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Public Enemies


  • German / French Blu-ray
  • British Blu-ray
Release: Nov 27, 2016 - Author: Imbor Ed - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
Michael Man is a director well-known for producing several cuts of his films. In some cases, that means drastic changes in multiple variants (e.g. Last of the Mohicans) while they are barely noticeable in others (e.g. Heat). Public Enemies, starring Christian Bale and Johnny Depp, belongs to the easier category.

Here, the German and French Blu-ray is a little shorter than the UK release (and probably the US edition, as well). Even though all of them stem from Universal, the US and UK releases use the VC-1 codec which is rarely used nowadays. The German release uses the AVC for its picture, which is odd considering the release dates were practically similar in the winter of 2009.

Well, which version is now the one that Mann prefers? Unfortunately, that is unknown and the audio commentary of the Blu-ray doesn’t deliver any information on the matter.

In total, 11.5 seconds are missing in the German and French releases, accounting for 6 cuts and 3 alternate scenes during the airport sequence.
A shot of the police car driver comes a little later in the UK version.
No time difference

The plane rolls a little longer.
1 sec

The cops can be seen longer in front of the plane door.
0.5 sec

Dillinger is escorted to the police car a little longer.
5.5 sec

1 sec

More of the man with the torch.
1.5 sec

The following shot is also brighter in the UK compared to the German / French version. Due to the torch, of course.

UK BDGerman / French BD

We see a cop a little longer.
1.5 sec

When the convoy drives away, both versions offer alternate shots. The German and French versions show the action from farther away.
No time difference

UK BDGerman / French BD