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Tournament, The

original title: Zhong tai quan tan sheng si zhan


  • Hong Kong VCD
  • Uncut
Release: May 18, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut Hong Kong VCD by Joy Sales / Fortune Star and the Uncut Version (German DVD)

- 8 cuts
- Length difference: 48.1 sec

The Tournament (1974) is certainly one of the best of Angela Mao's movies. Co-starring Carter Wong, Sammo Hung and Whong In-Shik, it is a must see for fans of classic Hong Kong actioner. In addition to that, there are legends such as Yuen Biao, Ching Siu-Tung, Eric Tsang or Corey Yuen in small roles and the story about kickboxing tournaments mixed with a little Thai boxing and kung fu that contains a lot of decent fights. Luckily, most of the worldwide releases are uncut.

In Hong Kong, its country of origin, the movie was released on DVD and VCD in 2010. Unfortunately, the releases are slightly cut which does not make sense because the Japanese DVD, which was released 2 years before, is uncut. But then again, it is not that surprising because it is Fortune Star. Nowadays, the Hong Kong releases are OOP. Mostly, there are jump cuts but one of them is longer 20 sec which is why this version needs to be considered "cut". All in all, still an acceptable version. Redundant though because there are numerous uncut releases.

Time index refers to
Hong Kong VCD (in PAL) / Uncut Version (German DVD in PAL)
The Uncut Version on the German DVD starts with the actual movie right away. The German Streaming Version however, which is also uncut, contains an ad for the site at the very beginning.
The Hong Kong VCD on the other hand contains a Fortune Star and also the old Golden Harvest logo at first.

Hong Kong VCD 46.8 sec longer

Hong Kong VCDGerman Streaming Version

11:41 / 10:54-10:56

After losing the fight, Yan is being carried outside a little longer.

1.3 sec

20:36-20:38 / 19:51-19:54

Jump cut when Lin speaks with the son-in-law to be.
Subsequently afterwards, when the son follows him, a few more frames are missinng by the way.

0.8 sec

30:28 / 29:44-29:49

The guy writes something in the book.

4.5 sec

30:39 / 30:00-30:07

The distance shot of the awkward silence table scene is longer.

7.4 sec

31:27 / 30:55-31:19

Lin longer when she is walking around the room contemplatively.

24.4 sec

40:20-40:25 / 40:12-40:18

When Tanaka approaches Yan, the Hong Kong VCD contains several minor jump cuts.

0.9 sec

72:36 (resp Disc 2 22:04) / 72:28-72:32

Further kicks are being exchanged.

4.6 sec

86:28 (resp Disc 2 35:56) / 86:25-86:30

Li and Lan Ying longer & the subsequent distance of them walking up to our heroes starts a little earlier as well.

4.7 sec

Last but not least, the German Streaming Version contains another ad for the site (not considered as length difference, hence the "length incl. end credits" listed above).