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Return of the Tiger

original title: Da juan tao


  • US VOD (Amazon Prime)
  • Uncut
Release: Nov 24, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut US VOD version on Amazon Prime Video US and the uncut original version (old German DVD from Endless Classics / 2023 Blu-ray from TG Vision).

  • 6 missing bits
  • Cut duration: 41.4 seconds

A few additional master errors, each lasting 0.5 seconds, were not listed in the editing report for the sake of clarity.

Bruce Li, a prominent imitator, was indeed a highly productive individual back then. Apart from the more familiar Bruceploitation works (directly referencing Grandmaster Lee through inserted snippets and convoluted plot connections or even just in dubbing), he also made some "normal" action films. This is precisely where Return of the Tiger falls into place. It is a solidly entertaining punch-packed film that is definitely worth a watch for genre fans. Additionally, besides Li, the Bud Spencer double Paul L. Smith and Asia icon Angela Mao are also featured.

Since November 24, 2023, the German Blu-ray premiere has been available, utilizing an HD master as its basis, previously seen in the USA on Amazon Prime Video. The picture quality is consistent here and in the original format, while the German DVD had a nasty color cast and was generally zoomed in. Therefore, it's a clear recommendation for fans - also because a flaw in the US master has been rectified. In the second half of the film, there are also some missing segments here. Unfortunately, parts of fight scenes are absent, leaving a noticeable taste of censorship. These sections have been reintegrated into the film for the German Blu-ray. Fortunately, they did not resort to the zoomed German DVD but instead supplemented them from the German VHS in the original picture format as well as from the British DVD.

As a bonus, the disc includes "Bruce Lee Superstar" (aka The Legend of Bruce Lee) whose German theatrical version has now been evaluated for the first time in HD. The uncut version is also included in SD/full screen.

Runtime details are as follows:
US VOD at 23.976fps / German Blu-ray at 23.976fps / German DVD at 25fps

To begin with, a mini image comparison: original picture format, no strange green haze in some scenes, generally better quality with the HD master. It is curious, however (see second picture center/left), that isolated damages in the picture match and thus in principle probably we see the same master basis here.

German DVD (Endless Classics)HD-Master (US-VOD & German Blu-ray)

The HD master still has a production logo at the start, which did not appear on the DVD.

All HD version 9 sec longer than the DVD

22:45 / 22:45 / 21:40-21:41

We start with a small master error in the HD master, which was not inserted on the German Blu-ray: Beginning of a long shot.

0.9 sec

66:38 / 66:38-66:45 / 63:47-63:55

Another master error during a scene change: The stairs can be seen a moment longer and then the car (in which Bruce is reflected) is shown much earlier.

7.9 sec

Only the longer shot of this (car) was included on the Blu-ray.

69:19 / 69:26 / 66:30-66:31

Another master error not included on Blu-ray: The guy with white pants runs away a few frames further, then Bruce walks towards his motorcycle a little earlier.

1 sec

80:41 / 80:48-81:11 / 77:27-77:49

Paul has to dodge more attacks and hits the guy once. He is hit with the chain - and so it goes back and forth between the two for a while longer.

21.9 sec

Here again a short comparison image to the zoomed DVD

German DVD (Endless Classics)VHS insert on German Blu-ray

87:33 / 88:03-88:05 / 84:23-84:25

The baddie is buried a little longer in slow motion by the wooden planks.

Note: This part was also missing on the VHS and was therefore inserted from the UK DVD, which was similar to the German DVD in aspect ratio and adjusted to 2.35:1 here.

2 sec

German DVD (Endless Classics)UK insert on German Blu-ray

87:42 / 88:14-88:22 / 84:34-84:42

After he lands on the ground, the guy gets kicked in the face. Another attacker tries his luck, but Bruce finishes him off with a kick in the groin and a double ear clap. Another punch follows and shortly after he falls to the side, the US HD version starts again.

7.6 sec

The end fade-in differs on the DVD.

German DVD (Endless Classics)HD-Master (US-VOD & German Blu-ray)

Reverse cover of the German Blu-ray: