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Release: Aug 19, 2010 - Author: Videomike1 - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-rated version, as taken from the German FSK 18 DVD (MIB) and the unrated version (French DVD).

In various countries, such as the US, Great Britain, Germany, Hong Kong, Russia et. al. only the R-rated version of the film has been released on DVD so far. The unrated version was released on DVD in France. The old UK VHS also contains the unrated version.

Unfortunately, the German version contains many jump cuts. These are not listed here.

11 cuts = 2 min. 36 sec.
Nikolai (Dolph Lundgren) watches the truck and the soldiers longer.
7 sec.

Nikolai's head is seen longer.
2 sec.

The conversation is longer.
13 sec.

The torture scene was cut.
5 sec.

The native is standing next to Lundgren longer.
4 sec.

Nikolai's "healing" was cut a little. The natives are dancing.
28 sec.

The attack on the village was removed.
55 sec.

Nikolai eats.
9 sec.

A part of the speech was cut.
6 sec.

The attack on the sentry tower was cut.
4 sec.

The water reservoir tower is blown up. In the German version, this is at 93:54. Immediately after that, fights are ensuing, which are mentioned in the next cut.
This cut and its runtime were not taken into account in the whole number of cuts.
1 sec.

Fights were cut.
This cut and its runtime were not taken into account in the whole number of cuts, as well.
1 sec.

The walk through the building was cut.
28 sec.