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Born to Fight

original title: Nato per combattere


  • Theatrical version
  • Extended (Severin)
Release: Jan 30, 2023 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Born to Fight

Vietnam veteran Sam Wood is hired as an expert by journalist Maryline Kane, who wants to write a report about a prison camp where Sam was imprisoned. As it turns out, there are more American soldiers in the prison camp, including Maryline's father. Maryline lied to Sam, but is sure that he is the right man for the job. The head of the prison camp is the sadistic Austrian Duan Loc, an ex-comrade of Sam.

At the end of the 80s, the Italian rip-off specialist Bruno Mattei made some action flicks, including Strike Commando or Cop Game. For the scripts mostly Claudio Fragasso showed up together with his wife Rossella Drudi. Fragasso later directed the infamous trash favorite Troll 2. In its best moments, Born to Fight is a solid action flick, in its worst moments a completely abstruse nonsense. One must at least give the film credit for the fact that it was not copied together from various other cinematic templates, as was the case with Strike Commando, but instead sprang from Claudio Fragasso's imagination for large stretches, which explains the completely abstruse plot. An Austrian who fought for the Americans in Vietnam, but then defected to the Communists, becomes the head of a prison camp after the war. Any questions?

Once again, the film was shot in the Philippines, but the paved camp and luxurious hotels make you doubt that you're in the jungle with them. The main role is played by Brent Huff, who in the second half mutates heavily armed from Crocodile Dundee to Rambo and mows down pretty much everything that comes in front of him. Quite obviously, a speaker with a different voice later put a handful of snappy sayings into his mouth, including the infamous "Can do. It can be done." Brains off, movie on, and enjoy the show - that's what Born to Fight is all about.

Extended version on US Blu-ray

As with the Blu-ray releases of Strike Commando and Strike Commando 2, there is an extended version on the US Blu-ray from Severin, in addition to the theatrical version. This has been expanded on the prisoner breakout and the later ensuing shootout at the camp, however the scenes do not add anything noteworthy to the film. The prisoners run longer through the jungle, Maryline smokes longer at the getaway car or Sam shoots a few more soldiers when another hut doesn't explode. Everything has been seen before. If you want to get the full thrill, you can go for the extended version, but basically the theatrical version is perfectly adequate.

Running Times:

Theatrical version: 90:16 min.
Extended version: 93:11 min.


Kurt is seen longer after yelling to his soldiers that he wants Sam alive. In the next shot, Sam is seen earlier. He swims to the shore.

EX: 10 sec


Sam walks along the shore for a bit longer. In the next shot, he is seen earlier.

EX: 2 sec


In the montage where Sam takes out the soldiers, the extended version has another shot where two soldiers sneak through the tall grass. The following shot, in which a soldier searches a bush, starts earlier.

EX: 27 sec


In another additional shot, five soldiers run up a hill.

EX: 25 sec


Sam is seen earlier saying to the soldier that he has an assignment for him. In the theatrical version, Sam's sentence was simply superimposed on the previous shot of the soldier.

EX: 2 sec


In the same shot, Sam can be seen for a longer time. He says to the soldier "You understand?". In the theatrical version, the sentence was superimposed on the next shot.

EX: 2 sec


In the theatrical version the shot in which the soldiers run up the hill follows after Sam has sent the soldier off.

In the extended version, the prisoners are seen earlier as they run up the hill.

KF: 26 sec
EX: 31 sec


Weber and the other prisoners can be seen walking north for longer.

EX: 2 sec


Maryline can be seen around the car a bit longer as she waits for the prisoners.

EX: 4 sec


The prisoners continue to run through the jungle, then we see Maryline at the car. After that you see the prisoners running through the jungle earlier.

EX: 13 sec


Maryline waits longer at the car.

EX: 9 sec


Before the helicopter is seen, we see how the prisoners run through the jungle. Then there's a cut to Maryline at the car.

EX: 14 sec


The helicopter can be seen for a longer time.

EX: 2 sec


Maryline hugs Weber longer. He is happy to see his daughter again after a long time.

EX: 18 sec


In another shot, two soldiers are shot by Sam.

EX: 2 sec


The exploding hut can be seen for a longer time.

EX: 1 sec


Sam reloads his gun and shoots at another shack, which then explodes.

EX: 9 sec


Sam shoots down a group of soldiers. The scene is shown slowed down.

EX: 15 sec


The burning hut can be seen for longer. Sam gets up and continues walking. Another hut explodes.

EX: 5 sec


After the burning soldier was seen, a group of soldiers are getting hit by a grenade in slow motion.

EX: 6 sec


Sam gets up and leaves before the next shack explodes.

EX: 2 sec