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  • US TV Version
  • US Blu-ray
Release: Nov 03, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the US TV Version (Chiller / TV-14) and the Blu-ray Version (Shout Factory / Not Rated).

91 differences, among them
- 15 additional scenes (incl. 1 recut)
- 41 extended scenes (incl. 1 recut within a scene)
- 14 extended scenes in the TV Version
- 2 removed scenes (incl. 1 recut)
- 5 scenes with alternate footage
- 3 scenes with alternate & extended footage
- 1 scene with additional & extended & alternate footage & alternate audio
- 2 scenes with additional & alternate footage
- 3 scenes with extended & alternate footage
- 1 scene with alternate footage & alternate audio
- Length difference: 369.84 sec resp. 6 min and 9.84 sec

Slasher is an American/Canadian horror show. Co-produced by the Canadian network Super Channel, the show premiered on Chiller (US basic cable). The first season consists of 8 episodes and the pilot aired on 03/04/2016. In Canada, the show started on 04/01/2016. Since 05/25/2016, the show is available on Netflix US.

In the US, the Blu-ray of the first season was released on 07/12/2016. Compared to the TV Versions, the Blu-ray Versions are longer.

Time index refers to
US TV Version / Blu-ray Version
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00:00 / 00:00

Longer recap.

53.28 sec

Additional Scene / Extended Scene / Alternate Footage / Alternate Audio Track
00:33 / 01:26

The Blu-ray contains additional footage of Linda and Debbie walking the dog (Milo).
Linda: "You're saying it's not fine."
Debbie: "I know but…"
Linda: "You know what my thing is."
Debbie: "I know what you think."
Linda: "Debbie, you know, as long as you're happy with your camera, it's all good. But then I get to take you home, so make me happy, so… Mm. Yeah…"

From this point on, the TV Version is back on board - only shorter and with some slightly different dialog.

Debbie: "Oh, listen to me again. You done with the pics?"
Linda: "Well, I just… I wanna get a new lens. 'Cause this one, it's not…"
Debbie: "I wanna take you home. I know. Just, look, I don't know… I know it… As long as I, you know…"
Linda: "Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh."

TV Version:
Debbie: "You almost done? I wanna take you home…"
Linda: "Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh."

Moreover, the Blu-ray contains a close-up when Linda tells Debbie to be quiet and then takes a picture. The TV Version sticks to the distance shot of them.
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Then the versions are back in sync…
Debbie: "Oh, I thought you already had a picture or 20 of a ruffed grouse."
…but not for long because Linda's explanation is also different.

Linda: "Well, this isn't a ruffed grouse, Debbie, this is a sharp-tailed grouse."

TV Version:
Linda: "Oh, this is a sharp-tailed grouse."

Now, the versions are back in sync for a while.
Debbie: "And there's a difference?"
Linda: "The tail. Sharp-tailed? I don't know why I ever bought that book on birds for you. You never read it."
Debbie (while flipping Linda the bird): "Is this one in your bird book? Huh? Come on."
Linda: "Come on."
Debbie: "Look, I… I read your… lovely… bird book, you know, but I can't remember every single name."
Linda: "You have to though. If you love me, you'll remember every bird in the world."
The togetherness ends abruptly when Milo barks.
Debbie: "Where's Milo? Where's the dog? Milo!"

Now some additional dialog on Blu-ray.
Linda: "Oh, let's just go get him before some farmer shoots the little bugger."
Debbie: "Fine."
Linda: "He does this all the time."
Debbie: "Then I get to take you home."
Linda: "Then you get to take me home."
They start looking for Milo.

Now, the versions are back in sync.
Linda: "Milo, where are you?"
Debbie hat ihn gefunden: "Hey, there he is. Milo! Come here! Now!"
Linda: "Jesus! What did he get into this time?"
To answer Linda's question: He has found a dead body is feasting on it.
Linda: "Oh, God!"
Debbie: "What is…?"
When Debbie realizes what is happening, she screams out. Several said of the body follow which is also the final difference in this longer scene because the Blu-ray contains two additional shots of the body.
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Please note: Besides the additional footage, there are several insignificantly longer shots on Blu-ray. In order to keep it as simple as possible, those have not been mentioned specificly. However, the length difference of those alterations have been considered.

30.88 sec

Extended Scene
03:59 / 05:24

When the ME explains to Cam that death did not occur instantaneously, the shot of Chief Vaughn and the ME starts earlier and it is longer as well.

1.8 sec

Additional Scene
04:02 / 05:29

Additional footage on Blu-ray.
Cam: "I wanna see her."
Doc: "I have to warn you. June suffered a variety of wounds. Insect stings, animal bites."
Alan: "Cam. (Son, please. Why don't you let me do this?)"

18.2 sec

Extended Scene
04:45 / 06:30

Cam much longer in front of June's body.

14.6 sec

Additional Scene
05:04 / 07:03

Additional exterior shot on Blu-ray.

3.28 sec

Extended Scene
05:57 / 08:00

Alison hesitates a little longer.

0.2 sec

Extended Scene
06:04 / 08:07

Alison longer.

1.6 sec

Additional Scene / Alternate Footage
06:28 / 08:32

Additional scene with Robin and Sarah while Dylan's interview is on TV.
Sarah: "You know what? I'm gonna get some air. Need some air?"
Sarah steps outside.
Robin: "Yeah. Sure."
Robin grabs their drinks and follows her.

Then Tom in jail. He enters room and takes a seat at a table at which Alan is already waiting for him. Tom gets cuffed and the guard leaves the room.

When the guard is closing the door, the versions are back in sync resp. the versions continue with alternate footage. The dialog is identical though.
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

30.88 sec

Additional Scene
08:42 / 11:17

The Blu-ray contains an additional scene with Dylan and Alison after the interview. The others are leaving the office.
Dylan: "Need a ride?"
Alison: "No. I'm fine. I'll see you tomorrow."
Dylan nods, then he leaves as well.

Last but not least, an additional exterior shot.

32.08 sec

Extended Scene
09:03 / 12:11

Sarah longer.

0.8 sec

Extended Scene
09:07 / 12:15

Sarah and Robin earlier.

0.68 sec

Extended Scene
09:09 / 12:18


2.04 sec

Extended Scene
09:11 / 12:22

Sarah earlier.

1.28 sec

Extended Scene
09:14 / 12:26

Robin and Sarah earlier.

2.52 sec

Extended Scene
09:15 / 12:30

Sarah earlier.

2.04 sec

Extended Scene
09:18 / 12:35

Sarah longer.

1.08 sec

Extended Scene
09:20 / 12:38

Robin longer.

1.28 sec

Extended Scene
09:27 / 12:45

Robin earlier.

1.88 sec

Extended Scene
09:28 / 12:49

Sarah earlier.

0.96 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
09:30 / 12:52

Sarah slightly longer in the TV Version.

TV Version 0.04 sec longer

Extended Scene
09:34 / 12:56

Robin slightly longer.

0.04 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
09:37 / 12:58

Sarah slightly longer in the TV Version.

0.04 sec

Extended Scene
09:40 / 13:02

When Sarah is shining light on the closet, the shot of the door is insignificantly longer.

0.04 sec

Extended Scene
10:23 / 13:45

Longer close-up of the murder kit.

0.32 sec

10:25 / 13:47

Black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 2.12 sec longer

Additional Scene / Recut
10:27 / 13:47

Now a rather long sequence on Blu-ray - later also in the TV Version. But first things first.
At first, there are two exterior shots.

Then Cam on the couch. He gets a text from Sarah. She wants to know if she could drop by. Then Sarah and Cam who is making coffee in the kitchen.
Cam: "I… I kept telling June we should… you know, get one of those cup things but… she said they were bad for the environment so… "
Cam comes out of the kitchen: "You're stuck with my swamp mud."
He sits down at the table and poors Sarah some coffee.
Cam: "You're not here for the coffee."
Sarah: "How well did your dad know Tom Winston?"
Cam: "Why?"
Sarah: "He's his religious counselor."
Cam: "Why don't you get to your point, Sarah?"
Sarah: "What if Tom's behind the killings? He's orchestrating them from behind bars? Having someone… carry them out? Found a… a murder kit in your dad's office. Had, rope and handcuffs and weapons."
Cam: "Hm."
Sarah: "Just, I know this is the last thing you wanna hear but, you know, just take a step back, OK? Everyone's a suspect."
Cam: "Yeah. Yeah, they are. Including you, Sarah. Come on. Your parents are murdered by a religious zealot. You move back to town, into the exact same house and the killings start all over again? Day after you return? Or hey… Maybe Dylan's the killer. Hm? I mean why would a big city journalist move back to this Podunk backwater? And don't say so he could be the editor of that bullshit rag. Huh? He's back here and suddenly the killing starts all over again and… Why? He's sitting on the biggest news story in the country."
Sarah: "Alright, well, maybe you're the killer, Cam. Your wife's cheating on you so you kill her and her lover horribly, brutally."
Cam: "Yeah. Yeah. Maybe it's me."
Sarah: "Your dad is hiding something."
Cam: "Yeah. Dylan is too. I'll bet my life on it."

179.4 sec resp. 2 min 59.4 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
10:27 / 16:47

The shot following the black screen in the TV Version (please see 10:27 / 13:47) resp. Sarah's conversation with Cam on Blu-ray (please see the previous alteration) starts a bit earlier in the TV Version.

TV Version 0.32 sec longer

Extended Scene
10:39 / 16:58

Dylan slightly longer.

0.08 sec

Extended Scene
10:46 / 17:05

Alison earlier.

0,84 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
11:44 / 18:04

Dylan and Alison earlier in the TV Version.

TV Version 0.76 sec longer

Extended Scene TV Version
12:06 / 18:25

Alison longer in the TV Version.

TV Version 0.04 sec longer

Alternate Footage
12:10 / 18:29

While the TV Version sticks to Dylan, the Blu-ray cuts to Alison for a brief moment. The dialog remains unchanged.

TV Version 0.52 sec longer
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Removed Scene / Recut
12:26 / 18:45

Now Sarah's conversation with Cam in the TV Version (please see 10:27 / 13:47).
The two exterior shots at the beginning are Blu-ray exclusive. The actual conversation is identical even though the scene is insignificantly longer on Blu-ray (0.48 sec). (no screenshots)

TV Version 178.92 sec longer

Removed Scene
15:20 / 18:45

Instead of the two exterior shot before the conversation Sarah and Cam have, another exterior shot follows their conversation. On Blu-ray, this exterior shot is missing.

For the math fans among us: Adding up all exterior shots and the actual conversation, this scene is 0.2 sec longer in the TV Version.

TV Version 5.72 sec longer

Extended Scene
16:50 / 20:09

Alan earlier.

2.88 sec

Extended Scene
17:21 / 20:43

Sarah longer. Only on Blu-ray, she turns away after talking to Alan.

4.12 sec

17:25 / 20:51

Black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 1.56 sec longer

Additional Scene
17:27 / 20:51

The Blu-ray contains an additional exterior shot instead.

3.76 sec

Extended Scene
17:27 / 20:55

Sarah earlier.

10.24 sec

Extended Scene
17:41 / 21:19

Lisa-Ann longer when she reads the newspaper article out loud.
Lisa-Ann: "This one has to be my favorite: I want all o fit, Trent. I want the fight and the makeups. I want the kisses good night and the waking up the next morning in your strong arms."

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

3.76 sec

Additional Scene
19:34 / 23:17

Three additional exterior shots on Blu-ray.

7.64 sec

Extended Scene
19:34 / 23:24

The subsequent shot is slightly longer.

0.04 sec

Alternate Footage
20:40 / 24:29

The shot of Sarah is longer in the TV Version while the shot of Dylan and Alison starts earlier on Blu-ray. Also, the shot of them is longer in the TV Version resp. the close-up of Alison starts earlier on Blu-ray. The dialog is identical.

TV Version 0.04 sec longer
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