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original title: Si wang mo ta


  • German Blu-ray (T.V.P.)
  • US Blu-ray (Game of Clones)
Release: Jun 20, 2024 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the German Blu-ray from T.V.P. and the American Blu-ray from Severin Films (The Game of Clones box set)

- 8 relevant missing bits
- Duration: 13.8 sec

Many other master errors with a duration of < 0.5 sec each were not listed in the report.

Attack of the Clones! Since the beginning of June 2024, The Game of Clones: Bruceploitation Collection Vol. 1 has been available in the USA from the label Severin Films. As expected, fans of the trashy Eastern subgenre will get their money's worth, because a lavish package has been put together here with lots of new HD scans of rare theatrical prints, exclusive interviews as well as several audio commentaries and other goodies such as a full 100-page book. Some of the titles were not so easy to work on and Severin also communicated in advance that not every film is available here in the longest possible version due to original materials not being available anymore - although some films do run longer than earlier releases in e.g. German or the US/UK/France.

After covering The Clones of Bruce Lee and Enter the Three Dragons on Disc 2, we turn our attention here to Enter the Game of Death. The non-stop brawler with Bruce Le is certainly one of the most popular Bruceploitation contributions, as shortly before the release of Game of Death, a playful, action-packed self-interpretation of Lee's basic concept with really excellently choreographed fights was offered here. Since 2019 presumably uncut Blu-ray/DVD mediabooks of T.V.P. have been available in Germany.

However, a comparison with the new US Blu-ray, which according to Severin is interestingly based on a German interpositive copy scanned in 2K and supplemented with the English credits from a TV version, reveals a few flaws in the German Blu-ray. In general, as expected, there are also some master errors in the frame area, but a few "longer" moments are also lost. Of course, the first part with over 5 seconds of several movements in the fight is particularly noteworthy. The significantly better picture quality of the US Blu-ray further disqualifies the German counterpart.


Running times are arranged according to the scheme
German Blu-ray in 23.976fps​ / US Blu-ray in 23.976fps

TVP has placed the label logo at the beginning. In return, the US Blu-ray starts a little earlier and runs 0.4 sec longer.

German Blu-rayUS Blu-ray

00:15-02:38 / 00:15-02:39

The German version is briefly interrupted right at the beginning by the local film title (and a false promise of the real Lee directly in front of it) on its own background, while on the US Blu-ray the picture freezes and the international title appears. This is similar throughout the rest of the opening credits sequence.

US Blu-ray 0.5 sec longer

German Blu-rayUS Blu-ray

Here are also a few more comparison images across the movie. The German Blu-ray usually has more signs of wear (see the strip in the middle of the first image), but occasionally less than the US Blu-ray (second image).

German Blu-rayUS Blu-ray


In some cases, the US Blu-ray (first image) was probably also helped out with a poorer, zoomed-in image source. This is much more common on the German Blu-ray, where the picture quality has obviously been patched up in some places and the two illustrated areas are only examples of how the picture quality often fluctuates here, sometimes for even under a minute.

German Blu-rayUS Blu-ray

In addition, the German scan is far too bright, so that, for example, white tops tend to blur with the skin or other things in the surrounding area.

German Blu-rayUS Blu-ray

13:55 / 13:56-14:01

The first and most noticeable missing bit on the German Blu-ray: Bolo attacks again at the end of the shot on the US Blu-ray, Bruce fights back, also kicks once and goes back into pose.

4.3 sec

18:48 / 18:54-18:55

A few inconsequential frames during the scene change from Lisa to the forest.

1.1 sec

40:25 / 40:34

The short kick to the face, where the camera zooms out, is lost with a jump cut.

0.5 sec

40:39 / 40:48-40:51

Bruce can be seen for a moment longer, then his opponent waves his swords around earlier.

2.7 sec

53:55 / 54:07-54:08

"And now you will die" is actually spoken onscreen at the end of the shot (while on the German Blu-ray this audio bit was at least saved over the shot around it).

1.4 sec

60:34-60:35 / 60:48-60:51

The German TVP Blu-ray bumps a bit here and, after a heavily zoomed insert, changes from a poor picture source right in the middle of the shot with a jump cut to a later moment when Bruce has already moved a bit to the side.

On the American Blu-ray, the shot can be seen from a good source throughout. It starts a little earlier (before zooming out) and briefly shows Bruce grabbing his nose again during the TVP jumpcut.

US Blu-ray 1.5 sec longer

81:10 / 81:27-81:29

Immediately after an insert on the German Blu-ray, the subsequent shot actually begins much earlier: Lisa is dragged away earlier.

2 sec

The German Blu-ray shows a local insert on a red background, the US Blu-ray English on a black background.

German Blu-rayUS Blu-ray