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  • US TV Version
  • Preair Version
Release: Apr 06, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the (regular) US TV Version (10/24/2014 on NBC) and the Preair Version.

35 differences, consisting of
- 10 removed scenes
- 12 extended scenes
- 7 scenes with alternate footage
- 2 removed scenes / alternate footage
- 1 extended scene / alternate footage
- 1 extended scene in the TV Version
- 1 removed scene in the Preair Version
- 1 scene with alternate audio track
Total length difference: 149.16 sec resp. 2 min and 29.16 sec (longer black screens in the US TV Version due to commercial breaks not considered)

Constantine is one of the shows that has a regular TV Version and also a Preair Version of the pilot episode. Contrary to other Preair Version - such as the comparison of the Supergirl (2015) pilot - there are not only small, rather superfluous alteration but also huge differences. For instance, the entire finale has been altered and so has the subsequent bar scene.

The show consists of 1 season with 13 episodes. A second season never saw the day of light because it got cancelled. In the US, the showed between 10/24/2014 and 02/13/2015 on NBC.

But Constantine is not completely gone. In the current season 4 of Arrow, John Constantine already had an encounter with Oliver Queen. A further guest appearance in DCs Legends of Tomorrow is being considered.

Please note: The TV Version has the anamorphic 1.78:1 aspect ratio. So does the Preair Version except it is not anamorphic. The result are black bars both on top and bottom and left and right. For that reason, the screenshots of the Preair Version have been readjusted for this comparison. Furthermore, the image quality of the Preair Version is quite mediocre.

Time index refers to
(regular) TV Version – Preair Version.
Removed Scene / Alternate Footage
05:38 / 05:38

Max says "Toss me the fortune cookie." and Liv does just that. In the Preair Version, an additional dialog follows.
Liv: "Doesn't it bother you people coming here and having adventures in the cars that they rent from us? And all we do is wash the windows and check for dents. I want some dents." (8.76 sec)

From this pointon, the versions are back in sync but alternate footage is being used. The TV Version contains a small shot of Liv getting up from her chair while starts reading out loud the text from his fortune cookie. Not until then, we see Max reading out loud the remaining text. The Preair Version however only shows Max reading out loud the text from his fortune cookie. Due to that alteration, the TV Version is insignificantly longer (0.48 sec) - the dialog itself remains unchanged.
TV VersionPreair Version

8.28 sec

Removed Scene
06:10 / 06:19

After the shot of the flickering street lights, the scene is not over in the Preair Version: Liv leaves the store, activates the alarm system which turns itself off as soon as she has left, and goes to her car.

24.44 sec

Extended Scene
08:46 / 09:20

The end of the shot of John walking straight up to the hole in the ground is longer.

1.72 sec

Extended Scene
10:53 / 11:23

After Liv and her neighbor Talia get out of the car, their conversation is a little longer.
(Liv: "You're a lifesaver."
Talia: "It was no problem. I work five minutes away from you."
Liv: "Thanks, Talia. I really appreciate the ride.")
Talia: "I'm just glad you got away from that freak. Sounded kind of rapey."
But Talia's comment did not get lost in the TV Version. It is audible during the beginning of the subsequent scene.

3.48 sec

Extended Scene
11:50 / 12:24

The tracking shot starts earlier in the Preair Version. To be more specific, there are two doors before we see the door to Liv's apartment with the symbol on it while there is only one door in the TV Version.

4.12 sec

Extended Scene
12:29 / 13:07

The end of the shot of Liv standing in her apartment while getting blinded by the headlights of the chopper is longer.

4.28 sec

Alternate Footage
15:09 / 15:53

Alternate footage is being used - the dialog itself remains unchanged.
The TV Version contains a shot of Liv, followed by a close-up of Constantine. Then Cnstantine from behind plus Liv. After her comment "My father died before I was born.", she turns around and leaves.
The Preair Version only shows Liv. Then also Constantine from behind plus Liv but the shot does not begin until she turns around and leaves.

0.04 sec
TV VersionPreair Version

Extended Scene
17:55 / 18:41

When Liv looks around and sees all those souls, the Preair Version contains an additional shot of Constantine and her.

5.8 sec

Extended Scene
18:56 / 19:47

Constantine's conversation with Liv is longer in the Preair Version.
(Liv: "What just happened?"
Constantine: "Ghost train.) The more deaths involved, the more vivid the visions."
Liv: "It is all impossible."
Constantine: "Denying it won't make it go away."
(Liv: "How come I can see these things?")

In both versions, the beginning of Liv's comment "How come I can see these things?" is audible during the end of the previous shot.

6.88 sec

Extended Scene / Alternate Footage
19:08 / 20:05

Only in the Preair Version, Constantine mentions that Liv's dad Jaspar could see the souls as well.

This results in a slightly altered dialog.

TV Version:
Constantine: "Jasper tried to teach me but eh… I didn't have his neck."

Preair Version:
Since Constantine says "Jasper could see them all." exclusively in the Preair Version, he refers to his previous comment (instead of "Jasper", Constantine says "he"): "He tried to teach me but eh… I didn't have his neck."
Moreover, the TV Version shows Liv when Constantine says "Jasper tried to teach me but eh…" while the Preair Version sticks with Constantine.
TV VersionPreair Version

6.8 sec

Extended Scene
23:01 / 24:04

Extended shot of Liv holding the mask after Constantine's "I'd put that down, love, before it puts you down.".

1.2 sec

Removed Scene
23:55 / 24:59

A longer part of the conversation between Constantine and Liv is missing.
(Constantine: "That's how it could control the powerlines and eh… dead bodies.")
Liv: "But I still don't understand why it wants me."
Constantine: "Because you're a threat to whatever darkness is rising. And now that you can see these things, they can see you. And most of them, they don't like to be seen. And taking you out is… well, it's preemptive."

15.84 sec

Alternate Footage
24:01 / 25:21

After Constantine's "Hold it. Let the blood drop.", the versions continue differently.

TV Version:
The blood drops on the map, then a little shot of Liv. Subsequently, the map again. While the blood drops are moving, one gets to hear Constantine from the off.
Liv: "Oh, my God. What is that?"
Constantine (from the off): "What you asked for."
Then Liv again. She is looking at Constantine. A shot of Constantine follows.
Constantine: "Trouble."
The blood drops form to a huge stain at a certain point and Liv names the address.
Liv: "Edgewood Avenue."

Preair Version:
The blood drops on the map, then a little shot of Liv. Only here, she already says "Oh, my God. What is that?". Not until then, the blood drops on the map start moving. Constantine's response ("What you asked for.") comes from the off as well but here, he als gives the answer to Liv's question - "Trouble." – while one still gets to see the blood drops moving on the map. Now the shot of Liv looking at Constantine. Then Constantine whose comment is exclusively in the Preair Version.
Constantine: "Where do the drops form?"
The blood drops form to a huge stain at a certain point and Liv mentions the address.

0.72 sec
TV VersionPreair Version

Removed Scene / Alternate Footage
24:15 / 25:36

The conversation goes on, a part of the dialog has been removed though.
(Liv: "Edgewood Avenue. So what? Like something bad's happening now?"
Constantine: "Will happen.) It's day time now. Most of the things your power's connected to hunt at night."
Liv: "Well, we should warn someone."
Constantine: "There's not exactly a system in place for that, is there?"
(Liv: "We have to do something.")

Liv's last comment ("We have to do something.") is in both versions but alernate footage is being used. The TV Version shows Liv when she makes that comment. The Preair Version sticks with Constantine resp. the angle changes when she says it. In addition to that, she emphasizes the word "something" differently.
TV VersionPreair Version

8 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
24:21 / 25:51

The end of the shot of Constantine saying "So I have an idea to cut your attacker down to size but it means using you as bait." is longer in the TV Version.

TV Version 1.2 sec longer

Removed Scene
24:29 / 25:57

The end of the scene is missing in the TV Version.
Refering to Constantine's previous comment to use Liv as bait (please see the cut at 24:21 / 25:51), Liv asks: "Why do I get the feeling you've already been doing that?"
Constantine: "I have a contact at IV University who might be able to help. Just sit tight till I get back."
Constantine leaves, another little shot of Liv follows.

9.08 sec

Removed Scene
25:46 / 27:23

A rather long part of the conversation between Constantine and Manny is missing.
(Constantine: "It feels to me like you want me to find out some information for you."
Manny: "I do."
Constantine: "Why?")
Manny: "We been here from the beginning, John. Of time. We were put here to guide the development of the human spirit. An unseen hand on the shoulder, a whisper in the wind. Not the most effective juice."
Constantine: "So you've taken matters into your own hands. It's a slippery slope there, chum. It's also the first of the fallen, mate, isn't he?"
Manny: "Different agendas."
Constantine laughs, Manny keeps talking.
Manny: "Listen, (if you figure out what we're up against, I will use that knowledge to save lifes.")

26.32 sec

Extended Scene
26:13 / 28:17

The end of the shot of Manny, when he says to Constantine "Because you are damned to hell.", is longer in the TV Version resp. one gets to see Constantine briefly earlier in the Preair Version.
TV VersionPreair Version

Furthermore, the end of the shot of Constantine is longer in the Preair Version.

4.36 sec

Alternate Footage
26:55 / 28:58

Alternate footage before Constantine enters.

TV Version:
We see Ritchie with a pen in his hand. He is doing some kind of paperwork. A second shot of Ritchie looking to the door follows.

Preair Version:
Here, we see only one (longer) shot. Ritchie has a pen in his hand and he is doing some kind of paperwork as well. But then, he puts down his pen and takes his meds. Then, he gets back to the paperwork.

6 sec
TV VersionPreair Version

Extended Scene
27:05 / 29:15

After Constantine enters Ritchie's office and says hi, the subsequent shot of Ritchie starts earlier. As a result, his reaction shot is a little longer in the Preair Version.
Ritchie: "OK. I'm gonna need to you to just please (get yourself out of my office right now.")

3.72 sec

Extended Scene
27:53 / 30:09

Slightly longer dialog in the Preair Version.
(Constantine: "Can you hack a power grid?"
Ritchie [vor sich hin nuschelnd]: "Eh… hack a power…" *Dann zu Constantine:* "Well, yes, I can do that and I believe I'll take a pass on that.) Thank you so very much."
Constantine: "Listen, Ritchie. (I know that Newcastle was a botched job.")

Ritchie: "Newcastle? (Newcastle was a nightmare, John.")

3.36 sec

Removed Scene
28:19 / 30:39

Ritchie's reaction to Constantine's statement that they have learned their lesson after Newcastle is missing.
(Constantine: "We all learned our lessons, Ritchie.")
Ritchie: "We did and my lesson, my painfully learned lesson, was… do everything I could… to stay away from you, man."

8.4 sec

Removed Scene
29:23 / 31:51

Only the Preair Version contains the shot of a soul opening the box where Liv finds old family photos.

37.68 sec

Removed Scene
30:46 / 33:51

The end of the conversation with the security guard is missing.
(Constantine [refering to the light bulb he just handed over to the guard]: "If it glows, you call me immediately."
Wachmann: "It's not screwed into anything."
Constantine: "Neither am I, mate."
The guard nods.)
Constantine (while paying off the guard): "Look, just keep an eye on it. And call me. You've got my cell phone number."
Constantine then grabs his bag and he and Liv leave.

6.76 sec

Removed Scene
31:45 / 34:57

A part of the conversation between Constantine and Liv on the rooftop is missing.
(Liv: "You do that a lot, you know?"
Constantine: "Yeah, what's that?"
Liv: "Deflect emotions with humor."
Constantine: "Do I?")
Liv: "The kind of weird humor that makes me wonder if you're a sociopath."
Constantine: "Oh, forgive me if I don't wallow in my own feelings. I'm a firm believer in repressing the past. It's where we are that counts."
Liv: "I don't buy that. You just risked your life to convince me that my past is important. (Come on, John. I'm trusting you with my life here.")

13.64 sec

Removed Scene
32:43 / 36:08

Liv asks only in the Preair Version: "If you can conjure people, can you conjure my dad?"
Constantine explains: "You wouldn't like the results."

5.36 sec

Extended Scene
33:01 / 36:32

The end of the shot is longer.

1.4 sec

Extended Scene
33:22 / 36:48

Here, we only see the beginning of the shot of the guard. For that reason, he responds to Constantine's "Come and get her!" (Liv) with "If you insist." only in the Preair Version.

1.44 sec

Alternate Footage
33:33 / 37:05

Alternate footage of the security guard.

TV Version 0.04 sec longer
TV VersionPreair Version

Alternate Footage
33:36 / 37:08

The finale is quite different. All in all, the TV Version is longer due to the more dialog.

TV Version:
After Constantine flips the switch and says his line, the security guard transforms into Constantine. He then asks Constantine what looking his own future right in the eye felt like. They talk about Constantine's role regarding obtaining new souls. Then the guard explains Liv was next and attacks. Constantine tells Liv to run but she does not get very far. When the guard claims he was God, Constantine realizes he almost forgot something. He fires off a flare which is the signal for Ritchie to cut the power of the entire city. When the guard asks what was going on, Constantine uses the line previously used by the guard and says "The power of intention.". He then lights the circle with the guard and Liv inside. Liv runs out, the guard is trapped so he attempts to throw off Constantine with Astra, the little girl he could not save. The guard claims he could free er soul if Constantine let him go. Constantine agrees but Liv notices she is not really Astra and tells him. John stops and takes down the guard, who still looks like him, instead. (229.72 sec resp. 3 min and 49.72 sec)

Preair Version:
In the Preair Version, the guard does not transform into Constatine. All he says is that Constantine's rituals lack the power of intention. Then he attacks. Constantine tells Liv to run but she does not make it very far. When the guard claims to be God around there, Constantine recalls to fire off the flare. From this point on, the versions continue equally (except for the fact that the guard does not look like Constantine here) - at least for the time being. Ritchie cuts the power, Constantine lights up the circle, Liv runs, the guard attempts to throw off Constantine with Astra, Constantine tries to save her (contrary to the TV Version, Constantine does not apologize to Liv for makng a deal with the guard), Liv stops Constantine and last but not least, Constantine takes down the guard. (187.68 sec resp. 3 min and 7.68 sec)

Basically, one can say that the events are the same but due to the fact that the guard looks like Constantine in the TV Version, there is additional dialog which would not make any sense at all in the Preair Version simply because the guard does not look like Constantine. In addition to that, a few comments are phrased slightly different - the content of these statements remains unchanged though.

TV Version 42.04 sec longer
TV VersionPreair Version

Alternate Footage
38:18 / 41:08

To Liv's question "But took Astra instead?", Ritchie responds with "Yeah. After tearing her apart right in front of us.". When he answers, the Preair Version sticks to Ritchie while the TV Version cuts to Liv for a brief moment in the middle of Ritchie's response.

0.6 sec
TV VersionPreair Version

Removed Scene
38:22 / 41:13

Subsequently, a part of their conversation is missing. I would also like to point out that the additional shot during the previous alteration (please see 38:18 / 41:28) is actually the first shot of this scene removed from the TV Version.
Ritchie: "See, John truly believes he's got every situation under control. You know? He makes you believe. That's his magic. But it's also his curse."

With Ritchie's following comment ("If I were you, I'd just stay away from him, Liv."), the versions are back in sync but the shot of Ritchie begins a little earlier in the Preair Version.

13.92 sec

Alternate Audio Track
38:24 / 41:29

Ritchie's comment is different.

TV Version:
Ritchie: ("If I were you, I'd stay away from him, Liv.) John's dangerous."

Preair Version:
Ritchie: ("If I were you, I'd stay away from him, Liv.) I can't tell you how much I miss your father."

The footage is basically identical, except that that the last shot of Liv is a little longer.

1.32 sec

Alternate Footage
39:00 / 42:05

The bar scene is entirely different.

TV Version:
Liv has left. For that reason, Chas attempts to talk Constantine into keep doing his thing and returns Liv's amulet. He tells Constantine it was what she wanted. He then leaves and Manny appears as barkeep. He too tries to talk Constantine into continuing. (143.72 sec resp. 2 min and 23.72 sec)

Preair Version:
Here, Liv comes to the bar, tells Constantine about what happened on Edgewood Avenue and that they could have avoided it. She also tries to talk him into keep going. She then leaves and Manny appears as barkeep to talk Constantine into keep going as well. His comments are different though - which is also due to the fact that Liv is being mentioned and because she only attempts to get Constantine to continue in the Preair Version. (124.6 sec resp. 2 min and 4.6 sec)

TV Version 19.12 sec longer
TV VersionPreair Version

Removed Scene Preair Version
41:57 / 44:43

After the final shot of Constantine, further alterations have been made.
The TV Version shows Constantine. A freeze frame follows and the image starts becoming to look like a comic. It then turns out it is just a drawing Zed is currently working on. There are numerous drawings of Constantine in Zed's apartment. The end - no end credits, no logos, nothing. (32.44 sec)
The Preair Version shows the exact same shot of Constantine but there is n freeze frame. Instead, the Constantine logo follows. A single end credit follows, then a DC logo and a Warner logo. The end. (14.84 sec)

TV Version 17.6 sec longer
TV VersionPreair Version