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  • US Version (Blu-ray/DVD/VOD)
  • British Blu-ray
Release: Jul 19, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the censored US Blu-ray by IFC / Scream Factory and the uncensored British Blu-ray by Eureka!

- 8 different spots, 2 of them digitally retouched
- Runtime difference: 23.8 sec


Who'd have thought? The Americans still haven't seen an uncensored version of the disgusting trilogy's final film. In July 2015, The Human Centipede III was released uncut in England with BBFC 18, and after a few squabbles, it was also released in Germany in December 2017. Both versions were available for comparison and are really uncensored. In between, a DVD/Blu-ray combo was released in America in October 2015, which we have now reviewed and which, like the previous VOD release by IFC, is censored in a few disgusting moments.

From the opening movie The Human Centipede there is also supposed to be an R-rated DVD, but we have never seen one. This one as well as its successor The Human Centipede II were then released on US home video with a clear "Unrated Director's Cut" imprint. Although the Blu-ray/DVD of part 3 is also classified as "Unrated" on the back, there is no clear "Unrated Director's Cut" imprint on the front cover or in the trilogy box. Part 2 was also available in America in a shortened unrated form from VOD providers. That's probably exactly what the situation of part 3 is all about: Still too much for an R rating, but the American distributor decided to do a slightly censored version for scenes with a sexual context.

A rather strange approach, anyway, since it's the only movie of the series that is only available in a shortened version on US home video. If you are interested in the full movie in the US, you have to look for an import from e.g. Great Britain (but with code B there) or you can go to the feature film compilation "The Movie Centipede" (codefree) on the website of Tom Six. In Germany, the unabridged version was senselessly published only on DVD in rather poor picture quality while Austria offers a Blu-ray mediabook release by XT Video.

The US Blu-ray/DVD starts with a reference to the US rights holder IFC.

+ 12 sec

31:28-31:40 / 31:14-31:26

After Bill has reached the climax and Daisy (Bree Olson) doesn't want to swallow his ejaculate, she has a clean mouth in the US version. In the uncut version, you can see the same shot, but you can see some ejaculate under the lower lip.

No time difference

US-Blu-rayBritische Blu-ray / Deutsche DVD

31:41 / 31:27-31:34

Bill yells longer that she should swallow and the follow-up begins earlier: You see and hear a distinct gurgling.

7.3 sec

Immediately afterwards, or rather when Bill turns the leg over her head, sperm was retouched from her face again.

US-Blu-rayBritische Blu-ray / Deutsche DVD

31:44 / 31:37-31:38

Strange/weird censorship: Daisy goes up a few frames longer and so you can see more of the base of her breasts.

0.2 sec

50:11 / 50:03-50:11

Dwight can be seen having oral sex with an inmate before Bill comes out of his unconsciousness on his carpet.
7.5 sec

59:51 / 59:50-59:52
On the big screen, we see a scene from part 2 in which Martin wraps barbed wire around his penis.

1.7 sec

59:53 / 59:54-59:58

Martin again.

3.7 sec

60:04 / 60:09-60:13

Martin rapes the centipede.

3.4 sec