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Release: May 06, 2014 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The Paranormal Activity series is one of the most successful horror franchises of the last years. Besides the four installments of the actual series, there are two spin-offs. A Japanese one (Tokio Nights) and the here compared Latin spin-off The Marked Ones. The official fifth installment will be in movie theaters in fall 2014.

As with Paranormal Activity 1-4, there is a longer Unrated Version of The Marked Ones available for home theaters. The viewer gets to see almost 17 more minutes on Blu-ray. Certainly, some of it is just a filler but there are scenes that actually make the movie better as well. Especially the evocation scene at church can serve as positive example.

The movie itself is a decent addition to the franchise. Contrary to its other installments, the focus lies rather on action than suspense but fans of the franchise should be satisfied anyway - especially with the Unrated Version.

Please note: the US Blu-ray contains the Unrated Version while the DVD only contains the Theatrical Version.

Compared are the R-Rated Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version, both released by Paramount Home Entertainment.

There are 9 differences:
* 7 additional scenes in the Unrated Version
* 1 scene with alternate footage
* 1 relocated scene

The Unrated Version is 16:42 minutes longer than the Theatrical Version.
Jesse is checking out a camera at the pawn shop and asks for its price. In his opinion, the price is too high. That is why he says he was going to go somewhere else, then he puts the camera back. When Jesse is about to leave, the owner tells him to wait. At the end of the day, they agree on a price.
Now, we see Jesse in his neighborhood, on his way home. He greets the little boy in the garden and explains his best friend Hector was living upstairs. Then he zooms in on the apartment of "Crazy Ana". He says she was living underneath her and she covered up her windows in order to keep people from being able see what she was doing.
Then we are at Jesse's and his family's apartment. But before that, he admires the camera and himself in the window reflection. When he enters the apartment, his dog Chavo rushes over. Jesse calls for his dad but he is in the bathroom so he takes a picture of his room with his new camera. He is sharing the room with his dad, seperated with some kind of drape in the middle of the room.
Jesse talks to his dad. When his dad asks, Jesse explains he had bought the camera at the pawn shop. While his dad is leaving, he tells Jessie to get a job. At the end of the scene, Jesse is looking for his grandmother who is doing her exercises in her room. His dog is with him. She explains to Jesse that the device in her hand was a "Shake Weight". He gives it a try and says it was more like a "Shake Dick".
156.29 sec

18:50 / 16:04
When Jesse and Hector break in the apartment of late Ana to explore it, the Theatrical and the Unrated are quite different. Not only are there additional scenes, there is alterate footage as well. The order of the scenes basically remains the same. The Unrated Version is a little longer.
162.45 sec / 123.96 sec

UnratedTheatrical Version

The Unrated Version shows Jesse and Hector walking in the bedroom of late Ana. The word "Vive" is written on the wall.
9.18 sec

Now the scene with Jesse, Hector and Marisol going through the notebook found at Ana's apartment in the Unrated Version. In the Theatrical Version, the scene has been relocated to 21:24.
no difference

Marisol sprays black color on the mirror. Hector asks why they did not just buy one and Marisol would like to know where black mirrors were being sold. Then Marisol explains it was goingto be some kind of portal to the spiritual world. To Hector's question how she knew, she said she had looked it up. Of course.
In the evening, the friends take the mirror to a church close by. They break in the locked church and go to the interior. In there, they prepare the ritual. They are supposed to make a triangle with a circle in the middle of it and put down the mirror there. When Hector is filming, Jesse has gotten comfortable on the ground and Marisol glues the sign to the ground. Then she puts the mirror in the middle and they perform the ritual by speaking the formula. Everybody says a part of the formula, they speak the end of it together. But nothing happens. Hector does not want to wait any longer and leaves. Jesse and Marisol are having a little chat when they suddenly hear a noise so they follow up on it. Of course, they believe it is Hector playing a prank. So they start walking around the church and end up in the restroom. Jesse checks the cabin but there is nothing there. Even when he literaly sheds some light on it, he can't find anything. When he suddenly hears a knocking noise from one of the other cabins, Jesse and Marisol run off. They stop on the street because they had left their thngs in the church but Marisol refues to go back in there.
403.32 sec

Jesse is sitting in his room. When he hear some noises, he checks the apartment. In the living room, Chavo is sitting in front of the open frontfoor. He takes a look outside but he doesn't see anyone. And because of that, he shuts the door. Jesse intends to return to his room but the moment he is leaving the living room, he hears another noise. He slowly goes back to the frontdoor. All of the sudden, the door opens and Jesse gets startled. But it is just his dad coming home from work. Before he shuts the door the second time, Jesse makes sure again that nobody was out there.
Change of scenery. The following day. Jesse, Hector and Marisol are at a taco stand. Hector is getting one. With the spicy habaneros of course because of a wager with Hector. As it turns out, they are as spicy as promised and his friends are celebrating it. Hector asks the taco guy for some water and wants to "cash in" the wager. Subsequently, Jesse tells the others about the previous night incidences and what he experienced with the frontdoor. Marisol assumes it could be Oscar who had been filmed by Jesse/Hector and he came back because of that. But Jesse doesn't believe it was him because he couldn't shake the feeling that something was in his house. Hector then passes gas and realizes that he crapped his pants a little.
Another change of scenery. Jesse's grandmother is cleaning the house with a badly-smelling fluid, as Jesse and his sister had to figure out involuntarily. It is supposed to protect the house. Penelope complain to her dad while her grandmother is explaining the reasons in Spanish. The family keeps arguing and the dad tells them to let grandma just do it.
247.37 sec

Extended shot of Jesse and Marisol in the basement. They keep quiet because they hear steps upstairs. When the steps stop, they keep going to the way out.
24.19 sec

Having arrived at the ladder, they have to keep quiet again because they are still not alone. They hide behind one of the tarps when someone is coming down the stairs. After a few seconds, the person leaves. When they can't hear steps anymore, Jesse, Marisol and Hector intend to leave as well but the carefully check whether or not they are really alone. But the landlady is still there which is why they have to wait a little longer.
107.19 sec

When Hector tries to start the car again, the radio suddenly goes on. Marisol und he get startled. Hector turns off the radio, then he recognizes someone on the street.
16.85 sec