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Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein, The

original title: Marc Rohnstock's - The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein


  • Unrated Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jul 16, 2018 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the uncensored Unrated Version (DVD by 8-Films) and the uncensored Director's Cut (Blu-ray by 8-Films)

The differences:

16 additional scenes = 4 minutes 20 seconds

The German splatter flick The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein was releasd uncut by 8-Films. In addition to the uncensored Unrated Version (DVD only), the 3-disc set also contains a Blu-ray with the uncensored Director's Cut with alomost 4.5 minutes of additional footage. That being said, the additional scenes are rather disappointing then satisfying. Apart from redundant plot, there are a few close-ups of the female genital area. Those who expected more violence will be disappointed.

14 Min
The group longer in the park.
21 sec

38 Min
More scenes from the zombie classic Night of the Living Dead on TV & a shot of David watching Romero's masterpiece.
20.5 sec

45 Min
The woozy woman longer on the stretcher.
45 sec

47 Min
Close-up of the hose inside the vagina.
1.5 sec

47 Min
The fluid runs through the hose inside the vagina.
1 sec

47 Min
A further close-up of that is missing.
1 sec

60 Min
Another woman gets some weird substance poured inside of her as well. Once again, the close-up of the vagina with the hose in it has been removed.
2.5 sec

60 Min
The hose is being pulled out slowly.
17 sec

61 Min
The close-up of the creature sticking his head out of the vagina is missing as well.
1 sec

66 Min
The guy runs to the urinal and starts urinating.
42 sec

76 Min
A woman is tied to the chair, blood gushes out of her vagina.
2 sec

77 Min
The blood keeps running and winds up in some bowl.
5.5 sec

86 Min
The group looks around longer, then they go to the next room.
24 sec

92 Min
David longer when he looks around.
17 sec

105 Min
Equipped qith flash light and gun, Emily carefully walks across the hallway.
29 sec

107 Min
And again, there is more footage of Emily.
26 sec