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  • UK Theatrical Version
  • Uncut US Version
Release: Apr 30, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the British Theatrical Version and the US Version (both on the German DVD)

"Behemoth the Sea Monster" is a British/American co-production from the year 1958 and one of the better monster movies of its time. Although we don't get to see the monster before well into the movie the plot does a good job on its own until the beast arrives. Pity that this is a low budget production so the stop motion effects are not that good.

UK Version: Up to today the film has only been released in a version missing eight minutes in the UK. There were no censorship cuts made and we assume that the publisher wanted to enhance the speed by cutting unnecessary scenes from a movie that was quite short to begin with. A few interesting monster shots went missing during this as well.

The German DVD contains three versions of the movie the German as well as the UK Theatrical Version and the uncut version.

UK Version = 68:29 Min.
US Version = 76:30 Min.

Master errors shorter than one second are not documented in this report.
00:00 Both versions have slightly different credits. The title of the UK Version is "Behemoth - The Sea Monster".

UK VersionUS Version

02:19 Steve Karnes speech is longer in the US Version (USV).
18,4 sec.

03:13 Barely noticeable alternative footage in both versions. No time difference.

UK VersionUS Version

09:26 The priests sermon at the funeral is longer. Intercuts to Jean and John mourning.
23,2 sec.

09:34 Jean and John.
3,6 sec.

11:11 In the USV we see a changeover to Karnes crossing the road
5 sec.

14:39 A changeover is a bit longer.
3,2 sec.

27:42 Professor Bickford, followed by Karnes.
3,4 sec.

27:55 Shot of a technical device.
2,3 sec.

28:20 Karnes and the mate are staring at the ocean. When the mate asks what they are looking for Karnes answers that he doesn't know exactly.
28,3 sec.

28:34 Alternative shot of the machine in both versions.

UK VersionUS Version

28:45 Dito.

UK VersionUS Version

28:56 End and beginning of two shots.
1,8 sec.

29:07 Shot of the machine.
1,9 sec.

29:11 More alternative shots of the devices.

UK VersionUS Version

29:18 The machine in the USV, blinking lights in the UK Version (UKV).

UK VersionUS Version

29:23 Longer shot of Karnes and the mate. The mate orders the ships crew to accelerate, followed by a shot of the device. We only see the device in the UKV.
UK Version = 2,2 sec.
US Version = 17,4 sec.

UK VersionUS Version

29:32 Alternative shots.

UK VersionUS Version

34:18 The UKV shows a shot of the scenery that is not in the USV.
+ 3,8 sec.

34:26 Beginning of a shot.
3 sec.

34:31 End of a shot.
3 sec.

40:20 Karnes and Bickford are shown longer. The next shot is missing completely.
10 sec.

41:19 End of a shot. The captain says that they can operate the radar better than Sampson in the helicopter.
7,3 sec.

44:54 In the USV we see one ship while in the UKV there are several ships from farther away.

UK VersionUS Version

46:23 Shot of a man, followed by captain, mate and monster in the water.
9 sec.

46:40 The monsters head, followed by a man climbing down the stairs. Cut to the bridge.
4,8 sec.

46:42 Shot of the ferry.
2,8 sec.

46:54 The monster, followed by cars falling into the water.
2,9 sec.

46:56 The monsters head.
<>0,5 sec.

46:57 Dito.
1,4 sec.

47:11 The ferry sinks and a mans corpse floats in the water.
5,3 sec.

47:14 People in the water are screaming for help while the ferry sinks.
6,2 sec.

47:54 People are listening to the news about the monster on the radio. An elderly woman says that this is all nonsense.
19,6 sec.

50:41 The city is evacuated until it's completely empty. A part from the beginning of a shot is missing as well.
49,2 sec.

50:50 End of a shot of the man entering the room and sitting down at the table.
9,1 sec.

51:13 During the briefing Bickford says that they need to find a way to kill the monster without blowing it up. Karnes answers that it carries so much radiation inside its body that it will die soon anyway.
16,8 sec.

51:15 Karnes says that the process of radiation must be accelerated. Bickford answers that this must be done inside the monster. In exchange, the UKV contains two scenes that were briefly shown in the USF in the previous cut.
UK Version = 7,2 sec.
US Version = 41,1 sec.

UK VersionUS Version

52:27 Longer shot in the USV.
1,8 sec.

52:42 People running, followed by the monsters head.
3,9 sec.

53:58 The monster squashes a car + beginning of a shot.
5,5 sec.

54:02 The monsters head, followed by people running.
3,4 sec.

54:26 Panic among the people, followed by the monster squashing another car.
17,6 sec.

54:45 People running around.
5,6 sec.

54:53 Dito + the monsters head.
8,9 sec.

55:25 Dito.
11,2 sec.

55:36 Dito.
5,9 sec.

56:19 Again the monsters head.
3,6 sec.

56:30 Panic.
6,8 sec.

56:38 Monster.
4,5 sec.

56:50 More panic, more monsters head.
5,9 sec.

56:59 Dito. An additional shot of the monster has been integrated into the UKV.
UK Version = 4,4 sec.
US Version = 8,6 sec.

UK VersionUS Version

57:11 Monster + panic.
8,8 sec.

58:16 The monster stomps through the night while Radium is filled into the torpedo.
14 sec.

59:52 Additional shot.
1,4 sec.

61:03 A close up is missing as the monster swings a car around in its mouth. We hear the occupants scream.
4,7 sec.

63:21 Beginning of a shot.
4,7 sec.

64:23 Shot of the submerging submarine.
4,8 sec.

64:26 Dito.
2,3 sec.

64:31 Dito.
4 sec.

65:15 The monster swims towards the camera.
2,6 sec.

65:50 Inside shot of the submarine shaking, followed by a shot of the monster ramming the submarine.
6,6 sec.

65:57 Dito.
3,5 sec.

66:14 Water enters the boat and the mate looks worried.
6,5 sec.

66:16 Karnes watching the radar.
3,4 sec.

67:20 The boat is shaken by the explosion and smoke emerges from the water.
4,5 sec.

67:29 Pilots are watching the bubbling water surface.
6,4 sec.

67:42 The submarine is seen longer. The following shot of the submarine emerging from the water is missing completely.
13,5 sec.

68:24 Alternative "The End" Logos.

UK VersionUS Version

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