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Saturday Night Fever


  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jan 17, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version (R-Rated) and the Director's Cut (Not Rated). Both versions are available on the US Blu-ray by Paramount.

Teenager Tony Manero has a job as salesman in a hardware store in order to suppoort his family because his dad has just lost his job. Nonetheless, he is the black sheep because he enjoys the night life in Brooklyn. On the dance floor, Tony is being held in high esteem which also makes him a chick magnet. He builds his hopes on the upcoming dance competition and considers ballet dancer Stephanie his perfect partner but she is not exactly thrilled. A lot of effort is required on Tony's side but at the end of the day they start falling for each other.

John Badham's movie about a teenager in New York who becomes a start in the disco scene is simply a classic. In addition to John Travolta and the authenticity regarding teens in the 70s, the Bee Gees soundtrack is another reason why the movie has become what it has become. It was a huge box office success and made disco incredibly popular as well. For a re-release it was even severely cut for a PG rating but luckily today the original R-Rated version is the common one on DVD & Blu-ray worldwide.

On 05/02/2017, a Blu-ray of Saturday Night Fever was released in the US. In addition to the Theatrical Version (R-Rated), the release also contains a longer Director's Cut edited by Badham himself. For the Director's Cut, three scenes that had been cut back in the days were put back in. First of all, there is the scene with Tony in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. Secondly, there is the scene with Tony's dad being informed that he got his job back. And last but not least, there is the scene with Tony in front of her apartment. He argues with her on the intercom. These three scenes fit in nicely and enhance the quality of the movie. Especially the scene with Tony's daad getting his job back makes the happy ending look a little "more happy". There are not any new aspects added to the movie due to the new footage though. Fans or those who have not bought the Blu-ray yet should buy the US release with both versions. Whether the Director's Cut justifies purchasing the movie for the second time is at least arguable because the scenes are also available as bonus on previous releases but that is a decision for everyone to make by themselves. Qualitwise, the release is pretty decent, as comparison with other Blu-ray releases shows.


Theatrical Version: 119:02 min
Directors Cut: 122:15 min

The boys believe that, at the end of the day, everyone has to fight for themselves. Tony wants the car to pull over for him to get out. The boys watch him leave, then they drive off. Tony is standing at Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. He looks at the bridge and follows its outlines with his finger from the distance. With a smile on his face, he sits down on the bench. Then a transition to the subsequent scene.

The Theatrical Version contains an alternate scene with the boys saing everyone has to fight for themselves instead, followed by a transition to the subsequent scene.

Director's Cut: 1:15 min
Theatrical Version: 9 sec


Tony accepts a telegram for his dad. When the latter is reading out loud that he is being called back to work, he starts dancing in the kitchen. He explains to Tony from that point on the family would be able to save a few bucks but Tony was still required to come up with his share. Tony disagrees, he rather wants to spend most of the money he earned on himself.

Director's Cut: 1:07 min


Tony is at Stephanie's because he would like to talk to her but she is angry with him and tells him to leave. At the front door, he calls her name. When another resident leaves the building, he ceases the opportunity to get inside.

Director's Cut: 1:00 min