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  • Extended Version
Release: Mar 28, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Extended Version (both included on the German Blu-Ray released by ILLUSIONS UNLTD. / Universum Film)

- 13 longer scenes
- Difference in time: 201.3 sec (= 3:21 min)

Several smaller framecuts with a runtime shorter than 0.5 seconds that were a result of a faulty master were not regarded for the report, yet explain the rest of the difference in time.

Here we have a psychedelic revenge thriller directed by Jess Franco in 1971 which was shot right after Vampyros Lesbos. Again, it is Soledad Miranda who plays the main protagonist, shows a lot of skin and kills people here and there. On her track is German actor Horst Tappert who rather listlessly investigates the series of murder.

This German-Spanish co-production was mainly released in its Theatrical Version (for example in the UK and the USA). On October 30th 2014, ILLUSIONS UNLTD. released a Blu-Ray which includes not only the Theatrical Version in mediocre quality, but also a new extended version which fans will not only like for its HD image quality but also the additional content.

There are more than 3 additional minutes with quite a few smaller extensions during the sex and action scenes which indicate that the movie was probably censored when it was released in German theaters (where it was released first). All other countries consequently suffered from this censorship and also just got this version. Anybody interested in the movie should get this Blu-Ray release!

Thanks to who provided us with the Blu-Ray!

Time designations are given as follows:
Theatrical Version Blu-ray / Extended Version Blu-ray
33:12 / 33:13-33:27

AFter the close-up shot of Mrs. Johnson only the extended version shows professor Walker's corpse again. She puts a piece of paper on his stomach (which Dr. Donen shows his colleagues in the following scene, thus the explanation where he has the paper from is only included in the extended version).
The subsequent shot of Dr. Donen on his bed starts with a close-up shot of the paper that he is reading.

14 sec

34:01 / 34:16-34:29

Dr. Donen goes through the room a little longer and finds professor Walker's corpse.
The following shot starts earlier, too.

12.8 sec

36:38 / 37:06-37:07

A slightly longer missing sequence due to a faulty master tape that shows Dr. Crawford longer through the alabaster glass.

1.1 sec

46:35 / 47:04-47:39

Mrs. Johnson chockes Dr. Crawford much longer until she finally dies. Mrs. Johnson breathes deeply and then pulls the pillow away.

35 sec

60:08 / 61:13-61:17

Probably just a missing scene because of a faulty master tape, yet we still consider it a cut due to its length: The tracking shot of Mrs. Johnson lying half naked in her bed starts earlier.

4.6 sec

64:12 / 65:21-65:30

Mrs. Johnson pushes the scissors into Dr. Houston's head a little longer and the camera zooms in.

8.4 sec

64:16 / 65:34-65:37

A first shot of Dr. Houston's dead body with scissors sticking in it.

3.8 sec

64:59 / 66:20-66:32

Mrs. Johnson pulls the scissors back out and stabs Dr. Houston again.

12 sec

65:01 / 66:34-66:44

Ditto - the next shot of her starts earlier.

9.8 sec

69:25 / 71:08-72:06

Mrs. Johnson kisses the her dead husbands stomach a little longer, followed by a short sequence of necrophilia: she puts his arms around her body and starts humping him.

57.9 sec

73:44 / 76:25-76:53

The long shot is shown a little longer. Mrs. Johnson kisses Dr. Donen. In a closer shot she then puts a knife at his body and cuts his skin; blood floats out of the wound.

27.3 sec

74:02 / 77:11-77:21

This does not look like censorship, yet the Theatrical Version still includes a rather ugly jumpcut: the middle of the scene where Mrs. Johnson swings the knife around and comes closer is only shown in the Extended Version.

9.8 sec

74:11 / 77:30-77:31

Mrs. Johnson adjusts the knife a little longer.

1.6 sec

75:10 / 78:30-78:35

We see several stabs and a cut to Dr. Donen.

Because of this cut, the Theatrical Version only shows one stab which immediately results in death.

4.5 sec