a huge crucifix with Father Karras popping up in the middle. It ends as quickly and suddenly as it started and the cell looks like nothing ever happened in there except that Kinderman is still stuck to the wall and now gets tossed underneath the ceiling. Cut to Father Morning who is still alive and grabs his crucifix. He uses it on Karras and tells him to fight the demonic forces. Karras's soul fights back and the demonic forces get weaker. As a result, Kinderman falls off the ceiling. Karras begs Kinderman to shoot him and Kinderman takes advantage of the situation and puts several bullets in him. Kinderman then gets closer and says they had won. Karras whispers to free him already. Kinderman puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger.

Director's Cut: Kinderman gets out of the elevator and walks across the hallway in the direction of the cell of The Gemini Killer. Having arrived, he runs into nurse Allerton.
Allerton: I was just about to check him!
Kinderman: Never mind, he's awake!
Allerton: How do you know that?
Kinderman: Just open up, and then lock it behind me!
Allerton: All right!
The nurse opens the door to the cell and Kinderman steps inside.
When Kinderman is standing in front of The Gemini Killer, the latter says: Wasted effort! Don't worry, we'll get her!
Kinderman: Pray for me, Damien! You're free!
Kinderman then shoots The Gemini Killer. Subsequently, Kinderman walks up to him and puts a bullet in his head. This is only implied though.

Theatrical Version: 5 min 51 sec
Director's Cut: 1 min 14 sec

Theatrical Version:

Director's Cut:

100 Min

The last scene of the Theatrical Version ends with Kinderman and Seargent Atkins at the cemetary resp. with them standing standing in front of the opened grave of Father Karras.

24 sec

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