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Medal of Honor: Vanguard


Censored Version
Region: Europe / Australia

Uncensored Version
Rating: ESRB Teen, 13+
Region: USA

Release: Nov 20, 2011 - Author: Motoko - Translator: Tony Montana
Medal of Honor: Vanguard was released for Nintendos Wii in 2007 and for the very last time for PS2. In comparison to the prequel, the game comes along with almost no improvements and patchy quality - sparsely furnished houses are being confronted with good light effects. PS2-esque flickering of the contures and suboptimal AI lower the general impression but the sound is very persuading. The game can be played very smoothly but that doesn't count for the Wii Version which suffers from slowdowns. It takes almost 4 hrs. to do all missions on the lowest difficulty level. Just as the game gets going with the part about paratrooper Corporal Frank Keegan from the 82th Airborne Division - the last mission is the longest and most diversified - the game ends.

Alterations in the European Version:
Bot the original US Version as well as the European/Australian version doesn't contain any NS-symbols - neither on flags nor on boxes or uniforms. Only the intro shows original stock shots of Hitler and some flags with swastikas. That's why the intro video has been deleted by EA for the German release.

The reason for this is that the German law forbids those symbols. That's why EA has got a strict policy regarding any kind of reference to NS-Symbols etc. To make absolutely sure there won't be any legal problems this policy is much more strict then it would need to be even in Germany. Because all European Versions are equal every other European country does have the censored version too. Most likely this affects the Australian version as well. The US- and the Japanese versions are uncensored, so is the UK Wii version (not the UK PS2 Version).

Words like "nazi", "Hitler", "Third Reich" or "Krauts" have been replaced in the German version. This does not affect the English language Track of the multilanguage European version except for the Word "Hitler". This one is even missing in the European English language audio track. That's it. Nothing else has been censored. Blood clouds after hits, animations of dying people, death screams etc. are all in the PAL Version. The bodies of killed enemies vanish into thin air but hat also happens in the US Version, so...

Compared are the Censored European PS2 Version and the Uncensored US PS2 Version.

Please not: The Comparison has been mainly made with the German language track when the game was new. That's why we had to translate the texts to English for the international release of this comparison. But it's not the original spoken word as you will find it in the game. However, that is not important if you want to learn about the censorship: The first Video has just been completely deleted in the European version. The translated text gives you impression what it's about. So does the censorship regarding the word "Hitler". We left out any censorship here which only regards the German version.
Mission Videos

Only of five black and white videos at the beginning of the missions and the final contain Hitler (including Hitler salute) and swastikas in the US Version. In three of the missions, terms like Hitler, nazi and Third Reich are being used in the US but not in the European Version.

First Mission Video:

The text from the Uncensored Version is marked bold and put in brackets.

"We're known as All Americans. The 82th division exists since WW I. Back then, we were sent to Europe for the very first time to kick some German ass. But not until bombs destroyed Pearl Harbor and the Germans (Hitler and the nazis) declared war to the US, we had no other choice but take an active part in WW II. Someone came up with the idea of turning the 82th division into an airborne division. All they needed now are volunteers. For $50 extra per month, we were supposed to become part of a reckless experiment: jumping out of planes over a combat area. As vanguard so to speak. As spearhead. We were trained in Georgia. Then in England. The landing in Africa took place without us. Operation Torch. It's about hunting a bunch of Vichy French (a bunch of French who seemed to think working with Hitler was a good idea) from North Africa. One day, our Generals left the briefing tent and called for their Adjutants. Then they informed their own people. 15 minutes later, anybody in the base was fully aware. It was about time. Operation Husky. The Americans were landing in Sicily (The Americans were fighting Hitler's own). And we had the pleasure to start the war!"

Uncensored Version:Censored Version:

Forth Mission Video:

The text from the Uncensored Version is marked bold and put in brackets.

"Early in March, some of us and some other men, who'd never jumped before, were drafted to the 17th airborne division. Our new base was an airfield in France. So it became serious again. Some of the men bet that we had to jump off near the Rhine and that we were all going to die. But then the 9th armored division Remagen and the Allies advanced on Germany. For us, the war seemed to be finally over at that point. We were not involved in the push to Germany. Eisenhower said the Ludendorf Bridge was worth its weight in gold. If that was true, two weeks later a goddamn fortune would have sunk in the Rhine. And it's not just that! 28 men diied during the attempt to save the bridge. Well, that's how the boys did win their bed after all. The airborne division jumped to Germany. And all that fully unprotected (And there was no hiding it from Hitler). The the Nazis knew we were coming. And almost any German cannon was targeted at us."