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4.09 Fluff Daddy


  • US SciFi
  • DVD
Release: Sep 16, 2012 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
In the center of the darkest area of the Dark Zone, the universe of evil, chaos and depravity, there's a planet anyone and everyone of us is very familiar with: the earth. According to 790, the trustworthy robothead, the earth is a classic type 13 planet in its final stage of development that typically ends in self-destruction. Sometimes through wars, often through environmental catastrophe. But more commonly a type 13 planet is unintentionally collapsed into a pea sized object by scientists trying to determine the mass of the Higgs boson particle. The perfect timing for the Lexx to show up...

The Season
In comparison to the previous seasons, the fourth and final season is entirely different. It takes place on earth in the former present. Well, a few months in the future (as of original airing) to be precise. Mostly, it's satire - sometimes critical of society - with the affinity to slapstick. While S1 - S3 was a Canadian German co-production, S4 is a Canadian British co-production which explains the lack of German actors in minor roles and the presence of British actors instead.
Similar to S3, each episode builds upon the previous episode. Except that, compared with S3, the overall plot is pretty thin here. A noteworthy image seen in this season is the crew watching TV, which implies that S4 shouldn't be taken seriously at all.

The Episode
After Bunny offered herself to a phony Stanley in »The Rock« instead of the real Stanley, she makes a further attempt to beware the destruction of the planet by the Lexx. This time, it's supposed to take place at her and her husband's house. The appropiate room has been found instantly: the Oval Office. Unfortunately, Bunny doesn't have any feelings for Stanley. So she suggests to watch porn to get in the right mood. In the porno, Stan sees Lyekka with all the important openings. Stan lets go of Bunny immediately becuase he wants to be with the woman he's apparently in love with. Having arrived, he's not allowed to go in. Not until he pretends to be the new Fluffer, which surprises the security guard. A Fluffer is a person that makes sure the male actors are ready to shoot the movie; they're usually female. Lyekkas male sex partner, Dick Dongler - played by Lexx author Jeff Hirschfield who did any sex scene in Lexx with her - is being questioned whether he was okay with Stan being the "Fluff Daddy". Dick Dongler is fine with it, which puts Stanley in a thight spot.
Important here is that this Lyekka isn't THE Lyekka we know. This Lyekka is the reincarnation of the original one who always made fun of Stanley although - or maybe because - he had feelings for her. The Lyekka we know only had the shape of a woman she had seen in one of Stanley's dreams, and she actually likes Stanley. But if she touched Stanley when she was hungry, he'd get eaten by her. And she's hungry most of the time.

The Cuts
Unfortunately, the episode was only available without opening and end credits, so there's no exact time designation for the cut version.

Three scenes are cut, three further scenes contain alternate footage (because of sexual references) and there are two scenes with altered audio track as well. One short scene is longer in the TV Version though.
Bottom line, the TV Version lacks 100 seconds (1 minute and 40 seconds). The extended scene in the TV Version makes only a difference of one single second.
Censored Dialog

In the TV Version, some words of the guy's comment are missing.

Guy: No, literally. Screw him! Pants down, across the coffee table, the whole nine yards. And I want pictures!

no difference

Reference picture:

Alternate Scene

While the DVD Version contains a somewhat explicit scene on the screen, the TV Version contains a more harmless version.

no difference


Alternate Shot

When Stan kisses the screen, the DVD Version shows the explicit scene again while the TV Version shows the more harmless scene again.

1 sec


Extended Scene (DVD)

Extended shot of Dick Dongler getting ready to shoot the next scene. It seems to be really hard for him.

2 sec

Alternate Shot

To make it less sleazy, the TV Version contains alternate footage. As a result, the scene is shorter in the TV Version.

1 sec


Extended Scene (TV)

Extended shot of Stan being shocked. Furthermore, Dick Dongler wonders about the Fluffer's (Stan's) reaction.

1 sec

Additional Scene

In the DVD Version, Kai investigates the blood trail next to a car and talks to some homeless guy.

Thief: Find anything interesting?
Kai: Perhaps.
(The homeless guy reaches for a knife and threatens Kai)
Thief: Give me all your money.
Kai: I have none.
Thief: I'm not kidding!
(Kai uses his brace and threatens the homeless guy)
Kai: Neither am I. Did you happen to see a woman here dressed in the skin of a lizard, possibly traveling quickly while rolled up like a wheel?
Thief: Uh, yeah... actually I did.
Kai: Do you know which direction she might have gone in?
(The homeless guy points in one direction)
Thief: That way.
(He points in another direction)
Thief: Or that way.
(Then points in yet another direction)
Thief: Maybe that way?
Kai: Thank you.

45 sec

Censored Dialog

While the fed says "Get this freaking piece of faecal matter out of here." on TV, he says "Get this god damn piece of fecal matter out of here." on DVD.

no difference

Reference picture:

Additional Scene DVD

Someone who wants to play with Stanley pays him a visit.

Leroy: We gonna play house. You wanna be mommy or daddy? Mommy or daddy?
Stan (desperate): Uh... uh... uh...
(Stan crouches into a corner)
Stan (still desperate): Uh... uh... daddy?
Leroy: Alright, daddy. Come take a look what mommy brought for lunch.
(Leroy drops his pants and Stan tries to merge with the wall)

54 sec