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Sex and Zen II

original title: Sex and Zen 2


  • HK Version
  • Australian DVD
Release: Sep 19, 2010 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
This movie is a yet funny sex-horror-comedy starring Shu Qi - former Playboy model, now Golden Horse winning actor and Elvis Tsui, both of which have also worked together in the amazing movie Viva Erotica. The brutal raping scenes slightly lower the fun and have been strongly censored in the HK version. Other cuts are not mentioned here.

The Australian DVD runs longer for 12 scenes what means 103 seconds than the CAT III DVD.

According to an entry in the movie database the Japanese version is also uncut and in a 1,85:1 format, but without english subtitles. Concerning the typical blurring effects on pubic hair - I cannot answer it. The Australian version is in full-screen, only with English sound and a terrible image quality while the HK DVD offers the best version in the matter of quality.
When Sai Moon-Kin (Elvis Tsui) takes out his penis to receive fellatio, a shadow take is missing.
2,5 Sec

Again a shadow take is missing.
2 Sec

1 Sec

During the fellatio below the table one can see, for the glimpse of a moment, that the woman indeed has something in her mouth.
0,5 Sec

During the masturbation contest some men seem to be extremely extrained.
6 Sec

Sai Moon-Kin rapes Sui-Tsui (Shu Qi) longer.
7 Sec

Sai Moon-Kin longer touches Sui-Tsui's breasts and then changes the position.
21 Sec

Sai Moon-Kin drops more candle wax upon Siu-Tsui's breasts and puts the candle into her mouth.
26 Sec

The raping by the demon (Siu-Tsui) is longer and more explicit.
24 Sec

More tentacles embrace the woman and also intrude her mouth.
5 Sec

When Sai Moon-Kin again has some intercourse with Siu-Tsui, during a thunderstorm, he grabs his erected penis below the skirt.
6 Sec

After Siu-Tsui vanished and Sai Moon-Kin runs through house in panic, again a scene is missing in which he is still grabing his penis.
2,5 Sec