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original title: Sadae Tonguimun


  • US Blu-ray
  • Uncut
Release: Mar 30, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US Blu-ray by AGFA and the Uncut Version (German DVD by NEW).

Kao Yin is forced to watch Tien Hu and his goon squad kill her parents. Raised by a monk, she was trained in several fighting techniques in order to get her revenge on Tien Hu who has become the leader of some powerful secret society. Kang, also a fighter, has the same goal though. He was raised by the very same monk and is supposed to help Kao. After a ot of fights and schemes, they are finally facing Tien Hu in his fortress.

The here compared movie is a classic Eastern, this time from South Korea, with a rather simple revenge plot. The pace is high, there are a lot of fights and ideas so that getting bored is barely an option. Fans should give it a shot.

As Brawl Busters, the movie has been released as bonus on the US Blu-ray of The Sword and the Claw by AGFA. The transfer is based on a worn and torn movie role, numerous jump cuts included, but at least it takes one right back to the good, old grindhouse era. The incredible English dub does the rest. However, with every single reel change, a few seconds get lost but watching a theatrical print like this in HD has definately its charme. And one scene is even longer on the US Blu-ray: Kao leaves the room and speaks with a fighter before she finally leaves. Since the German DVD contains SD inserts that appear to be originated from a VHS copy, it is unclear whether or not said scene is intentionally shorter on the German DVD.

As the following screenshot comparison shows, the quality of the added scenes from the tape is pretty bad and the aspect ratio is also false:

Despite the few cuts, I highly recommend the US Blu-ray. The Sword and the Claw is complete and utter nonsense but it is highly entertaining and it looks really good in HD. With Brawl Busters, there is another amusing actioner that causes some good, old grindhouse feeling. And those who still are not sick of it can watch further kung fu trailers with a total length of more than 10 minutes.


US Blu-ray: 83:08 min
Uncut Version (German DVD): 81:24 min (in PAL)

The US Version begins with the title.

The Uncut Version on the other hand starts with the logo of the distributor.

US Version: 11 sec
Uncut Version: 11 sec


The title one more time in the US Version.

In the Uncut Version, the camera pans to the bottom. The men run forward. The German title appears on the screen.

US Version: 3 sec
Uncut Version: 13 sec


The camera keeps zooming out, followed by a shot of the guy.

Uncut Version: 5 sec


Kao Yin steps outside. The guy tells her only the good would be rewarded and the bad punished instead. Then he leaves. Also, the subsequent pan shot starts earlier.

US Version: 14 sec


The guy hopes the spies would not be made plus he wants to know the names of the clients of the wanted killer.

Pan shot from the sign to the bottom.

US Version: 20 sec


The nanny closes the door & The subsequent shot starts earlier.

Uncut Version: 4 sec


The guy also says Kao Yin has her reputation for a reason.

Uncut Version: 3 sec


Kang keeps walking through the woods.

Pan shot fro the sword to the old man.

Uncut Version: 5 sec


The fighter drops dead.

Uncut Version: 2 sec


Thien-Who also says to get Wang Chi.

Shot of the moon in the sky.

Uncut Version: 6 sec


The two of them earlier when entering the room.

Uncut Version: 4 sec


Thien-Who kicks Kao Yin down to the ground & Kang on his way.

Uncut Version: 5 sec


Due to a jump cut, a small part of the fight between Thien-Who and Kang is missing.

Uncut Version: 3 sec


A few more seconds have gotten lost here.

Uncut Version: 5 sec


A shot of Kao Yin and Kang.

Uncut Version: 3 sec


The final shot is longer, then "The End" pops up on the screen.

Uncut Version: 16 sec