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Fist of Glory


  • US Laserdisc
  • South African DVD
Release: Aug 07, 2019 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The movie career of multiple kickboxing champion Dale "Apollo" Cook was relatively small. He took part in nine brawler movies and most of them are not worth mentioning quality-wise. Fist of Glory is no exception. And when we talk about quality, we could also talk about the US version of the film. It is not censored so this comparison is more of an archival documentation but that’s how we do. The US Laserdisc, which is rated “R”, lacks over a minute of material. Whether this also applies to the US VHS cannot be answered at the moment. Feel free to give us that info if you have it and thanks in advance.

Comparison between the US R-rated Laserdisc (by Vidmark Entertainment) and the South African DVD.

5 cuts = 67.08 sec. or approx. 1 minute 7 seconds

0:51:45: Jake heaves the log into the air, then crashes it onto his belly. We see that two times more often in the uncut version. Looks like a normal workout routine.
22.88 sec.

0:52:53: Jake is desperate to kick through the wooden bars until his coach leaves unnerved. Slightly frustrated, Jake succeeds in the next attempt. The next challenge also starts a little earlier and takes longer than the US Laserdisc.
16.6 sec.

0:56:58: The fighter lets the crowd celebrate him, then pushes the cheering people away and leaves.
14.2 sec

1:02:17: Jake reminds Bendix that they have a deal and he replies that Jake has his word and he should disappear now.
11.28 sec.

1:10:11: Jake is called out that he should defend himself already. The US Laserdisc doesn't show that.
2.12 sec.