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  • R-Rated
  • German DVD
Release: Mar 04, 2013 - Author: Bob - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Lawless is one of the very few cases where an Uncensored Version has never been released in its country of origin. While the US releases only offer the Censored Version, the Uncensored Version is only available in foreign countries.

All in all, 9 scenes with 9 seconds have been censored to get an R although it adds almost 9 seconds in an alternate scene and two further trivial short scenes. The motives for those alterations are unknown. Maybe the studio was trying to cover up the censoring by adding "superfluous" footage to reach the length of the Uncensored Version.

Compared are the US R-Rated Version by Starz and the German Uncut Version by Koch Media.

Among other countries, the Uncensored Version is available in Canada and Germany.

In addition to the censoring, there are differences in color and aspect ratio as well. The Uncensored Version has a sepia colring while the US Version looks more natural. For some reason, these differences sometimes exist and sometimes they don't, depending on the current scene.

Content: 1920 - during the prohibition in the US: Lawless is the true story of the Bondurant brothers. With incredibly actions, they became legends in the bootlegging business. Jack is impulsive and wants to the top. Howard, his older brother, is loyal to his brother but reckless when it comes to other people. Forrest is leading the family business with calm determnation. Because business is doing thriftily, bigger fishes make an appearance and obstruct - with leathal consequences.
Different Logos at the Beginning

Uncensored Version: 1:37 | US Version: 1:38
The Uncensored Version shows the pig actually getting shot. The US Version only contains a shot of the weapon.
Uncensored Version: 3 sec | US Version: 2.5 sec

Uncensored VersionUS Version

Slightly different credits at the beginning after the pig scene.

Uncensored Version: 4:24 | US Version: 4:25
When the kids pig up the tommy gun next to the body, another kid (on the left side of the MP) is walking up to them.
US Version + 1.5 sec

Uncensored Version: 30:08 | US Version: 30:11
Additional shot of Rakes punching Jack in the face. Then he lunges out one more time.
Uncensored Version +0.5 sec

Uncensored Version: 43:20 | US Version: 43:24
The US Version contains an extended shot of Forrest in front of his house after he dragged out the two guys who got beaten up. Then he gets patched up by Maggie in both versions.
US Version +4.5 sec

Uncensored Version: 45:34 | 45:43 (3 Cuts)

Addional shot at the beginning when Forrest gets his throat slit plus the beginning of the following shot.

Uncensored Version +2 sec

Further extended shot of the throat getting slit.

Uncensored Version +0.5 sec

Extended shot of Forrest's wound at the beginning of the scene. The US Version doesn't start until he holds his hands out.

Uncensored Version + 4 Frames

Uncensored Version: 66:22 | US Version: 66:29
More explicit shot of Forrest's bloody hand and the body next to his feet.
Uncensored Version +1.5 sec

Uncensored Version: 66:38 | US Version: 66:44
Shot of the body with the testicles removed.
Uncensored Version +1.5 sec

Uncensored Version: 99:55 | US Version: 100:02
Extended shot of the blood gushing out of the neck during the showdown.
Uncensored Version +0.5 sec

Uncensored Version: 99:56 | US Version: 100:03
More blood on the windshield.
Uncensored Version +0.5 sec