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original title: Un Condé


  • Original Version
  • Italian Export Version
Release: Sep 25, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Original Version and the Italian Export Version, both taken from the German DVD by Motion Picture.

- 4 differences
- Total difference in running time: 16,5 sec

This is an atmospheric revenge thriller which was made in France in 1970 and can definitely be compared to classics like Dirty Harry in terms of cynically depicting the police. The movie had trouble with censorship in both France and Germany. It was especially curious that one of the earlier, censored VHS releases featured a picture of a torture scene on the backcover, which was not even in the movie. The first German DVD of the movie, which was released by Motion Picture in March 2014, features an additional cut called "Italian Export Version". It finally brings some light into the darkness on the matter of the torture scene because the "Italian Export Version" always shows harder alternative takes with the victim topless and bleeding a lot more. The Original Version is based on a high quality master and was in turned used as a basis for the IEV, only the alternative shots were taken from a source of poorer quality.

The German DVD was supplied by our friends at!

Running times are formatted like this:
Original Version in PAL / Italian Export Version in PAL
Alternative Footage
48:47-52:13 / 48:47-52:19

After Favenin has entered the room, there is a long alternative shot with almost identical dialogue. The difference is that Gianni Garko is topless and bleeding quite a bit in the Italian Export Version (IEV), whereas he is still wearing a shirt and does not look that hurt in the Original Version.

Italienische Export Version 6,5 sec longer

Original VersionItalian Export Version

Alternative Footage
52:20-52:21 / 52:26-52:29

After an identical shot (which is taken from the worse master tape in the Italian Export Version as well), a shot with Garko in the background can be seen in two different versions again.

Italian Export Version 1,7 sec longer

Original VersionItalian Export Version

Alternative Footage / Recut
52:36-54:33 / 52:44-55:22

The same applies to the rest of the scene. Additionally, the Italian Export Version shows a shot outside on the paddock before Favenin can be seen going downstairs.

Italian Export Version 40,5 sec longer

Original VersionItalian Export Version

57:53-58:58 / 58:42

The Italian Export Version lacks a short chat with Garko. Afterwards the scene with the paddock can be seen in the Original Version.

By the way, this was not done very neatly in the Italian EV. The last two frames of the Original Version, which was used as a basis, are still in the cut.

+ 65,2 sec