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original title: Patrizia


  • US VHS (Private Screenings)
  • German VHS (Toppic)
Release: Feb 27, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US VHS by Private Screenings and the German VHS by Toppic.

As daughter of steel mogul Lord James Cook, Patricia is living the high life but her father does not agree with her lifestyle. When Cook surprisingly passes away, Patricia inherits most of his fortune. But in addition to that, people are attempting to assassinate her several times. Is her new lover Harry behind it or is it her greedy uncle? Or maybe her ex-boyfiend Jack because she broke it off?

Unfortunately, the German tape by Toppic lacks some plot while the erotic scenes are uncut. A Spanish Pay TV broadcast was completely uncut though - except for some small jump cuts. Of course, there is only Spanish audio plus the opening and end credits have been altered.

The US tape by Private Screenings is based on the German Version by Toppic which is also why these two versions have been compared. In the US Version, the ending is shorter resp. the scenes with Patricia waving at her father & Patricia kissing Harry subsequently afterwards are missing. Furthermore, the US tape laccks the end credits.


US Version: 99:10 min (in NTSC)
German Version: 96:15 min (in PAL)

Freeze frame when Cook waves in the US Version, followed a black screen.

In the German Version, he keeps walking a little further. Patricia waves at him. Harry and Patricia kiss - the end, roll credits.

US Version: 5 sec
German Version: 1:14 min