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1.25 Exodus - Part 3


  • Complete Collection - Blu-ray
  • Complete First Season - DVD
Release: Jul 09, 2018 - Author: LOST - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the Censored Version (Lost: The Complete Collection [Blu-ray]) and the Uncensored Version (Lost: The Complete First Season [DVD]).

On 05/25/2018, the season 1 finale of Lost premiered on ABC. Since this is a two-parter, a two-part episode for subsequent broadcasts and international distribution was edited as well: Exodus (Part 2) and Exodus (Part 3). On 09/06/2005, Lost: The Complete First Season was released on DVD in the US. The DVD set contains the Original Broadcast Version with a length of 84:58 minutes. On 06/16/2009, Lost: The Complete First Season was released on Blu-ray. Unfortunately, the Blu-ray set only contains the shorter two-part episode and that goes for Lost: The Complete Collection on both Blu-ray and DVD as well. Both were released on 08/24/2010. These two-part episodes have a length of 43:09 and 43:24 minutes. Keeping that in mind, the two-part episodes are actually longer than th Original Broadcast Version.

The following comparison will shed some light on the reason for the length difference. Not only are there cuts but there is also alternate and additional footage and the aspect ratio is slightly different as well.
These differences may appear rather redundant at first glance but one should have both versions in the collection anyway.

12 differences = approx. 119 sec
0:00 - 1:41 min
"Exodus (Part 3)" starts with a recap:
- Danielle warns the survivors about the others. ("Exodus, Part 1")
- Jack explains his plan. ("Exodus, Part 1")
- Leslie dies. Jack, Locke and Kate argue about who should be carrying the dynamite. ("Exodus [Part 2]")
- Danielle asks Claire to let her hold the baby.Sayid and Charlie are tailing Danielle. They rest at the plane wreck of the Nigerian drug runners. Sayid says the cargo was heroin. ("Exodus [Part 2]")
- Hurley and Locke argue about what is up with the hatch. ("Exodus [Part 2]")
101.8 sec

1:41 - 1:45 min
The Blu-ray shows Jack, Kate, Locke and Hurley walking across the jungle from a slightly alternate angle resp. the shot is alternate as well.
no difference


3:08 - 3:25 min
Now the Lost opening.
The Uncensored Version contains approx. 4 sec of black screen at this point. During the subsequent scenes, the credits are popping up.
12.9 sec

8:17 min
Missing shot of Sayid running across the jungle with Charlie running behind him.
-1.7 sec


9:33 min
Charlie presses the towel a little less long on his wound. In addition to that, Sayid's comment is missing: "Remove the towel!"
-2.1 sec


15:59 min
Kate thinks less long before she responds to Hurley's question regarding the number 23.
-1 sec


16:09 min
Kate looks at Hurley a little less long.
-0.6 sec


19:22 - 19:24 min
Additional black screen.
2.3 sec

19:24 - 20:51 min
Now the flashback with Locke on the way to the airport, right after Locke claims Jack believed in fate as well, he just did not know it yet.
The Original Version contains said scene subsequent to the raft scene by night.
no difference

22:17 - 24:31 min
Now the raft scene by night, right after Kate sets the fuze.
The Original Version contains said scene subsequent to Locke claiming Jack believed in fate as well, he just did not know it yet.

The original order of the scenes: Locke's comment, raft, Locke's flashback, fuze, black smoke.
The order of the scenes on Blu-ray: Locke's comment, Locke's flashback, fuze, raft, black smoke.
no difference

27:30 min
Missing scene: Jack carefully lifts a stick of dynamite and hands it to Locke.
-2 sec


42:36 - 43:24 min
"Exodus (Part 3)" ends with the Lost end credits which are longer than the ones in the Uncensored Version.
9.3 sec

Last but not least, the aspect ratio is a little different resp. the Blu-ray shows slightly more.



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