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Sex and Zen II

original title: Yu po tuan er zhi yu nu xia jing


  • Hongkong Blu-ray
  • Reconstructed Extended Version
Release: May 28, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut Blu-ray from Hong Kong by Panorama Entertainment and the uncut extended version on the German Blu-ray by Shamrock Media.

- 7 cuts
- Runtime difference: 61.4 sec (= 1:01 min)

Sex and Zen was a huge success in and out of Hong Kong in 1991. The erotic flick continues to epitomize Cat.III cinema for many viewers, which fully blossomed in the '90s. Unsurprisingly, sequels also followed, although it took five years until Sex & Zen II. It's also interesting to note here that Shu Qi is a leading lady who, years later, would also become known to an international audience with films like Under Control, The Transporter and New York, I Love You.

The title had a hard time with censorship in its home country, so despite the high Cat.III rating, only a version censored by just under two minutes was released on DVD and probably also ran in cinemas beforehand. An uncut version was released in Australia or Japan. Later, a version that was "only" cut by one minute was released on Blu-ray in Hong Kong, which we dedicate ourselves to in this report. The shadow fellatio and the masturbation contest, for example, can be seen again here. Later rape scenes, however, were also withheld here.

The version is also important to look at more closely in that this HD master was used for the German DVD premiere, which has been available in mediabooks by Shamrock Media since 28 May 2021. The parts that were censored in Hong Kong were thus reinserted for the "reconstructed extended version" on this release. The original HD master is additionally included as a "Theatrical Version" bonus on the Blu-ray in the set. The DVD again contains only the extended version.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: Hong Kong Blu-ray / German Blu-ray

Additional logo to the entry on the Blu-ray from Hong Kong.

+ 23 sec

Side note: The title overlay at the beginning is green on the HD master. The Japanese uncut DVD and the more heavily censored Hong Kong DVD were pink here.

All Blu-raysJapanese DVD

12:42 / 12:19

After many identical shots, here is one a little longer at the end. Just for this little moment you can see that she has something shaped like a rubber penis in her mouth.

0.4 sec

43:13 / 42:52-42:59

Sai Moon-Kin rapes Siu-Tsui (Shu Qi) longer.

6.6 sec

43:23 / 43:09-43:31

Sai Moon-Kin squeezes Siu-Tsui's breasts longer and then changes position.

21.8 sec

43:31 / 43:39-44:06

Sai Moon-Kin drips much more candle wax on Siu-Tsui's breasts and then puts the candle in her mouth. Lastly, a half-length shot.

27.7 sec

49:43 / 50:18-50:21

The rape by the demon (Siu-Tsui) is not as extensively censored as it was on the HK DVD, but it is not complete either. The first two shots of the DVD cut (close-up to the face and butt) are missing here.

2.3 sec

49:55 / 50:33-50:38

Before zooming in on the genital area, three more rape shots are missing, with butts and breasts being squeezed.

Note: The HK DVD was missing more right before this.

5.6 sec

50:04 / 50:48-50:49

A close-up of the woman with tentacles in her mouth.

Note: The HK DVD was missing a few shots before this one.

1 sec