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3.17 The One Without the Ski Trip


  • TV Version (Blu-ray)
  • Extended Version
Release: Dec 22, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version and the Extended Version.

4 differences, among of them 2 with alternate footage
Length difference: 13.2 sec

All Blu-ray releases of this cult series unfortunately only contain the TV-Version of all of the episodes. Viewers who already know the Extended Versions from the DVD boxes will miss the additional footage.

Episode 3x17 (The One Without the Ski Trip) only contains a few additional seconds. Nothing worth mentioning.

Alternate take of the group in the car. Only the Extended Version contains some dialog.

Rachel: "Is that all it takes?"
Joey: "Sometimes just a small breeze..."

Extended Version 5.4 sec longer

TV Version (Blu-ray)Extended Version


Black screen due to a commercial break in the TV Version. As compensation, the Extended Version contains an nadditional shot as transition.

Extended Version 0.6 sec longer


Joey passes Phoebe's bra on to Monica who seems to admire it: "Wow. This is nice. Were you planning on meeting somebody up there?"
Phoebe yanks her bra out of Monica's hand.

7.2 sec


When Ross says "I've got plenty of people to help on the Interstate.", the Extended Version contains an alternate take of the group for some reason.

no difference

TV Version (Blu-ray)Extended Version