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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery


  • US Version
  • International Version
Release: Nov 09, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US Version (taken from the US DVD) and the longer International Version (taken from the German DVD)

- 20 alterations, 16 of those featuring alternative footage.
- Difference in running time: 314,7 sec (= 5:15 min)

Mike Myers became known because of Saturday Night Live and Wayne's World, however, his biggest success was in the role of the chaotic spy from the 70ies, Austin Powers and his antagonist Dr. Evil. It was therefore not very surprising, that a new part of the series was announced recently, almost ten years after Goldmember.

The first movie, released in 1997, is the only part of the series of which two different cut versions exist. The International Version (IV) is almost five minutes longer. The Version from the States lacks some partially really funny plot scenes, however, some censoring seems to have taken place as well. Nude scenes were replaced with alternative footage and some crude languaged was softened.
Therefore, the IV is the clearly better version. Viewers from the US have to rely on imported versions e.g. from Britain if they want to see the movie in its original form.

Running times refer to the US DVD in NTSC speed

The first company logos and credits differ.

no difference in time

US VersionInternational Version

Alternative Footage

The US Version shows Gilmour and Basil again before Vanilla Ice can be seen in another cooling box.
In the International Version, the tracking shot continues in one go and between Gary Coleman and Vanilla Ice Evil Knievel can be seen too.

International Version 4 sec longer

US VersionInternational Version

Alternative Footage

Probably seom censoring when Austin's cooling box is being transported away, as the USV does not show the longer view from behind featuring his butt but only a short side view.

International Version 2,4 sec longer

US VersionInternational Version

Alternative Footage

The US Version shows Austin turning his head for 0,4 sec longer in the same shot.

The International Version shows this in a closer view and Austin looks confusedly.

International Version 4,9 sec longer

Alternative Footage

The US Version shortly sho Basil and Vanessa.

The International Version features additional dialog.

Basil: "Well, erm... Agent Kensington will get you all set up. She's extremely dedicated. So, Austin, good luck. The world's depending on you."
Austin: "Thanks, Exposition."
Basil: "Oh and, Austin..."
Austin: "Yes?"
Basil: "Be careful!"
Austin: "Thanks."
Basil leaves and Austin grimaces.

International Version 24,6 sec longer

Alternative Footage

This might be another instance of censoring. When Vanessa calls her mom while Austin wakes up in the background (naked), an alternative take was used. It is almost not visible, but Vanessa holds her hand slightly lower in the International Version, showing a bit more of Austin's genital area.
The conversation is also slightly different, sex is not being mentioned in the USV.

US Version:

Vanessa: "Νo. I made him sleep on the sofa."
Mother: "Vanessa, I'm proud of you."
Vanessa: "Why?"
Mother: "Because you'νe managed to resist Austin Powers' charms."
Vanessa: "Ηa, ha. God knows he tried, Mummy. I actually had to end up being rather firm with him. What about his teeth? It's really bizarre."

International Version:

Vanessa: "Oh, God! No! No, I made him sleep on the sofa."
Mother: "Vanessa, I'm proud of you."
Vanessa: "Why?"
Mother: "Because you've managed to resist Austin Powers' charms!"
Vanessa: "What? God knows he tried, mommy. I actually had to be rather firm with him. You didn't tell me he is so obsessed with sex! It's really bizarre."

International Version 2,5 sec longer

US VersionInternational Version

Alternative Footage

In the following seconds, the two versions differ completely, only the International Version shows on more instance of "hiding-the-genitals".

US Version

Vanessa's mother can be seen on the phone: "Darling, you have to understand, in Britain in the '60s you could be a sex symbol and still have bad teeth. It didn't matter."

International Version

Here, she refers to the different last sentece concerning sex: "You can't judge him by modern standards."
Then Vanessa can be seen again, holding up a picture of Dr. Evil and covering up little Austing with it.
Then, the teeth part of the conversation follows: "What about his teeth?"
Mother (offscreen): "Darling, you have to understand, in Britain in the sixties you could be a sex symbol and still have bad teeth. It didn't matter."
Vanessa: "I don't get that, mommy."
Mother: "Once Austin has you in his charms, it's impossible to get out."

International Version 11,1 sec longer

Alternative Footage

When Vanessa then asks her mother whether she ever fell for it, the US Version shows an a little softer take again.
First of all, there is some space between Vanessa's dress and the magnifying glass nothing worth mentioning can be see here, yet the US Version used a take hiding everything. Afterwards, Vanessa holds the magnifying glass a bit higher and less is being covered when Austin makes squats.

The dialog is almost the same, the International Version's only addition is Vanessa's mother's: "He's sophisticated. A world renown photographer."

International Version 4,8 sec longer

US VersionInternational Version

The last shot of the scene with the wine bottle and Vanessa biting into the sausage is identical.

Alternative Footage

Austin just took a picture of Random Task and Dr. Evil's cat Mr. Bigglesworth and explains why he recognized the pet: "I never forget a pussy..."

When the movie cuts to the next shot, the two versions use different takes due to censoring.
In the US Version, Austin instantly adds "" and they continue.
In the International Version, however, he waits a lot longer until adding "", Vanessa also has a different facial expression. Then he holds the camera again.

International Version 2,7 sec longer

US VersionInternational Version


After Alotta Fagina called Austin by his fake surname, he says: "Please, call me Richie."
She comes closer and Austin can be heard from the off: "Miss Fagina, ..."

5 sec

Alternative Footage

Then there is alternative footage of Alotta going through the room. The US Version shows the previous frames without Austing saying anything and then continues with the shot. The International Version, however, shows three more seconds of that shot starting at the point where the US ends instead.

no difference in time

US VersionInternational Version

Alternative Footage

In the US Version, Austin grins longer after making Alotta talk too much about Number Two.

The International Version shows Alotta explaining: "It's for the mining industry, Mr. Cunningham. You know, er..."
Austin can be seen moving his head a bit but saying nothing.

International Version 4,3 sec longer

Alternative Footage

In the US Version Austin gets up in the same shot, in the IV, however, Alotta can be seen again and then Austin gets up in a shot from further away.

International Version 3,6 sec longer

US VersionInternational Version


Another shot of Alotta, the Ausint says: "What exactly do you do at Virtucon?"
Alotta: "I will tell you all in due time. But first..."

8,7 sec


Christian Slater, part one: Austin and Vanessa can be seen after they have opened the door. They approach a guard and Austin hypnotizes him.

Vanessa: "Ah, er... look, it's a guard. What are we going to do? We don't look anything like our photo-badges."
Austin: "Don't worry, baby. I learned a mind-control technique during my travels to India. I learned it from my Guru. The late Guru Shastry. A chased man who died mysteriously with disease that had all the hall marks of syphilis. Alright. Watch me."
They go to him and Slater says: "Hi, folks. You're entering a restricted zone. I'm gonna have to see some identification, please."
Austin shows him the fake IDs: "Sure!"
Slater: "There seems to be some sort of a problem."
Austin grimaces and stares at him: "Everything seems to be in order."
It works instantly and Slater repeats: "Everything seems to be in order."
Vanessa: "It's fantastic, Austin. Come on, let's go."
Austin wants to go on: "I'm going to go across the street and get you some orange sherbet."
The guard repeats and Vanessa grows impatient: "Austin, let's go."
Austin continues: "Here, have a piece of gum."
Slater repeats and Austin asks: "Do you mind if I do?"
Vanessa: "Austin, let's go now."

The following scene then starts insignificantly earlier.

76,1 sec

Alternative Footage

The US Version lacks a complete clip la Family Guy here. The International Version shows the fate of the guard's family after he was crushed by a steam roller.

First, there is an additional shot of Austin and Vanessa and then the guard direcly under the roller in a close-up. Cut to a family house, where a woman is rolling dough to harmonical music. The phone rings and the woman (former Bond girl Lois Chiles) answers: "Hello? Yes. This is Mrs. Harvin. Yes. My husband is a henchman in Dr. Evil's private army. What? Oh my God! Thanks for calling."
She is shocked when a boy enters the room: "Hi, Mom."
Woman: "Sit down, Billy. I've got some bad news. Your stepfather was run over by a steamroller."
Billy: "But Mom, since Dad left, Steve's been like a father to me."
Woman: "Honey. People never think how things effect the family of a henchman."

The US Version shows short alternative footage instead. Austin and Vanessa can be seen in a different shot, mean sounds are coming from the off. Austin then says: "Let's go. Come on, let's go."

International Version 47,2 sec longer

Alternative Footage

In the US Version, Austin and Vanessa can be seen longer, Vanessa closes the door behind them.

The International Version also features a sideplot for the next killed guard, he will not arrive at his bachelor party.

The camera zooms to his ID, then there is a cut to a waitress in a tight shirt holding beers.
One of his buddies (Rob Lowe) approaches the table and says: "Help me, guys! Guys, come on. Can you believe John Smith is getting married tomorrow?"
Another guy answers: "I can't. Where's Smitty anyway? It's... it's... it's not like him to be late for anything. Especially on his stag party."
Rob: "Well, you know he works as a henchman for Dr. Evil. Sometimes they work late. You know, can I just say something that may sound a little...sappy? I think it is such a tribute to our buddy, John Smith,... that so many of his friends showed up to honour him today. There's a lot of love in this room."
They cheers, then a waitress arrives: "Hi! I have a phone call for the John-Smith-party."
Rob: "Oh. Yeah, I get it."
He can be heard talking on the phone at the bar: "He's dead? Decapitated by an ill-tempered mutated sea bass? Yes. Okay."
He goes back to the table and the others ask:
- "What's wrong?"
- "What happened? Was that John? Is he coming late?"
Rob: "John Smith won't be coming."
- "Why not?"
Rob: "He was decapitated by an ill-tempered mutated sea bass."
- "Oh my God!"
- "Are you kidding me?"
Rob raises his bottle: "To Smitty!"
The others join in: "To Smitty!"

International Version 85,1 sec longer


Christian Slater, part two: At first, Austin and Vanessa are going through the building longer, they then meet the guard. He talks to Austin: "I bought you your orange shirbirt."
Austin: "Thank you!"

11,7 sec

Alternative Footage

Austin can be seen sitting on the edge of the couch saysing "Thanks, Basil!" in the US Version.

In the International Version, he goes through the picture first and he sits on the couch differently. Basil also says more: "I can't believe that you are married, Austin. Oh, what a lovely pair."
Austin answers: "Thanks, Basil!"

International Version 8,5 sec longer

Alternative Footage

Austin's fight against Random Task has been altered at the point when he is in a stranglehold.

The US Version shows Random Task a bit longer, then Austin. No gag here.

The International Version also features a small parody on spy flicks because Austin has one hand free and uses it to search through typical spy objects on the table next to him. However, all the things he could have used as weapons slip out of his hands.

In both versions, Vanessa comes to the rescue by using his penis pump.

International Version 4,6 sec longer

Alternative Footage

Random task can be seen almost a second longer in the US Version (no pictures), the International Version shows Austin instead, he grins and says "Smashing!"

International Version 2,9 sec longer

Lastly, here is a small picture comparison of the two discs. The US DVD from 1997 is of course not state of the art anymore, still its picture quality is definitely better than the one from the German DVD.

Besides different color filters, the American widescreen version (the cover states "aspect ratio of 2:1 as specified by the director", in contrast to the German DVD's 2,2:1) shows more at the top and bottom of the screen. This is especially interesting with the third comparison picture here. It would have been easier to guess that the removal of Austin's genital area with the black bar can be found in the US Version.

US Version, WidescreenInternational Version

The US DVD is also a flipper disc with the then still popular full screen version on the other side of the disc. It was zoomed in, therefore some info was lost, on the other hand a bit more can be seen at the top and the bottom.

US Version, WidescreenUS Version, Vollbild

According to our information, the US Blu-Ray is in the 2,35:1 format, meaning that the screenshots cannot be used on this one and should be similar to the German DVD.