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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Jan 26, 2014 - Author: Buster - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
The newlyweds Taylor and Scott Dolan spend their honeymoon in a secluded hotel in the desert of Morocco. While they (probably) used to be affectionate, they now constantly mistrust and fight each other. Scott is an equity trader and controlfreak, while Taylor is a calculating bitch who is only after her husband's money.
During a trip through the desert they are being followed by an unknown person. Scott floors it because the follower seems to be a threat to their lives. While driving over a dune with full speed, Scott loses control of the car and they crash into a motorcade as well as a group of people. Taylor and Scott survive but their follower is in a coma. Only now they realize that they are in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by battered corpses and a lot of junk.
Meanwhile, a guy uses the chaos to choke an injured person and free himself from his handcuffs. Together they save a mysterious woman with her baby out of a car wreck. After that, a guy appears who says that he had an accident with his motorcycle. Normally they would have to help each other in order to make the best of the situation, however, none of them really wants to do so...

Even though you cannot really identify with any of the characters in the flick - they all come across as being unlikeable - you will still get entertained the whole way through. The initial situation (the nicely shot accident) evolves into an exciting story full of twists. The setting in the desert is also well chosen. Even though the Extended Cut shows (especially towards the beginning) more shots of the nice landscape it is fully sufficient to just watch the Theatrical Version. The extensions give the impression that they were cut out beforehand in order to make the movie more fast-paced.

For this report we compared the Theatrical Version with the Extended Cut (both included on the French Blu-Ray released by EuropaCorp).
Note: The French subtitles are NOT optional.

Theatrical Version: 97:20 min. NTSC
Extended Cut: 113:03 min. NTSC

There are 15 minutes and 43 seconds of missing footage:

2 additional scenes: 1 minute and 18 seconds
27 extended scenes: 14 minutes and 25 seconds
Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
Taylor and Scott Dolan have just landed in Merzouga with a helicopter. The Extended Cut aalso shows the pilot opening their door. Taylor immediately grabs her phone and talks to a (for the audience unnkown) person. She says that she just arrived and - after asking Scott where they actually are - also tells the person the name of the city. Subsequently Taylor and Scott joke around a bit. She says that she expected to fly somewehere close to the sea.

1 min. and 30 sec.

Additional Scene in the Extended Cut:
After checking in, Taylor and Scott take a look at the area they stay in. Taylor made friends with dromedary camel Blondie and asks if they could ride out during their stay. Apart from that she also complains about the heat in the desert. Scott calms her down and tells her that she should enjoy it, after all, there has been some heavy snow in their hometown (New York). Taylor whispers in her husbands ear that she would rather be up for his "10 inches".

18 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
After the sex scene the Extended Cut shows a short conversation between Taylor and Scott. Scott counted Taylors orgasms while she continues to talk about the dromedary. She says that it reminds her of her childhood when she used to ride her grandmother's pony. She then asks Scott about his first child memories. He tells her an emotional story about his father leaving his mother. So far, Taylor used to believe that Scott's dad died during a car accident.

2 min. and 34 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
The Extended Cut shows Taylor (who left the suite after a fight) a little longer while walking through the hotel.

8 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
By now, Taylor met up with her lover Travis. He is supposed to stop and shoot Scott during the expedition in the desert they have planned for the next day. In the Extended Cut Taylor says to Travis that she will tell the police that the murderer was an Arab on a small motorcycle. Travis is still worried.

1 min. and 23 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
During the chase scene through the desert the movie cuts back and forth from Scott's Toyota Land Cruiser to Travis' Nissan Pathfinder. The Theatrical Version misses out on several short sequences.

Overall 38 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
After the accident Taylor goes nuts. She complains about Scott having killed several people and that there is blood everywhere. In the Extended Cut she repeats with a sob that everything is full of blood while trying to get out of the car. Scott asks her to calm down.

13 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
When Omar tries to kill the police officer who is trapped under his car, the Theatrical Version does not show the cop freeing one of his hands and putting it on Omar's face. The latter bites the man's finger and thus regains the upper hand pretty quickly.

13 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
When Taylor tires to help Audrey (the woman with the baby) she in the Extended Cut shortly turns around and grabs a water bottle.

6 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
After Scott reset his shoulder he is shown a little longer.

4 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
The car which they helped Audrey getting out of starts burning. The driver Ahyoub is still trapped on the driver's seat. When they run to help him we miss out on a front shot of the driver screaming.

1 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
A few more hots of Ahyoub burning to death as well as the metal pipe which was pierced through his body.

1 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
Saleh is the last to join the group. Not too far from the crash scene he had an accident with his motorcycle. The attendees tell him what happened. During the following scene the Extended Cut shows a bit more footage during the individual sequences.

Overall 1 min. and 1 sec.

Audrey takes a closer look at Travis who by now is heavily injured. She can't say anything for sure right now but thinks that he has hematomas and thus will probably not survive.

Saleh looks around.

Taylor - who feels watched by Scott - looks nervously to the side.

Saleh still looks around and seems to be worried.

Taylor begins taking pictures. She starts with the burning car. Scott points at it, saying that somebody should see the smoke. However, Omar doubts that somebody will arrive any time soon to help them.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
Another longer scene during which the Extended Cut shows some more footage here and there.

Overall 4 sec.

Omar contemptuously looks at Taylor.

Audrey - who worries about her baby - is shown a little longer.

Scott and Omar enter the frame a little earlier.

Scott checks his mobile reception again.

Additional Scene in the Extended Cut:
While the men try to repair one of the cars, Taylor and Audry went to an old ruin. While Audrey is more relaxed and smokes a cigarette, Taylor is annoyed and tries to get a bloodstain off her shoes. She swears, throws her shoes away and puts on her Flipflops. Then she stands up to look after Travis.

34 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
When Taylor puts her hands on Travis' mouth and nose to kill him, Audrey watches her. She nods, mistaking Taylor's undertaking as an act of compassion.

15 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
Scott secretly taped Taylor's and Travis' phone conversation and now confronts his wife with it. Before doing so he was able to get Travis on his side, leaving Taylor all by herself. While the men still try to get one of the cars ready for driving, Taylor marches up a hill towards the open desert. The Extended Cut shows some more footage afterwards.

3 min. and 54 sec.

Still, Travis is worried about Taylor and says that someone should follow her. Omar does not really care but Taylor insists on the fact that they cannot leave Taylor alone out there. He wants to go after her. However, even Scott is convinced that Taylor couldn't have gone far and will eventually return by herself. Saleh holds Travis back and follows him instead of Taylor.

Saleh holds Taylor back and the latter later complains about Scott. She says that thanks to him she is somewhat of a prisoner, stripped off all her freedom. Saleh wants to know why she married Scott in the first place. She replies that she used to love him but that he changed over the years. Now she met Travis. Saleh gives Taylor some water.

Taylor and Saleh sit around a little longer and she tells him about Travis' immense financial difficulties and how she was able to persuade him to solve his problems. Saleh wants Taylor to follow him back to his camp. However, she is rather sceptical because she thinks that there is nothing worth of going back to. In the end she eventually agrees to come along.

Saleh comes back along with Taylor. Taylor almost stumbles over a weapon which she picks up to put it in her pocket.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
Saleh hat Scott zu seinem Hotel gefahren. Scott sieht aufgrund der Umstände der vergangenen Nacht etwa heruntergekommen aus und der Hotelangestellte fragt ihn was passiert sei. Scott sucht nach Ausreden und erzählt ihm man habe zu viel Champagner getrunken und ihrem Land Cruiser sei in der Stadt das Benzin ausgegangen.

19 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
After Scott was told by a hotel employee that his wife has left him he looks around in his suite a little longer.

19 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
Scott pours the insides of a plastic bag on the desk. We get to see several faked passports, and cash. The Extended Cut shows him a little longer. Additionally we see him taking the paper knife with him.

6 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
Audrey led Saleh into a trap in the city. He gets sandbagged by her partner Cyril. Before Cyril is able to shoot the guy on the floor the latter is able to flee. In the Extended Cut Audrey and Cyril look for Saleh a little longer and in the process disturb a woman on the toilet.

21 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
Before Audrey and Cyril realize that Saleh escaped, Cyril disturbs the people in the house because of walking around with his weapon equiped. Just before he leaves the house with Audrey, he ridicules the other tenants.

18 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
Saleh follows them a little longer on their way through the narrow streets.

18 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
Scott was finally able to find Taylor in the city. When he confronts her about her behavior towards him and she threatens him with the paper knife he only wants to know whether or not she ever loved him. She says she did, however, also makes him understand that he destroyed their relationship by urging her to get pregnant as well as controlling both her cell phone and her e-mails.

11 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
Shortly after Scott stabbed Taylor he is shown a little longer.

5 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
Scott secretly joined a tour group. We see the people leaving the crime scene a little longer.

4 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
Saleh's phone call with his wife Odette, and Audrey (who is led off by the cops) is shown a little earlier.

19 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
Before the police car (which carts Audrey away) leaves the shot, a few pedestrians walk through the shot.

1 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Cut:
Meanwhile, Talyor Dolan's corpse was found. Several policemen appear. The Extended Cut shows a bit more footage of that.

7 sec.