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original title: Saang Gong yat ho tung chap faan


  • HK Laserdisc
Release: Oct 26, 2015 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
In the early nineties the fear grew in Hong Kong because the time of the returning to China came closer and the future seems doubtful for many "Hongkongese" at that time. Even the Film Business was hit by this fear and many of the long-established stars crossed the pond trying to settle down in Hollywood more or less successful. To the best known directing immigrants belong John Woo, Ringo Lam, Ronnie Yu and Che-Kirk Wong.

The last one named above delivered with ROCK'N'ROLL COP his Hong Kong farewell movie before he produced the well entertaining movie THE BIG HIT in the USA which after all bombed and so implied the end of Wong’s carrier as director (the one year later originated movie THE DISCIPLES doesn’t count because Wong already on the brink appears only as Alan Smithee in the film credits). ROCK'N'ROLL COP also connotes the termination of his Cop-Trilogy, which starts with the Jackie-Chan-Vehicle CRIME STORY and culminates with ORGANIZED CRIME & TRIAD BUREAU. It is also not surprising that only "Crime Story" found its way to Germany even though Wong has produced some remarkable highlights of the Hong Kong Cinema: Beside his successful debut THE CLUB (similar to Tsui Harks "Don't play with fire" a bitter society study) especially GUNMEN and TAKING MANHATTAN are worth mentioning. Main features of Wong’s movies are the realistic fights and the very often shot scenes on busy roads that results in a documentary character and appears very dynamically.

But let’s go back to ROCK'N'ROLL COP. Concerning censorship the movie always had a difficult position – whether Cinema, Video, Laserdisc or DVD – are sometimes more sometimes less shortened. The complete movie – I will call it Director’s Cut for now – has never been released so far around the world. Initially endowed with at that time newly developed Category-III-Label many approvals have been issued. None can tell which one the movie finally has got. The most databases list the First Edition of the Laserdisc (Ocean Shores, Cat. III) as the longest available version and so this one is looked as uncut. Pretty close is the recently published HK-DVD (Ocean Shore, Cat.III) as well as the coextensive US-DVD (Tai Seng, Not Rated, Category-II-Label before the movie!) These versions have been compared. Surprisingly the DVD comes up with one scene which is missing on Laserdisc. So one can consequently state that there must be a longer master somewhere and one may not give up hope for a completely uncensored release in the distant future.
27:52 Min.
There is a cut on the Laser Disc right at that point where the gang enjoy themselves with the prostitutes and one of the girls gets a loaded weapon into her crotch.
( 2 sec. )

86:38 Min.
Now there is a cut on the DVD. When the deadly wounded Baddie chops down the meat cleaver, there are only on the Laser Disc two settings where the arm is cut off.
( 1 sec. )

87:37 Min.
The shot right through the arm is missing too. And because Shum Chi-Hung – when falling down on his knees – suddenly has no hand (and also the clipped sound on the Laser Disc ) one sure knows that there is missing more material. The complete scene where his second hand is shot off is so far missing on every known release.
( 1 sec. )

88:01 Min.
And the final headshot is also missing.
( 1.5 sec. )