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China Heat

original title: Zhong Hua jing hua


  • US-DVD (Regular Version)
  • German DVD (Extended Version)
Release: May 16, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the regular version on the US DVD and the extended version on the German DVD by Vision Video.


- 7 cuts

- Runtime of cuts: 26,7 sec


China Heat was shot in 1992. Obviously produced quite cheaply, Michael Depasquale Jr. was placed in front of the camera, which explains the misleading German VHS cover. It's, however, a typical Hong Kong production, Sibelle Hu and a group of lesser-known girls are in the lead and showcase a lot of nice fighting / shooting scenes. Curiously enough, Hellraiser's soundtrack is also used frequently - they didn't take the rights very seriously, it seems.

As with so many Hong Kong action films, there was also a version in Taiwan that offered exclusive material in a few places, but which also lacks some plot scenes. In the case at hand it was noticeable that a shooting in the first half of the movie offers several small additional shots in Taiwan, in which baddies are shot at on the bridge and go down. Since this seemed a bit like censorship, the German DVD premiere, which has been available since January 2019, has again included these passages in the otherwise much longer version, which is used internationally and in Hong Kong itself. It is thus a worldwide exclusive long version.


Timecodes are ordered according to the scheme

US DVD in NTSC / German DVD in PAL

31:25 / 30:08-30:09

Before the shooting starts, there's the first insert from a worse source: In an additional shot, someone gets out of the truck.

1 sec

31:27 / 30:11-30:16

Again, we see the counterparts in front of the truck in a shot taken from the worse source. The guy with the curly hair shoots again and they go down.

5.4 sec

31:48 / 30:36-30:40

In worse quality someone rolls away again before the shots, in between we see the shooter again. The guy then shoots his handcuffs open.

4 sec

32:29 / 31:20-31:21

After the painful somersault fail that causes him to fall to the ground, we see the shooting pursuers again.

1.2 sec

32:32 / 31:24-31:27

Before Mike takes off the glasses, there is another insert and another shot of the shooting.

2.4 sec

32:35 / 31:29-31:31

After Mike's shooting, people go down.

1.7 sec

32:45 / 31:41-31:51

Mike starts driving on the bridge and shoots the first opponents from the car - with a similar shot, the US DVD starts again shortly afterwards.

10,8 sec