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  • BBFC 18
  • Austria DVD
Release: Mar 10, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British VHS released by VIPCO (BBFC 18) and the uncut Austrian DVD released by Sazuma

"Cannibal ferox" is Umberto Lenzi's third cannibal film, a genre which was rather popular back in those days.
While the film was released uncut in Germany which led to it being banned pretty quickly, the British decided to cut it before the release. After the tape released by Replay video was put on the list of the infamous Video Nasties, only censored versions have been released on VHS and DVD. The majority of the cuts, however, are due to the, as usual, unnecessary animal-killings.
A little disclaimer about said animal-killings: Neither the author of the following report nor the site it is published on approve such scenes in any way. They are listed here to give the audience an idea about how different countries handle scenes like that. Not to advertise or advocate such behavior in any way.

Special thanks to Eiskaltes Grab for submitting the uncut DVD

VIPCO version = 83:02 min.
Sazuma version = 88:57 min.

Cut length VIPCO = 6:03 Min.

The remaining difference exists because of smaller master errors in the Sazuma version. However, those are not really worth mentioning and add up to not even 8 seconds
00:00 The DVD starts earlier.
1.5 sec.

12:17 Shot of an iguana and then the Jeep the three are driving in. Pat almost drops the coati which almost gets under the wheels.
4 sec.

17:54 We see the coati that is tied to a stick. An anaconda approaches it. The coati starts squeaking, gets attacked by and strangled to death by the snake. Rudy, Pat and Gloria wake up because of the squeaking. They look sad after they realize what just happened and Rudy says that it is still better than one of them being killed.
99.2 sec.

24:45 Cut, a jaguar attacking and killing a little monkey. Pat and Mike are watching.
17.1 sec.

30:36 A Boa constrictor fights an iguana. The iguana wins. Cuts to some natives.
12.2 sec.

32:34 When Mike and Pat grab the native girl a bit of dialogue is missing.
Mike says he bets that the girl is still a virgin and Pat agrees with him.
5.5 sec.

32:53 Pat holds the knife in front of the native girl.
Mike wants Pat to torture the girl and make her scream.
Pat hesitates and Mike grabs Pat's hand to hold the knife to the girl's breast.
Again, Mike expresses his desire for the girl to scream.
22 sec.

35:04 A native chops off a turtle's head and legs while the animal is still alive.
17.8 sec.

40:25 Close up of a native getting his eye stabbed out with a knife. Cut to Joe who looks appalled and then Mike holding the knife with the eye on it in his hand.
6.8 sec.

49:04 End of a shot of Joe getting his stomach slit with a spear. Then the natives gutting him and eating his inwards. Inserts of Gary and Diana looking appalled.
46 sec.

52:01 Short shot of Mike having his manhood cut off with a machete.
0.8 sec.

52:04 The triumphing native has Mike's "little friend" in his hand and, eventually, bites into it with joy. Inserts of further natives.
5.4 sec.

53:22 The pusher kicks Mike's ex-girlfriend in the face.
5.2 sec.

67:02 A crocodile gets its stomach slit, it gets gutted and its inwards are eaten.
33.8 sec.

70:37 Mike gets one of his hands chopped off.
0.7 sec.

70:38 The hand is moved away, then a shot of Mike.
2.2 sec.

72:23 A native grabs a spear with a bloody head and draws two dots beneath Pat's breasts. Then he grabs a rusty hook and drills it through Pat's breast. She screams. Inserts of Diana.
42.5 sec.

75:09 The camera travels towards Pat hanging on the hooks.
12 sec.

75:20 Shot of Pat.
3 sec.

75:23 The camera moves from Pat's pierced breasts to her face. Cut to the natives and then Pat dying (her head flaps forward).
10.3 sec.

75:35 In the DVD version we see Pat. In the VIPCO version a shot of Diana has been inserted twice.
1.4 sec. each

Sazuma / VIPCO

75:55 After Mike got his skullcap chopped off two natives eating a piece of his brain are missing. Cut to Diana.
13.7 sec.