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  • Theatrical Edition
  • Extended Cut
Release: May 20, 2009 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Habek - external link: IMDB
We already knew the film would have to be cut for a PG-13 rating before it was released. But there has not much been cut out, since there is nothing missing but the shooting of Mary that really looks like censorship. Maybe, the insults and the scene with Hancock carrying the chopped of hand were a problem. However, all these scenes are so harmless that one cannot really believe that. The second "Fuck" in the film was surely censored because there is normally only one allowed in PG-13-films. Hancock is an extremely short movie and therefore, it was a good idea to produce an Extended Edition, although this one is not as good as it could have been. The most significant and at the same time the least important extension is the woman Hancock has sex with at the beginning. In my opinion, the problem is that the scene is clumsy und uninteresting, lasts to long and is not really funny. A more meaningful extension are the scenes with Hancock and Mary that make their relationship become a bit more interesting for the viewer, especially Ray's disappointment. Charlize Theron also shows here that she the right actor for the film. But what are these new scenes to people who already know what will happen?

Many people did not like Hancock and there are several points that show you the film could have been made better. People who have not seen the film yet should prefer the Extended Edition and because everything is is on a DVD or respectively BD, the fan can also take it.

Theatrical Edition 88:23 Minutes
Extended Cut 97:59 Minutes
7. Minute: Alternative

Hancock sits in the bar longer and draws something, when suddenly a beatiful woman with her friend enters the bar, who had been searching for Hancock everywhere. He had helped a friend when she had a car accident some time ago. He is not very interested in the story but he lets the woman take him home with her car.

She loves to go with him and continues flirting with him. But he refuses her and offers her popcorn repeatedly. But she does not want to stop. Hancock warns her that if the reaches the "top" she has to be as far away as possible, but the woman does not care. She just wants to have sex with Hancock.

They have sex, the trailers bounce intensively for a short time, hancock reaches the "top" and the woman flys at the side and Hancock shoots three holes in the roof of the trailer above his beed and then calms down. The woman is disturbed.

Then Hancock trys to be more sensible and trys to talk to her rationally, invities her to a flight above the earth, but had already fled when she told him she had to go to the toilette.
Hancock remains sad.

Extended 5:10 Minutes

In the Theatrical Edition aswell as in the Extended Edition there is a moment at the bar when Hancock makes fun of an old woman. Here , alternative material has been used because the beatiful woman that flirts with him cannot be seen in the Theatrical Edition. Furthermore, there are more shots with the angry policeman on the TV in the Theatrical Edition.

Theatrical Edition -33s

21. Minute
The scene with the little boy calling Hancock an asshole is much longer. He uses the evil word a few times more while Hancock disabuses him.

27. Minute
Hancock goes out of the transporter with the prisoners in it and stands next to the Chain-gang. When they are told to continue walking, he does that, but the others do not react fast and Hancock pulls them right behind himself.

42. Minute Alternative
The policeman that is hard up screams in the Unrated Edition: "Get me the fuck out of here!" In the Theatrical Edition: "... the hell ..."
TE minimally longer; 0,5s

46. Minute
Hancock comes out of the bank with the hostages. He holds the chopped of hand of one of the gangsters in his own hand. In the end of the scene, you can here the bank robber screaming, whilst in the Theatrical Edition you here him in the next scene.

51. Minute
In the restaurant the three actors have a bit more time to show their skills. Mary cries after Hancock has disappointedly told him that nobody asked for him 80 years ago in the hospital. When Ray wants to talk with her about that, she says it would have been due to the wine, then she looks into Hancock's eyes deeply and excuses herself. Hancock says that would not be necessesary because she did nothing wrong. Later in the film, that seems to be quite different.

The Theatrical Edition complets that scene with a short, alternative scene.

Ray is later on the bed longer, when Hancock helps him stand up because he says he wants to tell him something important.

Following to an alternative scene. In the Theatrical Edition Hancock continues helping him stand up. In the Extended Edition there is an additional comment by Ray. He says Hancock would be the contemned gift of this world. He tells him that as a compliment.
Extended 18s
Theatrical Edition 4,5s

Pictures only from the Unrated Edition

52. Minute

You see Mary with a wedding ring, right before Hancock enters the kitchen.

In the Theatrical Edition, you see her longer cleaning the cups, the same during another scene.

Instead, the Unrated Edition shows that shot a bit longer at the beginning.

The two of them talk longer in the kitchen. Mary tells Hancock that Ray normally did not drink. He only did it because they had had a party. Hancock understands that the right way.

The scene with Mary and Hancock kissing or respectively nearly kissing, is totally different. The Unrated Edition also is much longer here.

Mary recognizes Hancock has a bruise on his hand. Hancock says he would feel a bit strange. Then she tells him to go. Instead, Hancock approaches carefully and because Mary does not evade, they kiss each other a short time- before she kicks him out of the house.
Extended 67,5s

In the Theatrical Edition Mary also recognizes the bruise and also says he had better go. And here, they also just almost kiss. Although Mary does also not evade here, she kicks him out instantly when their lips cross.
Theatrical Edition 29s

54. Minute

During the next morning, right before Hancock comes back, Mary tries longer to persuade Ray to go on holidays by mentioning she would wear a bikini there. He looks interested.

Instead, the Theatrical Edition has lengthend a short shot.

58. Minute

When Mary comes to Hancock's trailer, she flys in the Theatrical Edition. In the Extended Edition, she goes by car. The Extended Edition is much longer here.

Mary arives with the car and waits for Hancock to ask his questions. She will to answer them honestly and when they have finished, Hancock shall leave the town. But Hancock does not want to leave, so Mary goes away angrily. Hancock concedes and goes into the trailer.
Extended 52,5s

Sie comes and they go into the trailer without saying a word.
Theatrical Edition 19,5s

59. Minute

Now there is a huge mistake. In both editions Mary goes to the car although she only went by care in the Unrated edition.

In the Theatrical Edition you suddenly see an aerial photograph , but no car. In the Unrated Edition, you see the car longer and her leaving the car when Hancock wants to fly away.
No time difference

But now, you see the aerial photograph in both editions - also in the unrated one. Here there should definitely be a car anywhere, but there is none.

center>Unrated | Theatrical Edition

63. Minute

Mary and Hancock scuffle longer in the boulder. Ray recognizes that.

There is an alternative shot in the Theatrical Edition.

Hancock und Mary longer on top of each other.


In the Theatrical Edition Mary recognizes Ray.

Ray and Mary longer.

All that makes the Unrated Edition clearer in the end. You see all people involved and Ray going away.

73. Minute

In the hospital the first bullet hits Mary in an alternative shot. The Unrated Edition is not really more heavy.
No time difference

Unrated | Theatrical Edition

You can see the second hit longer at the beginning in the Unrated Edition.

The rest can be seen in the same shot,but another picture detail in the Theatrical Edition. You see the bloody hit more clear in the Unrated Edition.
No time difference

Unrated | Theatrical Edition