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Night Slashers


Censored Arcade Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored Arcade Version
Region: Japan

Release: Nov 06, 2011 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: Mr Miau
The Game:
Night Slashers is a side-scrolling Beat'em-up, which was released in 1994 by Data East. In order to drive zombies and other monsters off the face of the earth, the player plays as one of three heroes:

Jake: An American monster hunter using cybernetic weaponry.

Christopher: A European vampire hunter and fighting specialist.

Hong Hua: An Asian martial arts fighter who is also competent in the use of her mythical forces.

Between the levels the Japanese version features more pictures and dialog. Comparison between the censored overseas version and the uncensored Japanese version.

Both versions feature the possibility to set the violence setting to either soft or hard. For this comparison, the overseas version was set to "soft" and the Japanese version set to "hard". This setting only effects the blood and gore while the cross and the "Go to Hell" arrow were changed nonetheless.

Thanks to derKlaus and peda for the info!
Christopher's Cross:
When Christopher uses several combos, he draws his cross for the final punch. In the US version, he draws a blue stone instead.

Go Button:
When the character stands still for a longer time, a "Go" arrow appears. In the Japanese version, it turns around and the text on it reads "ro Hell".

Enemies and Blood:
Both most enemies as well as the blood are green in the US Version/Soft Setting.

Flying Body Parts:
Some zombies lose parts of their head when they die, in the US Version/Soft Setting they only collapse.