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Raped by an Angel

original title: Xiang Gang qi an: Zhi qiang jian


  • HK DVD
  • Taiwan DVD
Release: Aug 11, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the HK DVD by Universe and the Taiwanese DVD by Scholar.

Chuck, a slimy lawyer, lusts for the model Kit. Implementing a perfidious scheme, he manages to rape her several times and put her under pressure. When she reports him to the police, he succeeds in being acquitted of the charge. Chuck takes revenge upon Kit, but he had not reckoned with her friend Nam, who desires to pay him back...

"Raped by an Angel" is also marketed as the sequel to "Naked Killer", but has nothing in common with the film except for a few actors.

To this day, there is no totally uncut version of the film available. The HK and the Taiwanese DVDs compared here are cut differently and each one contains footage which the other one lacks. It is striking that the Taiwanese version mainly lacks the sex scenes themselves, while scenes displaying sexual violence were spared, which are missing in the HK version. Furthermore, the Taiwanese version contains a scene in which a disabled person is forced to rape Kit. This was removed from the HK version, together with all the references to it.
If one was to edit both versions together, the run time would be about 102 minutes. But one may assume that there are scenes which are missing in both versions.

Scenes only contained in the HK version and missing in the Taiwanese one are marked green. In the opposite case (only contained in the Taiwanese version), the scenes are marked orange.

Our thanks go to spannick who provided both versions.
Run times:

HK: 95:15 min. (NTSC)
Taiwan: 97:42 min. (NTSC)
[00:02:15][00:01:57] HK

The majority of the (acted) rape between Chuck and the girl is missing.

22.60 sec.

[00:06:16][00:05:34] Taiwan

In the ladies' circle, there is a somewhat longer scene missing at the beginning, in which Turkey tells a smutty joke.

76.20 sec. (1:16 Min.)

[00:10:18][00:10:54] Taiwan

The following scene is missing: Nam is late for her lecture and storming out of the apartment. Kit runs after her, because she forgot her jacket. In the yard, they meet the disabled son of the shop owner. He asks Kit for an autograph.

61.43 sec. (1:01 min.)

[00:17:42][00:19:19] HK

The begnning of the sex scene between Chuck and the girl is missing.

13.30 sec.

[00:18:32][00:19:55] HK

At the end of the rape, a few seconds are missing as well.

6.10 sec.

[00:23:43][00:25:00] HK

Probably a film tear: Tat enters his office.

1.80 sec.

[00:42:40][00:43:56] Taiwan

A short cut to Kit's handcuffs is missing.

2.07 sec.

[00:43:10][00:44:28] Taiwan

Chuck runs a knife down Kit's body and removes her panties.

14.63 sec.

[00:43:17][00:44:49] Taiwan

Chuck smiles at her and punches her in the stomach.

3.50 sec.

[00:43:34][00:45:09] Taiwan

Kit is abused by Chuck longer.

7.70 sec.

[00:43:41][00:45:24] Taiwan

Chuck wants Kit to beg him for sex. She obeys.

15.13 sec.

[00:43:46][00:45:44] Taiwan

While Chuck unwraps the condom, he tells Kit that he did not want to contract any sexual diseases of her and that she was lucky to be penetrated by him.

12.67 sec.

[00:43:41][00:46:03] HK

The larger part of the rape is missing. In between, they switch to the bedroom.

38.17 sec.

[00:45:23][00:46:56] HK

The end of the rape in Kit's bedroom is missing.

4.53 sec.

[00:49:24][00:50:53] Taiwan

Nam and Tat fool around in the bed some more, when suddenly, some one is knocking at the door. One of his men reports that they had caught a wild hog. Nam and Tat look at the catch. When Nam turns away, Tat suggests leaving.

28.73 sec.

[00:50:31][00:52:28] Taiwan

The complete scene in which Kit is raped by the shopowner's disabled son is missing.

Chuck leads the blindfolded boy into the room. Kit is tied to a chair, while Chuck forces the boy to rape her.

93.70 sec. (1:33 min.)

[00:50:55][00:54:27] Taiwan

After Chuck has lowered his camera, he says that he will now bring the boy back home and that neither in his, nor in Kat's apartment, traces will be found.

26.37 sec.

[00:55:44][00:59:41] Taiwan

The policewoman is seen a bit longer. Then, Chuck is asked whether he had forced a handicapped person to rape Kit. He denies.

6.93 sec.

[00:56:57][01:01:02] HK

Probably another film tear: The courthouse is seen a bit earlier.

1.13 sec.

[00:57:26][01:01:30] Taiwan

Tat asks Nam why the disabled boy was not mentioned in the indictment. Nam replies that he could not be traced as yet.

5.33 sec.

[01:04:56][01:09:04] Taiwan

After Chuck has hung up, his assistant tells him that he dumped the handicapped boy at sea.

5.43 sec.

[01:06:58][01:11:13] Taiwan

The lawyer asks Kit where the disabled boy was.

5.20 sec.

[01:07:36][01:11:55] Taiwan

Nam says to Kit that there was still hope if they were able to find the boy.

2.37 sec.

[01:12:03][01:16:25] Taiwan

Chuck's assistant is seen a bit earlier.

2.20 sec.

[01:12:13]01:16:37] HK

Cut to Chuck's assistant, backing away from the blood. Then one can see him putting a leg into the tub and Chuck pouring an acid over various body parts.

10.50 sec.

[01:12:23][01:16:37] Taiwan

Chuck looks at his assistant.

4.43 sec.

[01:16:35][01:20:53] HK

One can see Chuck longer, walking around naked in his room.

17.23 sec.

[01:19:26][01:23:25] HK

Chuck ejaculates on the flickering TV screen.

1.97 sec.

[01:21:24][01:25:22] HK

A cut to the naked Pauline is missing.

4.17 sec.

[01:21:36][01:25:31] HK

The sex scene between Chuck and Pauline is missing completely.

110.83 sec. (1:50 min.)

[01:32:19][01:34:21] Taiwan

Chuck says that he forgot the condoms and stars raping Nam.

6.87 sec.

[01:32:25][01:34:35] Taiwan

One can longer see the (alleged) Nam being raped by Chuck.

6.73 sec.

[01:32:33][01:34:50] Taiwan

Chuck backs away. In between, a cut to Cindy.

7.17 sec.

[01:32:33][01:34:50] HK

In the HK version, there is an alternative shot of Chuck instead. Then there is a short flashback in which Kit says that Cindy had Aids.

3.93 sec.

[01:32:39][01:34:59] Taiwan

Chuck said that he was tricked and starts to come at the girls, but Tat attacks him.

3.30 sec.

[01:33:57][01:36:19] HK

In another shot, one can see Tat being "gripped" by Nam.

4.53 sec.