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  • German / Dutch DVD
  • UK / US / Australian DVD
Release: Mar 30, 2017 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The biographical drama Conviction, directed by Tony Goldwyn (who played the father in the Last House on the Left remake), is based on a true case. It is empathetic entertainment with good actors such as Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell. It deals with the story of Kenny Waters who is wrongly accused and incarcerated for a murder he didn’t commit. His sister Betty Anne is so convinced that she decides to become a laywer against all odds in order to fight for him in court once more. As DNA testing becomes a new possibility of proving guilt and innocence, she sees her chance of getting her brother out of prison.

As it turns out, the German and Dutch DVD not only have a different movie title with Betty Anne Waters but also contain a version of the movie that is almost three minutes longer than the one included on the British, US and Australian DVD. The alterations are mostly due to tightening up scenes for pacing reasons. In several cases, the longer version rests on a scene a bit longer but some smaller scenes are actually helping with the character building. This is nothing substantial but if you like the film you probably won’t criticize the additional time it lasts.

Compared are the German FSK 12 DVD (by Universal) and the British BBFC 15 DVD (by 20th Century Fox).

23 relevant differences, consisting of
17 extended scenes
2 scenes with alternate material
2 scenes with alternate dialogue
1 additional scene
1 recut

The German DVD runs 158.52 seconds or approx. 2 minutes 39 seconds longer than the British DVD.

0:10:15: After Kenny has been released from the police station both versions feature a flashback to Betty and Kenny as children. The difference is that while the German DVD shows them being in a stranger’s apartment looking for useful stuff, the British DVD shows them playfully brawling in a barn. That scene comes at the 1-hour mark in the German version.
No time difference

Extended Scene
0:12:05: Kenny dances some more with his baby daughter in his arms.
3.4 sec.

Extended Scene
0:12:30: Again.
4.44 sec.

Extended Scene
0:15:27: The camera pan along the marriage photo begins earlier.
2.76 sec.

Extended Scene
0:17:37: The church door opens a little later.
1.08 sec.

Extended Scene
0:19:55: The attorney asks a former work colleague of Kenny about the knife. He says that it always hung at the wall in the office until Kenny stopped working there. When did he leave? According to him in January 1980.
9.76 sec.

Alternate Material
0:22:02: In the German version, Kenny scribbles a note on a piece of paper that is then read by his lawyer. It reads: "She's fula shit.". In the UK he just stares at her in disbelief, followed by Betty and Rick looking very unhappy.
The German DVD runs 0.4 sec. longer

German DVDBritische DVD

Extended Scene
0:23:25: Young Betty looks around in the apartment she just broke into together with Kenny.
6.28 sec.

Extended Scene
0:28:06: Kenny slams his cell TV against the metal bars a second time.
1.28 sec.

Extended Scene
0:31:56: Betty cries at the visitor’s table.
4.6 sec.

Additional Scene
0:39:35: The camera looks around Betty’s chaotic bedroom. The phone rings but she just stays in bed looking quite depressed.
28.84 sec.

Alternate Dialogue
0:44:59: In the off we hear Betty reading the letter she sent Barry Scheck. The last sentence is different in both versions.

German DVD: "My brother is innocent of these crimes and will be vindicated through DNA evidence."

UK: "I have done everything in my power for the last 16 years to prepare myself to prove my brother's innocence."
No time difference

Alternate Dialogue
0:45:44: A little later there’s another difference with the order of the letter.

German DVD: "Mr. Scheck, I have done everything in my power for the last 16 years to prepare myself to prove my brother's innocence."

UK: "Mr. Scheck, the day that my brother was injustly convicted of this crime changed not only his life but mine."
No time difference

Extended Scene
0:45:47: The German DVD changes to a close shot of Betty. She looks as if she’s panicking before the upcoming legal exam. She flees to the bathroom and Abra follows her. She waits there until Betty is done throwing up in the bathroom stall and comes out in order to wash her hands and face. She says to Abra that they have to pass the test. At the end of that scene, we hear Betty read the last part of her letter to Barry.
27.32 sec.

Extended Scene
0:46:26: As Barry Scheck’s office answers Betty, we hear that in the off while we see impressions from both the office and Betty writing the test. Both versions differ in terms of scene order and duration.
The German DVD runs 19.32 sec. longer

Extended Scene
0:48:10: Betty celebrates with her son about her successful test result.
3.72 sec.

Extended Scene
1:00:26: The camera pan along the front of the legal archive building is longer in the German version.
3.8 sec.

Extended Scene
1:06:10: During their phone conversation, Barry tells Betty: "Kenny is lucky you're so persistent."
4.08 sec.

Extended Scene
1:07:32: Betty asks Kenny whether he’s okay. He says that somehow he likes being cuffed up like that because it makes him feel like a bad boy.
9.64 sec.

Extended Scene
1:18:46: When Roseanna confesses, only the German DVD has her add the detail that the police chief kneed down on the ground before asking her to pray with him.
7.08 sec.

Extended Scene
1:29:13: Barry rushes to plug the electric cable to his laptop and shortly disrupts the inquiry of Brenda by doing so.
14.36 sec.

Extended Scene
1:36:52: The German DVD has another flashback to Kenny and Betty as children where they sit on the outside of a driving car.
6.36 sec.

Alternate Material
1:38:00: Both versions share some details about the real case before rolling the credits. The German DVD only has a picture of Kenny and Betty as children. The British DVD has more info on Betty’s career afterwards. Years later, she won a major lawsuit against the Ayer police department and against police officer Nancy Taylor. Taylor herself could not face criminal charges due to Massachusetts law. Betty continued to work as a server in the bar and helped Barry Scheck’s organization. Since 1989, 254 people were rehabilitated by DNA testing. This is followed by a picture showing Kenny and Betty as adults sitting at a press conference after Kenny’s release from prison.
No time difference

German DVDBritische DVD